Any opinions on the Severne C2
I've had the Severne C2 7.5 recommended to me for my core sail which is used on flat water in winds of 16-23. It's twin cams and deep draft are supposed to be well suited to heavyweights. A...

April 9 - Sailworld Cape Cod Free Swap Meet
We've postponed the event until next weekend because the forecast is heavy rain for Saturday April 2. April 9 - Sailworld Cape Cod Free Swap Meet Free swap meet start...

Gear storage in SF?
I'm sure this has come up before. Any place at all in the BA that has gear storge at a launch site? I have a foreign buddy who is going to be in SF without a car, and he wants <...

Aruba Hi Winds
PRESS RELEASE ARUBA PRESENTS THE 19TH EDITION OF ARUBA HI-WINDS Oranjestad, Aruba (March 31, 2005)- This summer it's time again for the annual Aruba Hi-Winds, th...

Just in case you have been thinking of taking a kiteboard lesson in Margarita I thought I would send this to you. Hope you have been practicising your drinking, only a few days to go. ...

North Duke 6.7 w/more info
I'm interested in buying a used or new 2004 North Duke 6.7. Have you used one? I would like to replace my Pacific 6.7 vmax from 99 while sailing it with my 97l 263 Mistral Switch. I need th...

Info/Reviews on 2001 Naish 8'4"
Looking for specs and feedback on this board. One is for sale in my area and I'm keen to check it out. Depending on how it handles, it could work either for my wife or myself : One is a li...

2004 North Duke???
Has anyone used this North Duke 6.7 sail for great lakes sailing? I want to use it on my 97l Switch. Any comments??

Swap Meet April 2 @ Sailworld Cape Cod
Free swap meet starts at 10am in our parking lot. Hope to see you here, Jim Ballantyne Sailworld Cape Cod

Where to buy used beginner gear in SF Bay area?
Any recommendations on where to buy a beginner setup in the bay area? I checked craigslist and didn't see much. Are there any swap meets coming up? TIA -- remove ...

Windsurfing Car Stickers for Sale
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0024_01C5354C.3C0F27E0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-2" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

2005 Hobie Tiger World Championships
Being held right now in Santa Barbara...20' Hobie Tigers... It's been going off here for days...smoking winds...gale force...too ...

Still love those 2002 Ezzy's
Out in 30 gusting to 40 at Bird Island today on my 5.4. I wasn't convinced it was that windy at first, and I rigged with minimum outhaul. I got worked. Then I came in for a break, pulled 4...

WTB Gaastra Flow 1x or 2x 7.0
I'm looking for a powerful sail with a somewhat soft feel for my core sail size 7.0. From all I've read, the Gaastra Flow 1x or 2x might be just about right. I've owned a V8, a GTR, a Hot S...

Protective Seat Covers
My family and I are avid runners, living in Austin Texas. We drive to our runs. We searched high and low for the perfect seat cover to protect our car seats. We knew there had to be a ...

looking for Equipe I or II in NC area
Looking for an Equipe I (built after 1990) or II in NC (or neighboring state). Could also be interested in an AHD longboard.

King of the Cape?
is this event going to happen this year?

Iwindsurf Compliment
The archived wind data for non paying members has been restored back to free for all to view. I would like to thank all who posted on my previous post " Iwindsurf Complaint " and e...

old one design board fin
I don't know why i keep my old one design board around but for some reason i do....and every once and awhile i pull it out sail it, and its still fun (in its own way).....until i busted the ...

PWA Hawaii Pro Trial Day 1
Hello, Someone can say me who are the Top 16 trialists who can continue the Hawaii Pro ? I have saw on the PWA website that Robert Teriitehau, Alex Aguera, Riley Coon and Nic...

sail flip in a jibe
When someone ask you how to flip the sail in a jibe what is the best way to describe it? Should you through with your back hand or something like that? Should there be a time when no hands a...

Is windsurfing old school?
I'm down in Hatteras right now and I realize that this Easter is the earliest one in the last 15 years, but where is everyone? Is everyone waiting for Windfest at the end of April? On Satu...

Windsurfing spots around Savannah ?
Hi Does Anybody have any info on where to windsurf around Savannah Lakes ? Ocean ? and what type of the conditions ? Thanks

Severne C2 vs. Gaastra GTX
Severne C2 vs. Gaastra GTX. Any opinions? Anyone, who has comparions-tested both? WindNWaves

New Sail and Old Pictures It's a Rushwind 7.4. -- --W

NoR: US Open / VG05
The US Open / Velocity Games web site now has the NoR and Registration form available. They are hiding under the "Schedule" >> "18th Annual US Open Windsurfing Regatta >> "more" ...

windsurfing death in australia?
Just caught the end of a news item on the radio but missed the guts of it. Didn't hear anything more about it on the TV news. Does anyone know the story?

windsurf vietnam
my wife and I are heading to vietnam in may and are looking at sailing at Mui Ne beach at the starboard sailing centre. anybody been? Cheers Brett

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

Anybody sailing the SF Bay today?
Please give a report. Also how is Candlestick on a Strong South Wind?

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