travel harness lines
anybody have recommendations for travel harness lines? i.e. ones that can be easily attached/removed to/from the boom without disassembling the boom? fixed length of 18" preferred. ideall...

Make Money
Subject: Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this i...

Automated wind alerts for the West Coast and Hawaii
I develop and maintain a windsurfing web page as a hobby, and I am really excited that I now have an automated wind alert script operational. It uses NOAA wind data from weather stations th...

Great windsurfing DVD for the non-windsurfer: "5 Elements"
Hi, I recently got a pile of windsurfing DVDs from Side-Off Video and one of them is so wacky and wonderful that my (non-windsurfing) wife thoroughly enjoyed it. So did I. ...

Re Description : Riding the waves as a hobby ?
<Is anybody else as amused as I am about this description that's now showing up in Google Groups Beta for rec.windsurfing?> Hi Yes I am, maybe try the next time : Rid...

Re family Windsurfing Photo Album
<I invite you to check it out if you like. Nothing special just a first time effort. Probably be really slow if you have dial up. FWIW. Tom http://www.angelfir...

"Description: Riding the waves as a hobby."
Is anybody else as amused as I am about this description that's now showing up in Google Groups Beta for rec.windsurfing?

cheap cottages on Kauai
A relative was telling me about some cottages that sleep like 6 people for only about $35 a night on Kauai (they were just there two weeks ago). Anybody know which ones he was referring to?...

Retractable/foldup mast
Is there such a thing sold? I'd like one so I can fit it in the car. --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system (

DVD of the year?
Hey everyone Happy New Year!!! What's everone's pick for DVD of the year for 2004. Mine is Hunting for Bambi. It's suspenseful, a thriller, must see DVD. There's a clip at

Popular windsurfing destination washed away in Sri Lanka
The popular tourist destination and windsurfing location of Arugam Bay, near the town of Pottuvil, on Sri Lanka's eastern coast, which drew thousands of tourists after the truce between Tami...

Wanted to Buy
Looking for 1998 or newer Wind & Surf glass (not epoxy) boards. Sizes 7'11" - 8'6". Will pay top dollar depending on condition. Send info to: Gregg E. Ludvigson [email protected]

Family Windsurfing Photo Album
Got a little bored tonight with all the rain in AZ. So I investigated free web hosting and put together a web page and photo album for the relatives. I also put a bunch of the fa...

Can anyone recommend me a good helmet? And where to get one? TIA, Igor.

retro vs. ezzy
Through trades and purchases I have acquired a 5.0 Ezzy Power Wave and a 5.0 Sailworks Retro (both about the same age-the Ezzy in a little better condition). I would like to know which is th...

disaster relief for Sri Lankans
Hey Group, If you are so inclined, EZZY Sails has set up a fund to raise money to aid its workers who lost homes and to aid others in Sri Lanka. Tim has put up a new front page on his ...

windsurfing video games anyone???
Ihave heard it suggested multiple times that a great way to get kids and teens intersted in windsurfing would be a video game- which would be very awesome....but I have absolutely NO connect...

prepeg carbon???
What is carbon prepeg construction? LJ

Harness line length
A few years ago everyone was saying to go to short harness line length, so I did. Now all the pros seem to be going for long lines. I have tried going to 26" lines but after 3 or 4 sessions...

port tack
[email protected] they're calling for 12-15 foot range on monday, and 20 foot range by friday. alex ...

Anyone have any info on where exactly it hit? Cobra,Starboard,Ezzy still standing? Jeff

Garmin Foretrex 101 GPS
Merry Christmas -- Corpus Christi has snow. Most snow in a century, and at 8pm on Christmas Eve. Nothing for you northerners, though. ;-) I scored a Garmin Foretrex 101 today. It...

Snow... in Corpus Christi
Merry Christmas to ya'll - Corpus received more snow overnight than it has had in 100 years cumulative. About 4 inches of the stuff everywhere out here on Padre Island- sure looks si...

Rigging instructions for 2004 Aerotech 5.5 RapidFire
Hi, Santa, in the guise of my wife, left me a brand-spanking-new 2004 Aerotech 5.5 RapidFire and mast!!!! The rigging instructions that came with it are almost illegible from being c...

Maui North Shore
Have stayed on the Kihei side many times but wife and kids want a change of scene. Thinking of north shore oceanfront condo for 2 weeks in July with big pool ,w/s launch, a/c,cable,2 ...

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to all, and warm wishes for a healthy and more peaceful year. Lets work hard for both. -Dan

Nassau, Bahamas
In about 3 weeks I'm going on my first cruise. The ship will be at Nassau, Bahamas for one day and I need to select an excursion from around 20 different activities. One of the excursions ...

A Love Gift For You! =) << click link

Exocet Cross 117 Pics
Just received a couple of new entries into the light air wave / freestyle arena... The Exocet Cross 117... Here are some ...

Trip Report Lake Mohave 12/20-12/23
Hello: Just back from a trip to Lake Mohave. What a great place! Quick and dirty it blew all 3 days that I was there. 5.0 day one. 5.7 day two. 4.2 day three.

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