Adjustable Outhaul
Surf and for a look at the AO included with all Loftsails. I am a believer in AOs! Shift Gears!.....

First Ice session of the season
My Friend Dave talked me into checking out Lake Marburg today for an ice sailing session. (For those who don't know, it's in Southern York County, PA, near Hanover, the potato chip capitol ...

gear sale
FOR SALE, ALL MY GEAR. Used One Season 2004 Fanatic Goya FreestyleWave 85liters 245cm length 58cm width 2004 Ezzy Wave SE 4.5 and 5.0 2004 FiberSpar Carbon boom 150-180 2004...

Disadvantages to Barz or Rec Specs? prescription eye wear
Hi all, I'm deliberating between barz and rec specs. I've used contacts in the past but this has been problematic on extended camping trips. I'm favoring the barz but I'm w...

New hunting reality series seeking competitors
I found out more about that "Hunting for Bambi" reality show. They're looking for 6 men to be the hunters and 12 women to be the hunted. The 6 men will get to track, hunt and mount these wom...

Gaastra and The Team part ways
Hi, The text below was just posted on the Gaastra forum. "The Team"'s website doesn't yet seem to have been updated (that's ) -Cliff ...

ABK Camp Registration?
Do the ABK people allow you to sign up the day of the camp? At the San Luis Reservoir camp can I substitute my travel trailer for a tent? Do they have price for non wind surfing spouses...

Going overseas for adventure sport?
Sure, traveling abroad for adventure can be a great adventure. However, do ensure that you are protected: ::

ACK! I've done it again.
Throughout my 2 years or so of seriously windsurfing, i pretty much avoided any concievable injury or bodily trauma, which is amazing, considering the amount of times i fully deserved it.

*Free* Windsurfing Classifieds
Free Windsurf classifieds For Home page and Quick Link Search.... International.. ...

Off Topic: Anyone want to go kayaking? Big file, 2 MB for those with a dial up. They make nice pets, though. Marc

New Board Bags...
If you haven't checked out the new adjustable, walled bags from Epic Gear, then you need to before you buy a bag. We just got our first shipment of the new bags and they are sweet. Well ma...

Petra Kanz / Beth Powell Women's Windsurf Week in Bonaire
Learn from Windsurfer of the Year Beth Powell and super clinic hot shot Petra Kanz while enjoying the sunny windy isle of Bonaire. This clinic will feature all levels of instruction during t...

ADV: Maui Hawaii - Jason Voss Clinic
He's Ba-a-a-a-ack! Pro sailor & master instructor Jason Voss will be returning to Maui in April to conduct 2 more weekly windsurfing clinics. GO for it! Come to Maui for you...

A small windsurfing video, board is a hypersonic. One picture and video, wide board on a decent day, with jibe... I need to gather up the links to all ...

old xl wetsuit needed
Dear fellow windsurfers, I am very allergic to wetsuits and my season will be limited to bathing suit weather in July, august. But someone may have a extra large 4/3 5/4 veryold wetsu...

Hatteras in March
I am pretty restricted in my holidays this winter/spring to a one week roadtrip in March (Teacher's march break). Hatteras seems like a potential choice, a 13hr drive or so from Kingston, O...

Wardog - digicam links
Wardog, You recently posted some good web links for some inexpensive waterproof digital cameras. I can't find that post to save my life. Would you mind re-posting those links agai...

European Spots
Hi, Don't know if there are any europeans on the list, or wether this message will be in the right group, but i'll give it a shot :) I'm an intermediate windsurfer (struggl...

Sarasota Race
The Island Style Classic: North American Masters/Seniors Championship is a definite go. February 26-27. With welcome party, registration Friday night at the Island Style Shop, like we did ...

Rhino Coat
I'm in winter mode now with my WINBULANCE (backward font not available on this computer - maybe Glenn Woodell can show an exaple on his website) and one of the modifications I'm doing is to ...

winter sailing goals
I would appreciate any input from you seasoned surfers out there on water starts and jibes...Not looking for detailed analysis of these moves, I have done searches on here and read numerous ...

Bird Island Basin Camping Improvements?
How is the National Park progressing on their BIB camping improvements? When I was there in November, they had survey flags laid out for the new road and defining RV and camping sites. Have...

OT Mini Mac
Sorry about the off topic post but is the deal with the "Mac" OSs? Current pricing looks good and I sure am getting tired of spyware, viruses, lockups, crashes and rebooting, you know the ...

Windfest OBX
A friend of mine went online to search for windfest information. Here is one of the events sites he found. Notice anything?

add your URL for free
Add your url here cheers craig

I have been to both locations in Baja. When we were at Ventana we stayed at Ventana Windsurf. It was a beautiful place to stay and very intimate as there were only 4 or 5 rooms to rent. The ...

Because I just can't stand winter anymore...
I've started looking forward to Spring and Windfest in Hatteras! (living in the middle of PA will do this to you) Does anyone have any good info.? I've only been able to find the dates...

Karpathos - any advice?
Hi out there, After a strange 2 weeks on Tobago (little wind) this winter, I decided to go to Karpathos in July. According to they seem they have a 99% wind guaran...

Calf Pasture Beach -- Norwalk, CT
I heard you can rent gear here. Does anyone know about this? Are they still in business? Thanks, Josh

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