Visiting Maui where to stay near Kanaha
Hello, For those of you who have visited Maui, any recommendations for good places to stay around the N.shore.? Don't want to break the bank but not slumming it either. Sailing ...

Hiring Windsurfing and Kiteboarding Instructors in The Gorge
Now Hiring! Hood River WaterPlay is now accepting applications for the 2005 summer season. If you would like to get paid to play then come see us for the most fun job you'll ever ...

Carve 111 fin recommendations
Hi -- I just bought a 2004 Carve 111 to replace my original Screamer after nearly 15 years of use. I use an Electron for the higher wind days. I'm 185 pounds and an experienced sailor in T...

Any windsurfing reference books?
With the myriad of adjustment options with windsurfing equipment, is there a good reference book which describes it all? It would be nice to have a concise reference of things like: <...

Bay Area: How was the sailing yesterday?
Howdy, I watched people enviously out on the water off Emery Point yesterday while on a lunch break. But man what a weird wind, it's not often you see an offshore at Berkeley. I...

The Gorge Games as an event has been retired ;(
I just read that the Gorge Games as an event has been retired ;((( Too bad, because it should have been the highlight of my upcoming Gorge trip. Let's hope that a new exiting format wil...

Paros Windsurfing
I'm planning on being on the Greek island Paros (Golden Beach / New Golden Beach area) at the end of July/early August this summer. I've searched rec.windsurfing and all relevant posts are f...

Windsurfing Northern Alberta
Hello, I've recently accepted a job in fort McMurray, and was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere to windsurf near there? Thanks for your help. Paul

Fanatic Triple X
Does anyone know of a shop selling a used or demo fanatic triple x board of the 125l variety??.....or a good deal on a new one?? Thanks

bay area north wind
where are good places to sail this north wind we are getting in the bay area? it is strong but not sure where to go since the direction is so strange.... brad

Windsurfing in Chicago??
hello I'm from Poland, coming soon I'll be visiting Chicago. I have a question. Where I can sail in chicago - any goods place and where to rent windsurfing equipment?? I'll be grat...

WTB: A-Box Fin for old F2
Hi, i lost my fin for my old 150L F2 board. If anyone has an old fin lying around they would like to get rid of, please drop me a note and include $ + pic if possible. Am located in Texas. <...

Help, windsurfing is making me bald!
I caught a glance at the back of my head. It was from the reflection in a van window. Why diddn't anyone tell me? How long has it been that way? Does it only look that way when it's wet...

Shipping a two piece 520cm Mast
Thinking about selling my big mast over the internet. Any ideas how to ship a mast of this size? I've done a little checking with USPS, Fedex, and UPS and it seems like they may not take a...

Chinook skinny extension adapter
I am changing to RDM and want to use an existing (almost brand new) Chinook extension that I already have, by using the Chinook adaptor kit which allows the skinny mast to sit inside rather ...

Sherman yesterday
Sherman was great yesterday...except that I screwed up my foot. Tide was reall low, and I cut it too close to the rocks. Screwed up my fin too.

Wind Machine...
You know you've got the sickness when you watch something like this and your first thoughts are it's applicability to windsurfing... Mike ...

Where to get 2" Nylon Webbing for Harness repairs
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a supplier for high quality 2" nylon webbing for replacement straps for harnesses. I've been able to find the extra stiff webbing scuba divers use for weight bel...

email bts guy for
more literature for lanai -- Dave Low Hawaii Capital Management

Windsurfing an Kiteboarding instructor jobs in the Gorge
Now Hiring! Hood River WaterPlay is now accepting applications for the 2005 summer season. If you would like to get paid to play then come see us for the most fun job you'll eve...

Beachfront windsurf apartment Fuerteventura
Stunning apartment with beautiful beach views

Hifly Madd 135.... Wardog?... Anyone?
On e-bay looks like potentially a good buy, is this really the 2003 edition and it is the same board that Wardog and others have given rave reviews?

Bringdal Site
What happened to Anders Bringdal and his brand? I don't see him on the Simmer Sail team roster and the domain seems to have expired and taken over by another co. ...

San Diego does get good sometimes ( really!)
It's not often San Diego (a.k.a no-wind-diego) sailors get to brag about anything, but Tourmaline was totally "sick" yesterday. Light as usual, but 10ft+ sets breaking way outside. I had one...

Spain / Valencia
Hi, Has anybody from this group surf there? I'll be grateful for any suggestions... Thx -- żuk

Honda Odyssey roof racks
Are the factory roof racks that come with the Honda Odyssey (on a 2003) safe to carry a windsurfing board; assuming i purchase the Honda cross bar accessory that works with the standard rack... !!
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Salve, vendo una tavola starboard 158 ottime condizzioni con sotto pads rinforzate in carbonio!!prezzo ?850 trattabili contattatemi alla mia e-mail [email protected] <...

So how many folks are out at Treasure Island and how's the wind?
I'm starting to wake from my windsurfing hibernation, snow is melting and I'm startin' to think about gettin' wet. I noticed TI was really blowin' today and seemed pretty steady. Anyone be...

Formula Races in Miami March 12-13 "48 Hours on the Causeway"
I heard about this event at the Midwinters and thought I would find details here. Nope. So here is a link where some details can be found:

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