Fin for f155 in hatteras?
Hey all, especially you hatteras locals. I'm going to be able to enjoy my first trip to hatteras this spring for windfest! Having never had to worry about shallow water / weeds ...

simmer twist sail 4.9
Any recommendations for this sail ? thx

arrows vs powerex
hi, what choose for arrows sails arrows ultimate move/wave or powerex mast??

Found Helmet Today Alameda
Found Helmet at Alameda today 2-27-05 tried to leave at shack but everyone had gone home and no one hanging around was missing their helmet. Was found by the pampas grass at about 5:30pm....

Anyone sail the East (SF) Bay today?
Berkeley on looked real good today, although a straight offshore storm wind. Never sailed there and was kinda curious how that was. Was it as windy in the cove? Use the no...

O'Neill Assault Hybrid Drysuit
Has anyone tried this suit? Seems to have neo seals instead of latex. I wonder how the suit and those seals compare to I.E. the Polar Heat Bare. florian /???/

Pin slipping on chinook boom head
Hi all, Last summer I bought a new chinook boom - aluminum. I noticed that the pin slips out on the boom head. I called the dealer and they said it's not unusual just tap it...

Got Wind? Margarita today
Well it looks like the trades have finally started here in Margarita. We have had a very unusual start to the season, rain and very light wind. Lots of flooding on the mainland. ...

Techno e medium question.
I'm looking at getting a smaller board to go with my Techno Formula. I just want something comfortable for 5.5-6.0 conditions. Would a techno e medium work? I've heard it's a good board...

Air Jamaica to Bonaire- bad experience
We got tickets to Bonaire from JFK, with 1 stop in Montego Bay on Feb 07,2005.Tried to confirm our flight 24 hrs. prior to dearture- the 1-800 number was busy(??) for about 2hrs-I had to put...

Air Jamaica to Bonaire- bad experience
We got tickets to Bonaire from JFK, with 1 stop in Montego Bay on Feb 07,2005.Tried to confirm our flight 24 hrs. prior to dearture- the 1-800 number was busy(??) for about 2hrs-I had to put...

Make $3 Go Far!
Click on the link and find out how people are making each other money!

Cape Cod Windfest and King of the Cape
Just a reminder of the upcoming two events happening side by side over the June 18-19 weekend. Ed (aka Weedfin): I'd love to meet you in person, do you plan to attend? -Da...

Mistral Equipe II, "XR" version versus Mistral Pan-Am (late 1990's- early 2000s)
Does anybody out there happen to know if the Mistral Equipe II, lightweight "XR" version, is the same as the Mistral Pan-Am (availale in late 1990's- early 2000s)? Clark.

Maui: Paia & Kahului airport
Hello, Can somebody tell me if Paia is under the Kahului flight path or not? Booking accommodation and don't want to be dealing with aircraft noise. Live near London Heathrow so w...

Formula156 /56 cm Select custom fin for free ride
Hello All, can someone comment this combo max sail is a Nitro 3 9.0 I'm 80 kilos. Thanks

fanatic skate wave 90L
Any of you ever heard or try that board, aparently made in 2003. Nord_roi

Hatteras June 10 to June 24...need a place to stay.
All- I am looking for a place to stay in or around Hatteras anywhere in the date range of June 10 to June 24th. Idealy, I would like to hook up with someone who is getting a...

US Windsurfing announces Free Gear at the Midwinters!!
US Windsurfing, because of the generous support of Bic Sport North America, is happy announce that TWELVE (12) complete Bic 293 One Designs will be available for FREE USE to junior racers ...

what to upgrade first?
I must admit I'm a windsurfing cheap-arse. I have really gone low class when it comes to my biggest rig so I would like advice on where to start upgrading. Don't ridicule me but here it is...

Cold? Nein.
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Pity these guys.

Anybody replace a good fiberspar plastic boom end (clamp)
I'm trying to get a large boom together for the midwinters. One boom I am trying to repair, an older Fiberspar all carbon 220, needs the boom end clamp. It's the plastic part that bol...

What happened to the New Candlestick Sensor
I can't reach anybody at iwindsurf what's going on with them ?

lake isabella and kiting
I don't kite (and after reading the "narrow escape" post i think i am glad)....but i have a friend that started kiting last year and wanted to go to isabella this year with us. I know alot ...

Feeestyle Board Demo
AT the ABK freestyle clinic in Bonaire last month, I got to demo 2 2005 freestyle boards. The Tiga 109 liter freestyle and the Mistral Joker 1100 liter. The Tiga was Andy's board and the Jo...

Party Poker Million IV
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narrow escape
I was having breakfast at a little kite/windsurf place on Boracay last week and a guy told me how he had come to look like he had been gored by a bull. He was kiting and had got himself...

Fanatic website ?
Since last Xmas l'm not able to access the Fanatic website ( I've tried from work, home and some cybercafes. Is it still alive ? -- Fabio Pereira ...

Construction in Aruba at Fisherman's Huts?
I heard a rumor that a high-rise hotel was under construction at Fisherman's Huts in Aruba. Anybody know if there's any truth to it? Pete

Honda Element
Does anyone have one? How are they as gear schlepers? I drove a couple on the weekend, and really liked them aside from the road noise on the highway. I am going to drive anothe...

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