More info sought from old timers
... or from those with old time knowledge. Today at my local lake I saw a guy sailing a Kerma Osprey that was in very good - to great - condition. It had "H. Sweitzer" (sp?) on the sid...

"Riding Giants" rewriting history
I watched Riding Giants ( big wave surfing movie) last night . Kinda really ticked me off that the movie gave the strong impression that the first people to ever ride Jaws effectively were t...

Beyond Surfing: George Greenough
FYI... There is an incredible exhibit at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum with many of George Greenough's windsurfing inventions...including flex fin evolution along with the carbon ...

When will it end?
No not the political topics here on the Forum. They seem to have contributed to an increase in activity in general here. Great to see that everyone is still checking in. What I me...

Info on Kailua, HI
Hi a friend is considering vacation in Kailua with the idea of maybe moving there. He asked me to post some questions. Can you rent rigged equipment on the beach in Kailua? How is the wind i...

A slim shot at the Gorge
My Tribe has "talked" me into flying up. Doubt I'll be able to sail with my current stats, but I can shoot some Vid so maybe I'll see you Gorgios up there this week. Wish me luck! <...

Links Directory
Here is a good Windsurfing Links directory Feel free to add a link and remember to write a good d...

Mistral Malibu 3.
I'm looking for a board to support a 225 lb. sailor. Would a Mistral Malibu 3. support me without sinking? Thanks.

Roof rack quandary
Used to use a Thule roof rack on an old Civic hatchback, but the car was stolen. So my options are to fit the rack to our new Mini, or to our Ranger pickup. On the Mini, it wou...

Core or Zone?
Hi all, I was wondering if you have any comments to offer on choosing between the Core or the Zone Neilpryde Sails. I am 150 lbs, sailing mostly on lake Erie/Michigan a...

Let me guess...
You boys are bashing each other over politics again? My filter/ignore thread settings just stopped something like 20 messages from getting through. I'll hazard another gu...

Radar Guns
Any of you care to comment on your experience of using a radar gun with windsurfing? A few years ago I remember there were a few of you out there that were going to purchase a radar gun. I'd...

Wind, Snow & H2O Clearance Sale 20% - 45% Off everything in the store
Mid Summer Clearance Sale - in stock inventory only August 1 -15 We are clearing out everything in the store to make room for winter inventory already arriving. The prices are so low we...

How much TOW would $ 24,000(US) buy you and where?
Lets just call it a sabbatical of sorts. Ideally it would last a year. Where would you go? How long? How much time on the water? What would your windsurfing goals be? Vic...

Mistral Joker
I am looking for some insight on the Mistral Joker. Both the 101 and the 113. If you own one I would like to know how you like it. I am thinking of getting one. Specifically the 113 for 7.8 ...

ultimate windsurfing vehicle Can't get to the wind? Check this out, if you've got the money.

Windsurfing in Tel Aviv
Hello Anybody from Israel? I'll be in Tel Aviv from 25.09.04 to 25.03.05 and would like to take WS with me. The problem is that I can take only one board and I don't know wh...

Windsurfing in Tarifa
How is Tarifa in november?. How is the local ambiance at that time of the year?

Pivoting spreader bar
I wouldn't recommend using a kite specific spreader bar. Kite spreader bars are designed to keep you attatched to the harness line (actually our chicken loop). In the case of a catapult or...

cheap beach...lose some gear???????
Forget something? Found on Tuesday, July 27th, Cheap Beach, WA: 3 harnesses, 1 Boom, 1 lawnchair, and 1 pair of sunglasses. Call to identify: Alex - 490-4413

2004 Fiberspar 430 RDM For Sale
Hello, I have a relatively new(Bought new beginning of season) Fiberspar 430 RDM (skinny) mast 90% carbon. Retails for $399 for sale for $259. Located in San Francisco bay area. ...

Pivoting spreader bar
Has anyone had any experience with using a ;ivoting spreader bar (the kind available for kite board harnesses) for windsurfing? An example is on the following link: http://w...

rigging for kids' sail
Recently purchased a Starboard 3.0 Start sail (c/w mast and boom) for the kids. I rigged it with what I would call "snug" - but not tight - downhaul. Then tried it on a large board (F2 Phoe...

star-board small formula/free formula (138l)
Looking for formula/free formula 2004 small (138l?), anyone has one on sale in US?

Difference between an 8.5 and 9.5 in terms of planing threshold
What is the effective difference between an 8.5m sail and a 9.5m sail in terms of planing threshold, everything else being equal? I'm 195 lbs, intermediate, sailing an AHD Inspiro 87 ...

How to get the nose up?
Was sailing in good planing conditions yesterday (16 to 17 knots). Closed the gap and had both feet in straps. Noticed that the front of the board was very close to the water and when crossi...

Sail size for a fresh kid?
Hi, I'm taking my nephew out windsurfing for the first time in his life today. Have access to gear from my windsurfing club. He is 13 and weighs 42 kg (about 93 lbs). Will use a Starboa...

Kick this thing in the pants?
I feel a little dumb asking this, but here goes. I got a great deal on a Starboard Hypersonic 125 wood. I've been sailing several years, bought a Start last year and couldn't believe how...

AHD Forum
Any ideas what is happening with the AHD forum?

Bonaire King of The Caribbean removed from PWA calendar ?!?
Does anyone know if the PWA Bonaire event has been cancelled? Or if it's postponed? It does not show up on the PWA website calendar. J.S

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