camping fees at La Ventana
Does the main campsite charge in dollars or pesos? I'm trying to figure how much money to exchange before hand. Thanks, Jay

Go Home Whitey
Shark doesn't take the bait and leave WOODS HOLE - A great white shark also isn't taking repeated hints that she isn't welcome in a shallow lagoon on Naushon Island. ...

masters of speed video
Hi Gang Happy fall. This video is old news, but if you havent seen it , have a fast broadband connection, and like speed record windsurfing you will luv it. http://www.mas...

Anyone sailing the Super Freak?
Anyone out there tried the dacron Super Freak? I'd like to hear how it sails, because I think it would be a blast to show off...they put a smile on my face just looking at them. But are t...

Correction!!!! Swap Meet in Annapolis October 3
Okay, I'm an idiot. I can't read calendars very well. The East of Maui Swap Meet is October 3, that's THREE. I apologize for this mistake. See or ...

Getting Kids started, Windglider?
Anyone have any opinions about starting kids with a Mistral Windglider. It sounds slow but very stable and might even double as a sailboat of sorts. I take it that this thing doesn't ...

windsurfer for president bumper sticker
I saw the "John Kerry - Windsurfer For President" bumper stickers in American Windsurfer. It seems someone(s) in the Gorge had these made. I really want one of these. Hell, several of the...

Swap meet in Annapolis, October 2
East of Maui, Annapolis is holding its Fall Swap meet on October 2 beginning at 8AM and ending ????? Call 410-573-WIND or go to See you on the tarmac...

Re : Some very interesting board designs I wonder if there's one with an embedded GameBoy... :-) B...

Some very interesting board designs Integrated GPS boards, boards w/ holes, boards w/ windows.... Anybody want to translate? kev

Lake Garda in October
What can I expect of Lake Garda in mid-October? From what I've been able to gather only mornings will be sailable. What about water/air temps, best place to stay&sail that time of year? ...

shoulder problems with sailing
The previous thread discussing shoulder probs in a few posts really hits home. I just got diagnosed with some rotator cuff damage (tendinitis specifically),and no way can I sail for awhile. ...

Bonaire: where to stay?
I'm contemplating a trip to Bonaire and have a few questions the group might be able to help me with. Besides the nudist resort, which is the best place to stay near Lac Bay? ...

wich sail to buy?
hi. there are 4 options: gun mc wave 5.7 2002 new. neilpryde nr 5.8 2001 used in good condition. ezzy wave 5.8 2002 used in good condition. simmer wave on shore 5.7 2003 used ...

wich sail to buy?
hi. there are 4 options: gun mc wave 5.7 2002 new. neilpryde nr 5.8 2001 used in good condition. ezzy wave 5.8 2002 used in good condition. simmer wave on shore 5.7 2003 used ...

Adv- Maui Clinic with the Jason Voss
Aloha Fellow Windseekers, There is still a couple of spots available for Jason Voss's windsurfing clinic here on Maui. Session I (10/9-16) Session II (10/16-23) All inclusive at oceanf...

Wardog, how's the fund raising on your end?
I haven't had anyone request the rec.windsurfing gear.....just unconditional giving by a lot of caring windsurfers. In fact, I have received two more "anonymous" gifts. That makes about four...

Where's the friendliest scene?
So I got to thinking from another thread, "Man, windsurfing can be a fairly isolating sport." Then I thought, there's got to be some cool scenes around, where are they and what are they lik...

Tuttle fin for Tiga 260 Slalom...?
I recently lost the rather excellent fin out of my 260 (bolts wounds out doh..!)and am now forced to use the factory fin which is utter rubbish!! Anyone have a decent blade type fin to...

Bush could learn a thing or two from windsurfing
September 24, 2004 =A0 Letter to the editor: =A0 While recklessly sailing America into the riptide of Iraq, the Bush campaign now runs a ne...

Need bottom half of NP X3 400 cm Mast
Broke the mast 2 years ago and need bottom half of Neil Pryde X3 400 cm mast. Contact me by email please if you have a source. Ned

Recommendation for Baja trip? Advanced sailor travelling and beginner...
I (experienced sailor) and my wife (beginner) want to go to Baja this winter, and need a little help with the selection of our destination in Baja. I am looking for a mix of flat ...

Another question about the tuttle box
I got a little scared after reading the post about the cracked tuttle box. I have a deep tuttle box that is approximatelly 15 milimeters deeper than the base of the fin. That means when the ...

Where to stay on Maui
All- Sorry this isn't related to windsurfing, but I figure many of you may be able to answer my question. I'm getting married next July and we're thinking a Maui Honeywmoon will ...

Windsurfing burnout - living the dream.
I packed in a lot of windsurfing on SF Bay this sping/summer, because I knew I'd have to stop completely in August for other obligations. Fortunately, we had a lot of windy days and I got to...

LA-MS-AL Windsurfing event
To all Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama windsurfers: The next windsurfing event will be held at Fontainebleau park, on the north shore of lake Pontchartrain. There are two possi...

Jeanne Report
Sailed the North Jetty at Mayport, Jax Saturday in side-on winds that ranged from 20-35. Launched near the Jetty where it looked clean from the beach but was mondo voodoo 150 yards off shore...

Ding in planing surface
My Mistral Shift has mysteriously developed a small (1cm or so) ding right in the midst of planing surface, somewhere between front & back straps. I sealed it with epoxy while trying to keep...

Republicans Bash Windsurfers

Quick-fix for broken tuttlebox, solution or recipe for disaster
Hi all - A friend dropped by yesterday with his 1998 Protech in the back of his truck with a 44 cm pointer sticking out like a classic weedspeed. He tells me he hit a rock doing 25 mph or m...

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