Plumb Beach Again
I've heard that the parking lot is/was closed for road repairs. Is that true? If so, Jamaica Bay is officially accessible via boat only... Thinking of going to Hecksher in the af...

Speed record Broke by Kitesurfer???
Today I receive in mi e-mail a copy of this They assure they broke the speed record and they also stablished a new World speed ...

See ya in Hatteras
Looks like a potential forecast for Sunday-Monday. Hope to see ya down. Alan -- Windsurfing Club:

Any upcoming wavesailing competitions at Wadell?
Hi all, So I just saw WARDOG's bloopers video and it's got me jazzed to see some seriously good wave sailors. Are there going to be any competitions at Wadell or near the SF Bay ...

Bellingham WA
Hello all. I have the chance to transfer up to Bellingham WA with my job. Anyone up in that area that can give me an overview of the lifestyle and sailing opportunities? I would...

it's about surfing, but a good read
Strangely, it comes from, but I thought this was a good first-timer perspective. They are trying to determine what sport is the most difficult, and this guy tried surfing:

Pete Cabrinha on Fox news
Did anyone else catch the segment on Fox news a couple of weeks ago featuring Pete Cabrinha. Its starts by saying a surfer (his wife graced the cover of windsurfing a couple years ago and he...

board wax on a windsurfer?
Hey group, (My apologies if this has been brought up recently) It appears obvious that you would not want non-skid on a surf board because it would abraid your belly as you swim out, bu...

Wanted: Fin box assemby for Mistral Superlight
Does anyone know where I can find a fin box assembly for a vintage Mistral Superlight? This version has a spring loaded retractable fin.

test post

Wanted: Mistral Superlight finbox assembly
Does anyone know where I can find a fin box assembly (spring loaded pivoting fin and box) for a vintage Mistral Superlight? New or used would be acceptable.

Receive the latest KOTC news as it happens
If you are interested in receiving the latest KOTC news as it happens, subscribe to the King of the Cape Mailing List by sending a blank message with the subject line as "subscribe" to ...

PRESS RELEASE: Stars will shine at Verizon Wireless King of the Cape
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "Stars will shine at Verizon Wireless King of the Cape" April 26, 2004 Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA WEST DENNIS, MA -- Just over a month to go til...

Windy Wellington
Recreational Marine Forecast for Kapiti Our latest forecast for Saturday. lol. GALE warning for STEPHENS. NIL warning for COOK Situation: A front in the Tasman ...

Starboard Hypersonic - any good?
Hi all Anyone sailed one of these? They are going cheap at a local (well, its in the same country anyway) store and was wondering what they are like as a free formula/ light airs ...

WAY OT: Bush and Cheney free to lie
I don't usually initiate OT threads, but I am so pissed I can hardly stand it. Bush and Cheney testified before the 9/11 comission today. They are not under oath. They are not t...

Hiring Kiteboard instructors in Hood River, OR
Work & Play in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge! Hood River WaterPlay is seeking Kiteboarding Instructors for the '04 season. Call JaK @ 1 (541) FUN-WIND that's (386-9463) ...

Hiring kiteboarding instructors
Work & Play in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge! Hood River WaterPlay is seeking Kiteboarding Instructors for the '04 season. Call JaK @ 1 (541) FUN-WIND that's (386-9463) ...

starboard 147 to Bic FW 1.4
Location: France Posts: 1 Posted: 29 April 2004 at 2:18pm | IP Logged ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Hi ...

Most Painfull Wipe Out?
Okay with the exception of hitting another person, what has been your most painful wipe out? yesterday, I got catapulted, flipped over and landed flat on my back, it felt like I ...

Are we going to tolerate Child abuse on REC.WS??????????????
I am getting fed up with the various posts on this newsgroup. While junk posts are bad, in particular, there are references to child abuse, torture, animal abuse. Are we all going...

using small sails
I live in an area where the opportunity to use small sails, 5.0 and smaller, doesn't happen often. When I do, the feeling is very twitchy and quite uncomfortable relative to my 6.0 Koa. Th...

JP freestyle Wave - good 85L option ? Second hand
Hi, I am intersted in a new/replacement second board in my quiver. I have a 276 103L flow as my main board but may go a bit bigger as there are not many people where I sail...

Replacement for 7m Retro ?
Hi, I have a 1999 7m retro which has been repair a few times and is on its way out. I was considering a replacement. This is used as my largest sail on a 100L board. Ev...

Knuckleheads off the water
What's the deal? I haven't been here all winter, and I come back only to see idiot posts from what appear to be spammers sprinkled in amidst all the usual good stuff. Is something wrong? Am ...

Am i overpowered when the sail wants to twist into the water?
I am still relatively new to windsurfing so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I had always thought being overpowered meant that you would be on the verge of being catapulted, but a cou...

Windy Wednesday in the Mid-West!
Wow...Kansas is forecast for 84 degrees F. with south/southwest winds of 20-30mph, gusting to 45! I know the rest of the mid-west will be getting some as well. I'm starting to fe...

WTB: Sailworks Retro 9.5
I am looking for a new-old-stock or used Sailworks Retro 9.5 sail in excellent condition. Prefer 2003 or 2002 but will consider a 2001. Please email me at [email protected] Thanks. ...

Wave Sailing CA, what skills?
I'm interested in doing some sailing in the waves, as opposed to Berkeley and Sherman, which are my usual spots. I'm wondering what skill level one should be at before attempting this. ...

Wind Warning Issued: Southern Alberta Get out the 2.5s

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