What should I buy?????? :-/ Mistral SST Vs Lambada
Hello, I am new to this sport, I have been sailing every summer for the previous 2 years (couldnt get away this year :( ). I have only had about 3 lessons but my balance is good...

sea legs
I spent the best part of 3 hours on the water yesterday which is the longest i've managed in my short time as a windsurfer. I couldn't get to sleep last night as I was over-exhausted and r...

Board advice (JP)
Hi, I would like to change my Bic Techno 2 75. I like it because of the ease of use (jibing is really easy) and the sail range I can use (7-10 sqm). The wrong part is the weight. I woul...

Return to the Island [TR]
Return to the Island --in which our intrepid adventurer gets skunked, drunk, and soaked. not necessarily in that order-- Friday, 1600 hours It's four o'clock, and I haven't ...

Epic Conic Aluminum Booms
Does anyone have any experience with Epic Conic Aluminum Booms? Especially size 210-260 cm.

ADV: North Texas Swap Meet - Sept 25th.
I'll try not to post this 3 times... ;-) (Sorry Gregg) The last 2004 swap meet for North Texas will be held at Mariner Sails on Saturday, September 25th. Hours...

Going back to cambers?
I need some expert advise regarding cambered sails. I am 145 pounds, 65Kg, and use Hot sails Stealth in slalom conditions: 5.5/Sonic-52 or 6.5-8.0/Kinetic-58 The Stealths w...

Swap: Final Swap of 2004 @ Wind, Snow & H2O
Final 2004 Swap Sunday, September 19 Hours: 9am - 3pm Come join us for our final swap of the year. No fee or commission for selling your gear. Plenty of selling ...

Swap: Final Swap of 2004 @ Wind, Snow & H2O
Final 2004 Swap Sunday, September 19 Hours: 9am - 3pm Come join us for our final swap of the year. No fee or commission for selling your gear. Plenty of selling ...

Swap: Final Swap of 2004 @ Wind, Snow & H2O
Final 2004 Swap Sunday, September 19 Hours: 9am - 3pm Come join us for our final swap of the year. No fee or commission for selling your gear. Plenty of selling ...

Question 1: how to make a Carve more "carvy"?
Hi all, I almost exclusively sail at garda lake with the morning wind. my "strong wind" quiver (my weight is 90 Kg) is quite simple: - SB C111 and 5.7 saber - RRD ...

Kooky Kerry goes Windsurfin'
Did ya see him on the news? Gosh, seems that he's bringin' that bad wind karma to his own backyard. Looked like he was sailin' somewhere around a 9 m2 sail and gong nowhere fast.... sorta...

Big Air Oregon shop up for sale
Saw this on www.big-air.com this morning: "After 16 years of Big Air, Rose and I are Selling the Big Air Real Estate and if anyone is interested in having as much fun as we have h...

Mast incompatibility example
I sailed today on a borrowed sail. I sold my 6.6 and my new one has not yet arrived. Anyway, this borrowed sail was a good demonstration of the mast incompatibility that I preach about eve...

Question about stock fins
Are they getting better? I took out my wife's new Mistral Explosion 135 today for the first time. Wow, what a sweet ride. I started out on a borrowed Ezzy Infinity 7.8 and used the stock 3...

kupie 3 zagle niestety po wyjezdzie i sloncu w turcji posypaly sie 6.5- do 7.0 najlepiej nowy 5,4 5.8 moze byc uzywany 4.5-4-8 j.w. prozycje na mail [email protected]

FS: Mistral Prodigy Competition Package 2003 complete( Less than 10 Hrs use )
Mistral Prodigy Competition Package Complete, Purchased June 2003,(Less than 10 hrs use) List price of Equipment: Mistral Prodigy Soft Deck with Competition package 1399.00, Mistral Prodigy ...

Handicap or PY for windsurfers vs dinghies
If i want to race against dinghies at my local club, is there an agreed handicap to use in say a 73 min pursuit race?

weight loss while windsurfing
I lost 8 pounds windsurfing yesterday. I can't think of a time when I was hotter, while in 20 mph wind, while soaking wet (mostly from sweat). I had to stop after 90 minutes because I was ...

FS: Mistral Prodigy Competition Package Complete 2003
Mistral Prodigy Competition Package Complete 2003 ...

Spencer Caserio update
Thanks Alan, of Charleston, SC, and Weed for your donations! With what I've already sent, and your recent checks, rec.windsurfers have donated about $1,000 to Spencer. I say "about" because...

Calling all LA-MS-AL windsurfers
Dudes, Let's try to setup one-day windsurfing events, once per month, during the main windsurfing season (Sept.-Nov.; Mar.-May). As much as possible the location will be kid/fami...

Israel wins their first Gold in Windsurfing.....
Isn't it great that Israel has won their first Gold Medal after so much disappointment? Check out a commemorative coin minted prior to this special event by the Israeli Government and suppor...

Holy Olympic Coverage Batman
I couldn't believe it they actually had a picture, as in photo, in yesterday's Cleveland Plain Dealer's sports page of Gal on his board. The unfortunate thing is that they only barely ...

Is it true that cabarete has great lakes size huge waist high chop?Ive heard there are literally hundreds of people there.Thanks Bob S=B2

Tendon-itis: Chinook vs. Streamlined
Having rebuilt a few Streamlined brand (Windsurfing Hawaii, old Chinook, all the same thing) I have found the aluminum cups to wear out prematurely. The Machine screw head (cone shaped) wea...

Re: carbon booms - big difference over aluminum - really?
Twistlocks are the worst technology. Yeah, they are replaceable, but pin systems never need to be replaced because they don't wear out. Usually the twistlock fails in the middle of a great ...

level the playing field
I wonder why they got rid of the old div 2 boards at the olympics. I know they weren't very trendy in certain magazines but in light airs 10knts and below they were unbeatable which is...

Windsurfing makes cover of MIA Herald
Israel won the gold yesterday in the Mistral races. BIG color photo on the front page of the Miami Herald today! Ann www.bonairecaribbean.com

Windsurfing Stories
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