Rio Vista water quality threatened
I just got this in my inbox, I thought some people here may be interested. Hopefully this will NOT degenerate into some sort of political flame war. Note that they are only asking that we ...

JP 129 FWS Freeride
JP 129 FWS (Full Wood Sandwich) Freeride. 2003. Brand new board. Unwrapped but never used. Read the 2003 reviews if you want to get a sense of the range and versatility of the board. 270cm...

Dave from Chareleston
Have not heard any posts from Dave (ex Charlotte) in a while. He is an amusing and insitefull poster. Has he gone to the Darkside? Perhaps he's the poster of the new wave of off-subject post...

new shorter mast with longer extension vs older mast with smaller extension. ???
I purchased a used retro 6.5 that has a 477 cm luff, - the recommended mast is 460 cm. I have one, but it is old, it is green, and it is fiberglass, no idea what the imcs / mcs / din (or...

I am in da hizzy
We'll it took me some time but DD has shown me da way to da hizzy rec windsurfin' site. I'm sure I have spoke with many of u in da past from the *board forums etc. Henry glad to ...

crankin upwind
Hey Gang Check out this interesting link He says ..tip board to windward like a kite...

Moving to Florida
I will moving to Lady Lake Florida (south of Ocala), and could use some suggestions on where to sail. Travel to either coast will take the same time. Which coast is better for winds in what...

vintage Mistral Superlight (orig) needs a home
Anyone out there in land looking for a nice vintage Mistral Superlight? It's in good condition, with original mast (one piece blue) and boom (tie-on), Progress line sail, centerboar...

scary fast
I was up at San Luis Reservoir this weekend, and it was cranking Saturday afternoon. I experienced something new... I was WAY POWERED on my 6.5 Retro and 105 liter freeride board....

mast repair
I've got an old Sailworks 500cm mast (75% carbon I think), which shows surface cracks just above the boom. They're cracks you can 'catch' with your finger nail, and not scratches. I'm thin...

AHD AA pro model 70 or AHD Maxxride 70 DT
Anyone sailing this board or at least demo'd it for an hour? I can find no mag. reviews and even less internet discussion of this board. Any feedback of any kind would be helpful. Plea...

Newbie - back at it...
It's been about 15 years but a $100 garage sale find has got me gettin my heels wet again. A "vintage" setup - Fanatic 320, 6.2 LiteWing, so far has provided a few hours of great fun on...

Gorge Wind Web Cam
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_002A_01C45D08.EEB0C420 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Work at Chinook - live and play in the Gorge
Position available to manage composites production at Chinook Sailing Products, the country's leading manufacturer of windsurfing hardware. Responsibilities to include manpower and mat...

harness line length/formula windsurfing
Having had my formula gear for a slightly less than a year, i still do not feel entirely comfortable on it, particularly with my 12.5 - i've been using awfully short harness lines , 20-24, ...

Keen Newport H2 shoes: Really amphibious?
What do you all wear for TRUE amphibious shoes? Something you can step into water while they are on....and right back onto land? Are the Keen Newport H2 shoes a good amphibi...

lake Erie vs. 'inland', beginner board recommendations
well, i've had exactly one session on Erie so far, which consisted mostly of getting dumped from the board in 3 foot swells while what wind we started the lesson with died to virtually ...

going to maui
Ciao !! I can't understand how is the situation there and I don't know anyone from Maui... In a week i will finish my fifth year of high school here in Italy and intend to co...

Josh Stone Video/Divx Collection
aloha people...I wonder if anyone of you own this collections of tapes and could share by some connect,eMule or something... I've got kitesurfing videos and yachting g...

late update:The 2004 ABC Windsurfing championship
The 2004 Adirondack Boardsailing Club Windsurfing Championship at SLSC! June 26 Longboard, Slalom, Freestyle, Lessons, Supper gathering! We're on tomorrow! L...

paulys island SC- good?
does anyone know the waters around the pauly's island area of south carolina? is it good for formula? shallow? weeds? gators? i'll be there for a week starting next week and would like t...

Florida Formula Event Email Notices
Hi, If you would like to placed on an email list notifying you of local Formula events around Florida, please reply to: Ron Kern Fort Lauderdale, FL [email protected]

Boom Height
I'm relatively new to the sport and currently very confused about boom height. The rigging guide that came with my NP sail as well as "Turn for the Better" DVD recommend a lower boom and (f...

Did Kerry windsurf while in SF?
I don't want to start a political discussion, just curious if John Kerry did any kite/windsurfing while he was in San Francisco this past week. -Tim

Gun Xrace
Anyone know anything about this sail? Just bought a 6.0 really cheap. Looks ok, hardly used. Anyone with rigging advice? Gonna sail it as a hard wind sail for hypersonic 105. Reg...

Nationals in SF
Can anyone confirm for me that the Nationals this year IS going to be supporting a SLALOM only division? I want to come and compete but am only interested in racing in Slalom, and wont be b...

WTB: Mast Base Tendon (Fanatic/Mistral)
Looking for Fanatic or Mistral Mast Base Tendon preferably with mast extension. Let me know if you have one and your price. My email: max6425(at) Regards ...

Santo Domingo to Puerta Plata
Does anyone know what airline flies from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata? Has anyone ever done this route? AP

Powerex Z-Speed 520
OK, I broke another one. Last fall on my maiden voyage with my new Retro 10.5 and Powerex Z-Speed 520 100% Carbon mast, I was sailing along, nicely powered when the mast exploded right in m...

gorge T shirts- no luck yet.
The people that sent me suggestions, thanks, but all turned out to be dead ends... for repeat, we got some great T shirts from a shop on oak street in Hood River some 7 years ago...

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