Cargo box 18 feet long?
OK, how about another idea, I have a 4-foot wide box that is attached to the side of my car. It attaches by pining or bolting the arm of the box to the front and rear of my car. This way, ...

windsurfing and Girl Scouts
Hi- OK, so this website is not exactly crawling with Girl Scouts and leaders, BUT...I am trying to help connect with scout camps who offer windsurfing, as well as any leaders or others ...

My new UWV!
OK. I finally got my new ultimate windsurfing vehicle - 2004 Nissan Quest! I going to remove completely third row of seats. Hope I can fit inside 3 boards, 3 booms, 6 sails and 3 masts (wi...

board recommendation
I'm certainly a novice windsurfer, and to date have only rented boards. Was looking to buy one and a friend is offering me his Mistral "Pandera" board and 2 sails for $300. Board is about ...

A question about volume
How did the volume measurement become so important for sailboards but not other boardsports? As far back as I can remember, volume was an important metric for sailboard hull design. I reme...

What self rescue gear is recommended?
I know its been covered before...what items would you carry in a HydroPak for self rescue, for possible towing of downed sailors, for hailing those stink pots when desperate? We all tempt f...

WINDZONE roof cargo box
FYI, I came across some old notes in my desk on the Windzone boxes made by Jean Labbe in Quebec, Canada (city of Sainte-Foy, I believe). These are like the fiberglass Packasport on steroids,...

Gath Helmet and my Skull
So, I got this little problem with my Gath helmet: By itself, I am totally happy with it; it's light, doesn't impair my vision - just a bit loud (wind noise). OTOH, when I ...

Ultra Profile Sail, Bic Veloce
Just purchased some used equipment. Among it was an Ultra Profile Duo-Slalom Sail... 6.5M. There is one cam on the sail... should there be more? If so, any idea whether such a thing is avai...

What's "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Advanced" (seriously)
Can anyone define these terms using common windsurfing skills? (eg. footstraps/harness use, jibing, waterstarting, etc.)

NP 5000 wetsuit size 106 UK?
Hi, Looking a NP 5000 E3 5/3mm in size 106. I already have another NP suit but not for the winter. I can not find any UK or IRL shop with a stock other than ...

Red Sea windsurfing
hi, anyone been windsurfing in the Red Sea area in the the winter? There is Moon beach and the Holiday Inn. Will it be nice and warm in Febuary? Wind is supposed to be good too at...

Kite ban at Corpus' BIB will remain
Thought some of you would find this interesting...,1641,CCCT_811_2532720,00.htm l

SPI ocean side
Does anyone ever sail the ocean at SPI, other than the few wave spots? I was wondering if there is nice rolling swell outside, but concerned that it may be messy chop due to the shallow dept...

Newsgroup Software?
Hi all, I haven't been looking at rec.windsurfing for a while. Just too busy skiing and earning turns here in the Sierras. Anyway, I am in the process of changing servers and transferring my...

high wind board advice pls
Hi - am getting back into windsurfing and am looking for recommendations for a replacement for my current 4:5 to 5:3 high-wind board - a Mistral Screamer 260. I want something with MORE vol...

Maui in April (Haiku info?)
Hi, My wife is taking some sort of class on Maui in April (18-23), in or near Haiku. I've generously offered to accompany her... ;-) Any recommendations on places to stay, ...

Mast Foot Positioning
Hi, When windsurfing on my techno 283 I sometimes find it difficult bearing away the wind, I just continually seem to travel upwind and have to struggle to bear away. So today I ...

formula performance
Can somebody please comment on the characteristics of formula boards of the current and last years? As a formula beginner (experienced wave + slalom) I am looking for good control ...

Boxing Day Sales?
Ok, I dont mind ordering over the net for soft goods, who has boxing day sales going on? Ben

fastest production monohull (non-displacement , non -sailboard)?
What is the fastest mono-hull (non-sailboard)on a windward leeward or triangle course these days? I estimate: 505, Intl 14 GP, 49er, 18ft skiff are contenders. Since they all plan...

New Sail Boo hoo need new boom
Hey, Got myself a new sail a Naish Neo 8.0m which is a step up from my 6.2m woohoo. Unfortunately, I need a new boom that is min 223 as my current one only goes upto 215ish booho...

FA: 2000 North "Rave" 4.5 Sail
Rigged twice and sat in closet. Too light for area. Carefully rinsed and very well cared for. Like new with bag, batten key and full manual. Red with white trim. Cambered design. "DuoCam" pr...

Anyone know about this lubricant for masts?
From the Sailworks rigging page "We highly recommend coating your mast with McLube SailKoteT, a dry Teflon marine lubricant. This ...

FA: Men's All-Purpose Watersport Helmet
Used twice and saw the closet. Men's size small. "For Whitewater Kayak, Canoeing and Rafting and Wakeboarding, Kiteboarding, Waterskiing, Jet Skiing and Kitesurfing for the rider seeking

Wave energy
I was trying to explain wave energy to my genius nephew. (8 years old) A task that overwhelmed me, needless to say. I drew a picture of a series of sine waves and began descibing how the ene...

South Africa: - Vicbay surfcam goes live on the Garden Route
Hello Folks, I am pleased to release the Vic Bay surfcam located close to George on the Gardenroute of South Africa The images will...

windsurfing holiday with kids
Hi, Here is a real tricky question. Have a weeks holiday around 21 feb. Want to go somwhere windsurfing (havn't had much experience with waves, but otherwise early intermediate <...

Trailer design that I haven't seen.
I was thinking about building a trailer that would be triangular about 18 feet long and maybe 3 feet wide to hold 4 rigged sails (up to a 8.5m). I used to trailer a small sailboad that was ...

Greetings from me, too
Hey Group, I just want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukah, and I hope you all have a safe and fantastic New Year's Eve celebration. Be safe on the water and be s...

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