What happened to North's 3DL??
Years ago North made a bit of a splash with technology taken from their "real" sail line: http://na.northsails.com/Racing_Sails/3dl_technology.html Was it too expensive for winds...

Re-dek and paint crazing
Did some repair, paint and then re-dek. The paint under the re-dek crazed . the re-dek staff told me to use a water based paint. They wouldn't say latex, just water based. It just doe...

Maui Race Series ( Da Kine Classic) Results
MAUI RACE SERIES DA KINE CLASSIC Saturday's Results At Kanaha Beach Park 19-39-1. Kevin Ozee 2.1 points, 2. Masanori Hirabayashi 6, 3. Peter John 9, 4. Elon Wong ...

Help with board selection
Hi guys, I have a mistral razor 82L and I'm looking for a (second) bigger board for lighter winds/flat water. Please give me your comments on the following boards on my list...

Board selection
I have a mistral razor 82L and I'm looking for a (second) bigger board for lighter winds/flat water. Please give me your comments on the following boards on my list - - Starboard ...

US Open, officially unofficial results But they are good)
Here's the results I hoped to post last night (the parties ran on and on and I was in no shape to more than just fall over when I finally got home. So... here are the final results: For...

Large X-ply sail options
Does anyone know of what options are available in large sails i.e. 7.0 plus with preferably 100% x-ply (including x-ply in window). Interested in sails made after 2000.

How to fix a Starboard Wood Crack?
I put a crack in the front of my board about 3 inches long, it is a Starboard Formula Wood and the crack is in the wood. Currently I have it sitting in the sun trying to dry the area o...

Maui Race Series
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The Turks
Tor, Saw your post on the "Where would you live?" thread. My wife graduates with a fresh degree in Elementary Education in December 2004 and I receive my BS in Management a...

Bic Nova vs. Go 165/180 for early planing?
I live in San Diego and want to replace my Techno 283 with a newer wider board for earlier planing. I have a Retro 9.5 and weigh 185lbs and would like to plane in 8-10 kts. I would love ...

Another Trailer
Here's some photos of my well loved board transporting device (BTD) http://img27.photobucket.com/albums/v82/kevin_nzl88/trailer_3.jpg http://img27.photobucket.com/albums/v82/kevin_nzl8...

Gotta get a new wetsuit.
Lost my old Quicksilver 3/2 steamer and now I have to replace it. I was looking at the new streachy ones and I was wondering how they compare for a) warmth b)durability and c)conven...

US Open day 2
I was in the chase/mark boat today and could actually see the racing (hardly possible from shore). Winds backed off a bit today and we got in 5 races in addition to one early cancellation a...

Broke a harness line...sorta
Had a nice session today, way powered on my 5.2, my favorite setup. I sailed about 2 miles out and on the way in I noticed that my lines were longer than usual. It was pretty puzzling beca...

'99 Ezzy Wave sails rigging tips
Hi All, Just picked up my first quiver of sails last weekend. (swap meet at the gorge, 5 sails for $250, good deal!) Anyways, they are '99 Ezzy Wave sails. I'm used to riggi...

US Open
I was working the beach today and so was unable to even see the committee boat amongst a barrage of Corpus Christi Bay waves. The winds were strong, too strong for the kites- they skipped a...

Starboard & Sailworks Demo Weekend
Well, Roger & Ellen will be bringing ALL the goodies from Starboards & Sailworks to Extreme Windsurfing (Lakes Bay, Atlantic City NJ) for a FULL WEEKEND of Free Demo's. Plus Pepi ...

More Nevin Sayre Kids Camp Announcement
From Nevin Sayre: Free Windsurfing Kid's Camp June 5 & 6 at West Dennis Beach The Free Learn to Windsurf Camp for 6-12 year olds organized by Nevin Sayre of Falmouth will be...

Back foot strap, how?
Had another planing session today on my Exocet Speed Slider 77, great fun :-) And since learning to downhaul properly, I have been pretty much in control. I decided that today wou...

Pro tech 300 vs [email protected] Thomen 305
Ok, now there's another board on the scene [used big boards in my area and price range], the F2 Thomen 305 any ideas on the F2 compared to the Pro Tech? sj99

Rushwind Reach 2003 ... how is it?
Hi all, I am an Italian windsurfer. I have found a 2003 Rushwind Reach 5.5 and 6.5 sail at very special price. I have never seen such sail and I have no news about. I am an expert...

3 Sails on 1 Mast
I sail in Western Australia in doing mainly freeride blasting around ocean sailing, bump and jump and small wave riding. I have a Starboard Carve 99 and and just got an Exocet 78L Universal ...

Best rental place in upper OBX?
Any recommendations up near MP8 area?

Windsurfing on commercial
Saw an Aqua Velva commercial tonight in which a twinzer wave board (less than 15 years old) made a nice big jump over the camera. Just got a glimpse but it was nice to see an updated board...

PRESS RELEASE: Exhibitors flocking to Windfest Cape Cod
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "Exhibitors flocking to Windfest Cape Cod" May 26, 2004 Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA WEST DENNIS -- With just over a week to go for the Cape...

2004 Velocity Games / US Open Coverage
Event registration today. No action, but people setting up. Looks like another low turnout of windsurfers. Here's some pictures and a video: http://windsurf.hansanderson.co...

Thanks Roger, too
Roger Jackson stopped by Bird Island last week and demoed a bunch of equipment. I took out a Hypersonic in about 12 gusts to 15 on an 8.5 NX3 and was moving along pretty fast. I didn't hav...

drops boards ???
Is anyone familiar with theses boards ? they made in italy as far as know. I am interesting in MONSTER 620cc (what is the 620 cc stands for anyway ??)

First time at Cape Cod / Beach Access questions
Sort of casting a line out here for any information people would be kind enough to give me.... i'm heading to Cape Cod in about a week to spend the summer .. i've been doing some research ab...

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