Dillon Beach Wavesailing
Anyone have experience wavesailing at Dillon Beach, Marin County? Is it worth an hour and a half drive?

UK - boards website sucks..
Surely it's about time that motlely lot @ boards got their forums back up and running, it's been well over two months and how long an outage is that! Oh and you can't advertise kit whilst th...

It's fast - but don't jibe it
Anyone notice Finian's boom on his record breaking speed set up... http://www.mastersofspeed.com/viewer.php?f=031204&id=22&lang=en Hopefully nobody who is having jibe problems has this...

iWindsurf, where are you?
On Friday they went down for some kind of server upgrade that was supposed to be completed by 2 PM PST. Since then, I've experienced sporadic access, partial pages, and, since yesterday, no ...

Windsurfer Killed
The AP reported a windsurfer hit and killed by a 31ft cabin crusier at the Melborne Causeway in Melbourne, Fl.

Anyone tried 04 Naish Titan 252
I notice Naish have upgraded the Titan range for 04. I can't work out from their scant site info if the 252 shape design has changed at all, apart from looks. I have the original Titan 109L ...

Update: US Open CC, TX ' 04
For those that raised some questions about the launch at the US open in Corpus Chrsti this year, Here are pics of the launch with a description of the pics: http://windsurf.hansan...

Replacement needed for my Techno 283
I have a 1999 Techno 283 150l and notice people with formula type boards planing better and pointing better than me. I am interested in a closeout board from last year to keep the price dow...

Poker on TV!!
**FREE $25 POKER CHIP AT PARTYPOKER.COM!!! http://www.partypoker.com/index025.htm?wm=2016233 **WANT ANOTHER FREE $50...BE ONE OF THE FIRST 10 TO SIGN UP!!! click here and to download: ...

Mirlo Beach Hatteras Island
I'm going to sail the sound in April and was wondering if I'll be able to sail my old techno w/ my 46cm freefoil stock fin and my Mistral w/ a 32 or 38cm fin with all the sandbars? I've...

Any recdotters in Bonaire next week?
Any recdotters in Bonaire next week? I'll be there with my wife...we'll be in the ABK clinic Monday through Friday, and generally having fun and freesailing on the weekends. Michae...

Good Windsurfing Shop in Cancun
Dear All, Just got back from a week in Cancun, Mexico, where I was very happy to find an excellent windsurfing shop with enough amenities to get the job done. It's called "E...

antique available- just pick it up
I just got word from the guy who bought my first board that it is about to go due to his wife's desire to reclaim their garage. The board is a 1982 Windsurfer one design. Its complete with...

FS: Windsurfing Stuff
Sail Board Equipment for Sale A badly torn-up arm (1 years in PT with no results) is making me get out of sailing, and sell all my good stuff. This equipment is being sold ...

New Shop In Hyannis
After a years absence there will be a new windsurf shop in Hyannis. Wind, Snow & H2O will make it's "Grand Opening" debut April 1, 2004. It will be owned/operated by long time local sailor G...

Sailing South and West of Hatteras
Anyone have any info on sailing south of Hatteras but West of Harkers Island? Trying to save drive time and still get some sailing in on Saturday. Just curious if there is any info on the ...

FS: Sailboard in Mass
Windsurfer with new sail. Beverly, MA $100 OBO [email protected] or 508-612-1213

Buying Windsurfing Camper Van in the UK
Hi, I'm looking to buy a camper van in the UK thats already rigged out to carry windsurfing kit. I'm planning on taking the family on a 4 month trip round the sailing spots of Eur...

Looking for a 4/3 wetsuit (Okespor )that isn't eye catching to sharks
I'm looking to replace my old 4/3 wetsuit. Mine has bright orange legs mixed with blue. Do sharks like bright colors??? See link http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/sharks/Attacks/relaris...

Casa Viento
I've been trying to talk to somebody at Casa Viento Margarita for 2 weeks now. Does anybody know. Are they still there? My reservations are for March 6th to the 12th. Getting a lit...

Some pretty good photos of Hatteras
John Anderson of Raleigh, NC uploaded some pretty sharp photos of Hatteras at a site he maintains for www.ridehatteras.com Go to the windsurfing section and look for "Gallery". He used a R...

Recommendation request: course board - SF Bay Area
I am looking for input on what board I should buy. I am usually sailing in the Delta or in the Berkeley marina. When sailing in the Berkeley marina, I am often frustrated that the wind...

new Los Vaqueros reservoir #2
new Los Vaqueros reservoir #2 st.marys and all bollinger canyon moraga, ca

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic?
Hi. I am going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in a few weeks. NOT cabarate, in fact the other side of the island, so I cant make it to cabarete. I am only going for 3 days, and it's an...

pop-outs, 60 minutes, attitudes
Some of the recent threads have got me thinking (always dangerous...). So surfers are having some sort of holy war over pop-out boards vs. backyard shapers. Fine, until you notice that the a...

Kokotat 20% off at REI
I just got my annual dividend notice. Included is an offer for 20% off any one REI item, regardless of the fact that my dividend is a mere $4.97. I have until April 11 to buy my chosen item ...

SE Michigan shop casualty
Looks like the shop here in Keego Harbor has stoppped stocking windsurf gear, although they did mention they are still able to order stuff and have some clearance masts and sails at 30% off....

Reno Sailing
I'm moving to Reno this summer and I'm curious about the typical conditions. I'm covered on high wind gear but a little thin on medium to light wind gear. The biggest sail I have is a 6.6m...

All my Kit for sale in UK.
Hello, Just to let anyone in the UK know, all my old kit is now on ebay - bargain for someone! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3664408209 ...

Hi, I am coming for a two week holiday in Margarita (Club Vass)....and I am fishing for infomation beyond the glossy brochures and tourist guides. There seems to be so much ...

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