lost board at Point Isabel
Looks like in an ever increasing trend of forgetfulness, I left my F2 Axxis 275 (red , 95l, with two bolt Chinook base and 12"teardrop fin) behind last Saturday at Point Isabel....I left it ...

Dean Karnazes on CNN
http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/03/26/ultramarathonman.reut/index.html most americans in this n.g. will probably recognize him as a well known west coast windsurfer from a number of y...

GPS suggestions
I am inquiring for a friend of mine about the Garmin Etrex or Etrex Legend and Foretrex 101 GPS units. The Foretrex is the wrist-mounted version of the Etrex as far as I can tell. His plan i...

The Greatest News Ever!
http://www.jcil.blogspot.com << The Greatest News Ever!

OT: Undersea Critters
Hi, Well, it's kinda related... The article is interesting enough, but the two videos on this site are well worth a minute to watch: http://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/rele...

Stainless Steel Bases
Hi Alex, How are those stainless steel mast bases coming along? florian /FFF/

OBX Windfest
I'll be coming to the Hatteras Windfest for the first this year. I'll only have time for the event itself( thurs-sunday). Is the demo gear plentiful enough that one could get by without hi...

ReadySteadyJedi.com - New Rock/Punk/Metal Zine
Hey All Just to let you know about ReadySteadyJedi.com - we're a punk/indie webzine with loads of interviews with bands like Senses Fail, Strung Out, The Wedding Present and Comeb...

Maui: Where is the 2nd hand pro-gear?
Where/how do the pros on Maui sell their race gear from '04? There should be dozens of Nitro 4 floating around (90% of Gaastra stuff & sailors turned over and they don't even call the...

Get the size you always wanted...
Get the penis size you have always wanted! Envy pornstars or your big-tooled brother? Envy no more... Check this out... http://www.VigRX.com/clicks/clickthrough.html?a=thirdreich

How is your Board Quiver "Spaced "?
Just merely getting some conversation going on this....cause I'm curious. I'm sure that answers will vary on weight, type of sailing, location, money...etc., but it should be fun ...

FS: windsurfing trailer
Near Milwaukee, WI alum. box with locks, with 3 spot to put mountain bikes on top, very compact and light. Pls, e-mail if interested

US Windsurfing Meeting at US Sailing Spring Conference
Please pass the word: US Windsurfing will host a short conference at the US Sailing Spring on Saturday, April 2, 2005. We invite any windsurfer in the area to attend, members and non-mem...

Basic Velocity Games '05 NoR
http://corpuschristiwindsurfing.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=61&highlight= for a thread. (contact & registration info at bottom) Velocity Games 2005 Presents The 18th Annu...

So much stuff..
The latest gear is supposed to work in a wide range of conditions, so why do so many people seem to need vans, trailers, boxes etc. to haul their gear around? Seems to me that eit...

Opinions on Bic Blast 66
I'm looking for opinions on Bic Blast 66. I didn't find much reviews on-line. thanks, Stephane

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven?
http://www.want-to-be-sure.blogspot.com << Click On Link

brandname of shop??
Hello, I have a question and requiest. I set up a shop with windsurfing and snowboard boards and equipment and I haven't a good idea how to name it? I hope that I could set u...

Mark Warner holidays (UK)
Any one been on a Mark Warner holiday? How are they for windsurfing?

wave board suggestions
Does anyone have any suggestions for a production wave board for a heavyweight (200lbs). To be used in 25 to 40 knots in very choppy bay conditions,when small slalom gear is unsaila...

Found - Chinook aluminum boom
Found a Chinook aluminum boom w/ ~22 Windsurfing Hawaii fixed harness lines on the grass triangle next to the showers and handicapped parking spot. If it's blowing at Crissy I'll be there sa...

iWindsurf complaint
The archived wind data is no longer free to non paying people like me. Yea I know before you all insult me yes I'm cheap. Come on iWindsurf give us back the archived wind data. I'm new ...

Will the Ponds be open this year?
Does anyone know if the Ponds near Palm Springs will be open this year? With all the rain we've had in Socal it seems like there should be plenty of water. Is there still anybody working...

iWindsurf SF Bay Maps revert to two regions!! THANK YOU!!
iWindsurf coverage for the SF Bay Area is back to the two sub-region format. It's nice to know that they took our opinions into consideration. SWEET!

Prodigy adj mast track use/tuning
I'm getting ready to add an adjustable mast track to my Prodigy and would appreciate input on using/tuning it to shorten the learning curve. I understand the basic principles of forward for ...

freeride to formula adjustments?
My local spot is gusty so I use a good variety of gear. Often going from formula set up to 8.0 on 130L board to match conditions. Sometimes going from 130L freeride to older 105L. What k...

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven?
http://www.want-to-be-sure.blogspot.com << Click On Link

Mostly Off Topic (unless you're driving to a windsurf event)
Hey Long distance drivers, For those who use cruise control, does it tend to cause a greater consumption of fuel than driving with it off? I have cc on my van but I've never used it and...

Yakima Space Booster
Does anyone have experience using a Yakima Space Booster? Specifically, I am wondering if a Space Booster will hold: -1 boom (I'm not worried about the length, but rather the width)

GorgeNet dropped SuperNews
Since GorgeNet decided not to renew their subscription to SuperNews, accessing Rec.Windsurfing has lost a lot of its luster for me. I used to use Netscape's newsreader to access rec. via Gor...

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