Gaastra RDM
Is anybody can tell me: Who produce Gaastra RDM masts? Is this masts compatible with not-gaastra sails? Can I use them with, say, Sailworks or Ezzy sails? Thanks in advance!

Urinating in wetsuit, seriously
This is not a joke. I am trying to solve a debate between my girlfriend and me. I mentioned that is it common practice to urinate in your wetsuit rather than taking time to come in off the w...

Bay Area Sherman going off today
I was overpowered on a 5.0 at Sherman today, where the heck was everybody? To be honest, it was pretty unpleasant, lots of variations in both speed and direction.

Windsurfing in Cartagena-YES! Check out their Windsurfing Home Page!
Dear Fabio, Yes, there is an active windsurfing club (Los Alisios) in Cartagena, Colombia. It's located in Laguito, and their Home Page can be found at: http://cartage...

Starboard Carve 123 vs 135: Ease of planing?
Somewhere, I acquired the notion that the main diff between my 123 and the next size up (135) was the ability to carry more sail - and not ease of planing. But last week a guy who look...

Pointing on a waveboard update
Found a bigger, old a-box fin in the junkbox so I brought it with me to test out for a hopefully epic weekend on lake Ontario. On Saturday I had the opportunity to try it wiht t...

RRD Girl Yeah Or Neah & Free Style Wave
What do you think about the RRD Girls in their Ads? Anybody out there on 2003 Avant Style 95L or 105L. I find it a very lively ride but not the quickest. Amazing pop for air. The bo...

For your next holidays

Ryan Air
Hello We are all traveling to windsurf , which makes the sport even more attractive. Ryanair provides very cheap flight tickets. Has any body experience with them with trave...

adding new deck grip
i'm just getting back into sailing and have been given a friends old plastic fantastic slalom board. The only problem i'm having is that there is a slippery section just behind the mast base...

New board advice.
Hi, I'm currently looking at replacing my '96 F2 Axis with something more up to date and a bit looser. On my shortlist are: Mistral Screamer 104 ('04), Mistral Syncro 103 ('04) an...

Halloween at Democrat Pt.
Tomorrow could shape up to become one of those rare starboard sideshore days on the ocean side in Long Island, NY. It's not the time of year for solo sessions - who's in? I am thinking of ...

South East Florida in early january
I will be in Florida(pompano) last week of December first of January, what I should expect in wave, wind and water temparature? Is there any rental around there? Tanx a lot. STeeve...

100 L slalom board
Hi, I've got to replace my 101 Liter Naish 8'11". Sigh. I love this board and would gladly buy another one if Naish still made them. They're fast and turny as well. I...

from start to techno283 - how early
Hi All I'vee started surfing about 2 months ago,took an 8 hours course and then surfed another 10 hours,mostly on the starboard start but also on the F2 rookie wuth 5.5 sail. I got...

Help picking an Ezzy quiver
I am trying to figure out which sails I should buy and I need some advice. I know that similar questions have been posted on this group, but I couldn't quite figure it out from the other pos...

first time in a full suit this season- OUCH!
This happened two weekends ago but I just wanted to relate it to anyone who is bored enough to read my plight. I had returned from 6 wonderful days of sailing in Hatteras, wearing as little...

ftp site with video
I used to have the address of an ftp site full of windsurfing video. I think it was located in the Netehrlands but not sure. If someone knows of the site can they please email me offli...

GPS Speedsurfing
In the Netherlands, speed is coming back. Since modern technology can do a lot of work that otherwise would be done by timekeepers and camera-men, almost everybody over here is working with ...

Bodega Bay Weed Report
Anybody been up there recently? Weeds? Good or bad? kev

North Natural
What is your opinion of this sail? 2004 Thanks Larry

Painting my sailboard
Hi all. I have just built my first sailboard! The only thing remaining is decoration. I have used 2-pack epoxy primer and white 2-pack paint. Big aerias with too dark colour ...

Windsurf & Kitesurf Gearswap this Sunday! (Brisbane, Qld, Australia)
Date: Sunday 31 Oct 2004 Time: 1-3pm Place: Wellington Point, Brisbane Event: Windsurf & Kitesurf Gearswap Sponsor: Goodtime Details at www.winds...

gaastra mast extension??
hi, someone mentioned to me that gaastra make a skinny mast extension, but i can't find any info on one. any tips anyone? thanks, C

river windsurfing
Are there other rivers beside the Gorge and Sacramento River where you already sailed on? Where exactly? How are the local conditions? Thanks for your information. More about river wind...

State College PA Windsurfers - I KNOW you're out there!
I moved to State College (where Penn State University is)almost 2 months ago, & since I've been here I've seen more cars with windsurfers on their roof racks then I ever did driving around a...

Jerryrigging a Fiberspar boom head...
Hi all - broke my 1997 Fiberspar Worldcup boom last week during a bump and jump session. From what I've read the break is typical for these older carbon booms - aluminum stud shearing apar...

dasher's jibe video
i don't know if this has been posted here before, but the new jibe video is available from brian caserio at <...

spear fishing at La Ventana?
Anyone know if there is spear fishing to be had a La Ventana? (near shore, no boat). Trying to decide whether to buy a fishing license (I don't do the pole fishing thing). ...

east coast waves - nice point-break pics
well, okay, there was no wind, so there are no sailors out, but you can really get a good idea of how a point-break works. democrat point is on fire island (a barrier island on t...

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