Sharks fear me
Because they know that I will rape them with my monster-cock and they don´t like it ! So I can surf without fear of evil sea-creatures, because all the evil sea-creatures fear me ...

Trailer Awning Support in the Wind?
I plan to trailer camp while wind surfing and would like to use the awning for sun protection. What kind of support (rope from end of awning strut to ground stake, pole fastened to ground a...

Wind and Wave Watersports
I just saw Frank from Wind and Wave on MSN video. Kayaking in CC - could it have been windsurfing if it had been a windy day? Anyway the area looks great for watersports. Steve Pr...

Shark attacks declining.

PWA Maui Wave Contest is Back!!!
The PWA Hawaii Pro – Presented By Severne Sails New Wave Event March 28th – April 4th 2004 First time in 4 yea...

6 weeks, 2 days, 10 hours and counting...
till my flight lands on Maui... Just booked my condo in Kihei. Life is looking good. Dog p.s. Sure glad we decided not to talk politics... -- http://w...

Problem with TXWINDSURFRACING Yahoo group?
Any of you having problems posting to the Yahoo TXWINDSURFRACING group? -Barry

SPI Blowout - May 1-2
Per Volume 3 Issue 1 of the SPI Windsurfing Newsletter... -B 23rd Annual Blowout The first weekend in May still stands as 'Blowout' Weekend! Registration will be on April 30. Make...

Could someone tell me the natural progretion one has to to in manouvers, please. I mean, could you order them according to difficulty level? I must start concentrating on tw...

Slash and Burn 252 x82 lt
Anyone knows this board and how its work ? What's about speed , surf, jump and carving? Thanks for all your help !!

What Formula boards are women liking?
I'm thinking about purchasing my first formula board and wanted to get suggestions about what formula boards are working well for GURLS. I would love to hear opinions, especially from women ...

Boy I have been busy!
Hi folks, Me again. I've had a feature on this page where Windsurfers can write a report about there windsurfing sessions. Up until now you could add a picture but you had t...

Wind Surf Poker
Sounds crazy? Of course, but isn't ESPN covering poker (yes the card game) instead of windsurfing pretty crazy? Maybe we could put card faces on the sails and have teams .... nah, let's ju...

Best capital city in Australia?
What makes a good windsurfing city to live in? Here's my sailing statistics for the city of Melbourne, Victoria Australia, (I weigh 70kgs). Sails 4.0 4....

Giving it up...
Hey Everybody, Kayaking and a variety of other pursuits (mostly those pesky classes) have for the most part kept from sailing for the last couple years, and I've been thinking abo...

Watersports Treasure Coast
Anyone know of this shop? Any experience? -Dan

Whale explodes in Taiwanese city
here is an unusual story; not really ot, because it could happen to you at the beach. jeff

Two year old Child survives night on windsurf board off New Caledonia
Off the wire.... New Caledonia - It's been revealed that a two year old in New Caledonia survived a night at sea over the weekend, on a windsurf board. Wilson Leack spent a night ...

6.5 rec sail
will be buying a 6.5 rec sail to replace old wore out one . Thinking about a no cam and a RD mast. I do all my sailing on lakes. I don't care how much it cost want one that will last ez to r...

what is the wind in Bonaire usually like in early march?
I'm familiar with Aruba....for early March I'd expect 6.0-5.0 conditions, 4-6 days per week. Bonaire is upwind of it pretty much the same deal? Michael

Starboard Blue - Eva?
Do any of you know a source for paint to match Starboard's Blue, used on their Carve series boards? Would be great if there was an off the shelf standard color of Krylon or some other conven...

Hey Will
Are you going to the inauguration? Put me on your guest list. Alan ----== Posted via Newsfeed.Com - Unlimited-Uncensored-Secure Usenet News==----

Anybody has experience with Pacific Free Force boards?
Hi everybody, I am considering buying Pacific Free Force board (155 or 175) and a rig. Can anybody comment if these are any good? How do these compare let us say with Bic Techno 2...

Eva was right...
I just unpacked the 'display stand' bought over eBay last week. Its a simulator, no question about it. Actually its a very nice one much lighter weight than those I've seen before (its hea...

Report from Arenal
Hey guys, Looks like I'm starting this year out with a bang. Not. Arrived here at Hotel Tilawa (Costa Rica) in time to see the last of a big blow. That was three days ago. Nice we...

Rentals close to Orlando
I must attend a conference in Orlando in mid-Feb. and was thinking of adding a few days of windsurfing. What conditions can I expect at this time of the year. Probably front-dependant, any w...

Windsurfing in the Baltics
Does anyone have any experiences about windsurfing conditions in Latvia and Lithuania, Any good beaches to visit?`????????????????

Freerider model sail
Hi there folks, I've made some updates to the Freerider (cos it's free well almost!) model sail if you'd like to check it out at http://www.windsurf-internationa...

Gulftech Slalom
Could someone point me to a relevant website with spec's or share information about older Gulftech slalom booms (not sure about the years they were in production... maybe 1999~2000). ...

I am 220 pounds, 6'2, can water/beach start & half gybe turn so very much still learning... Have been using a NP supernova 6.7 + Old Old Old glass wave board which really needs the wind...

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