Anybody have a beach cam?
Hi, Does anyone have a beach cam for web hookup. I am trying to figure out what is involved in putting one together, cost, techinical hurdles, etc. Randy

Vela vs ABK
Hello, I recently asked this question on the iwindsurf site. I am hoping to take a trip south later in the winter. This will be my second year windsurfing. I am hoping to wo...

2005 Raceboard rule changes include "hybrids" - ie: allow wider boards & bigger sails
FYI only : 2005 Raceboard Class rule changes include "hybrids" - ie: allow wider boards & bigger sails In response to recent Olympic and international competition decisions...

Looking for JUNIORS!
Time for my annual junior recruitment drive! This year the Formula Experience Worlds will be held immediately after the USWA Nationals in Hood River, and we are hoping to have a great jun...

AD: Windsurfing trailer for sale!
<A href=" db=misc&website=&language=&session_key=&search_and_display_db_button=on& results_format=long&db_id=1706&query=retrieval">Winds...

Any Bay area Reports for the weekend?
I went to San Luis and was the only one there Sunday . The Wind was more North than usual I was sailing a reach about 90 degrees different than usual. I windsurf sensor said south east this ...

A Thanksgiving Trip to Bird was good yet again...
Thought I'd spread some details while taking a break from sweeping the sand and caliche out of the rig.... Once again, a loyal crew of Dallas-based Bird Island Basin devotees de...

Event Site - Hood River
With the 2005 US Nationals and the 2005 WC FE coming up, I would like to get a campsite or a rental house as close to the Event Site as possible. Since I am from Europe, I haven't...

Maui Ocean Academy?
I was searching for information for my son, but could find nothing. Anyone?

Laureus Wold Sports Academy
I just found this website showing Robby Naish in very rare air. It's a "best athletes ever" website. Haven't dug deeply there, so it might not be what it seems on first impression. ...

2005 Calendars?
Anyone know of a good 2005 windsurfing wall calendar? Doesn't seem like the Windsurfing Mag will have one. Clint Bogard's goes through June '05 - says he might have a new one for 2006. A...

Dekaware River Oil spill
Just heard that there was an oil spill in the Delaware River last night. I know the sailing season has slowed down a bit due to colder weather but I was wondering if this affects any windsu...

Good source for used instructional DVDs ?
Where can I find used instructional DVDs for carving, jumping, wave sailing etc.? Thanks!

i don't understand... the only NeilPryde allowed to produce Olympic class equipment? What's with other brands (like Starboard Z-type board for instance)?

Duh, I stupider than me.
Find yourself (or enemy) in this simple structure. Who are you!? Acne Admin Agent ALLCAPS Android

Christmas in Margarita
For some unknown reason, we seem to have an empty townhouse available for the holidays in Margarita. If per chance any of you rec.dotters are interested in spending the holidays in El Yaque...

Sail behavior in higher winds - help! (Ezzy Infinity)
I had a wonderful day of sailing yesterday in Boston. I was using an Ezzy Infinity 6.6 and I am not sure what the average wind was (maybe around 20mph), but I was planing most of the time, c...

If you have a Junior Windsurfing Program...or know of one!
The USSailing Symposium is coming up in Miami FL January 12-16,2005. They have a great selection of programs for anyone who has a youth...

Thanks from Spencer Caserio and family
Thanks rec.windsurfing, from the Caserio family! I have been wanting to send a note of thanks to the group for quite some time, but things have been so hectic moving back across the country...

Kite department closing?
One of the iWindsurf ad banners this evening was from Island Sports in RI which said they are closing their kite department. Is this some sort of trend or just a local decision? ...

Chicago Blows
From our little Crib Cam Wind Speed 36.37 Gust 39.44 Peak 43.66 Direction 059 ...

Dolphins protect swimmmers from Great White
It's the word of the swimmers but .... nice story.

Attn Event Organizers
Anyone who plans to run an event in 2005 within the following states please contact me: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York. I wish t...

labrum tear. Anyone have this injury?
Apparently my shoulder 'tendonitis" isn't healing for a reason. I may have a labrum tear. Probably actually. MRI next week. Doc #2, the specialist, says its much preferable to a rotator cu...

What is this WindExpress site?
Anyone know what about this site? Is this the same as WindMall? Bri

Aloha Classic Video
I haven't seen the link to the latest footage mentioned here yet. It's the lower left one. The kids are alright! Jon www.islandsp...

New Website For Expeditions Seeking Adventurers
SEATTLE, Wash., Nov 22 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ - Have you ever wanted to join an expedition to the Antarctic, follow the submersible ALVIN to the ocean floor, or listen to climbers deciding to ...

AD: Southport Rigging
You'd think we were going out of business, but we're not. Just having the seasons LIQUIDation Sale. Checkout or Website for prices, order online or over the phone, we won't be beat on pricin...

take a look
hi take a look: bye

windsurfing movie`s
hello, iam searching some wind surf movie`s that i can download. so if someone knows some site`s with windsurf movies like, free your mind, search1,2,3 , jibing with alain cardiaz, aliv...

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