Retro Rigging
I know that there are already a load of posts on Retro rigging and tuning but i just wondered if anyone could explain part of the instruction booklet, it does not make sense to me. In t...

fin fitting question
Hi all, I bought a new fin for my wave board (it's powerbox). There is some side movement when the fin seats inside the finbox - it's obviously a bit smaller than the box. What is the b...

gsport(curtis) website and email down
The site is down and it apparently shut down on Fri am along with all incoming email. I cannot send out, either. I only get email from within Our provider still has not gott...

need fin for tiga
I have old tiga board from '94, dont know name but is slalom, 106l, worl cup aproved,236* has tuttle box and i've tried all over croatia to find something. i think that the original i...

A shark ate my butt
Now Im Mr. butt-less. Shit !

99 liter Naish Floater board
I have a 2000 Naish Floater, 99 liter, for sale. It is 8'4" long, or 254.7 cm. If you are interested, my e-mail address is; [email protected] Where are you located?

light air board?
OK all you light air experts. I weigh 175 lbs and stand 5'10" tall and live in Connecticut. As anyone knows spring and fall can be decent but summers can test ones patience. And no mo...

More questions on vans
Hi everyone, There seems to have been a lot of discussing vans here recently, so I have a couple questions too. I will be soon moving from France back to San Francisco and I...

? Air travel w gear
Anyone have any recent experience flying with gear on Amereican Airlines to the Carribean. Going from west coast U.S. to the D.R. Spoke with AA but would like to hear from sailors who have a...

bic cabarete shakeup any idea why ??
hi all i have been to the bic centre in Cabarete, and it seems the whole place has been shaken up , mostly good seems to me i mean new naish boards and other brands .. anybody have the...

64cm's formula fins
Seem like some racers consider shorter than 70cm's formula fins. If I should consider a shorter C3 or Deboichet fin for my 9.8 which one to choose ? Weight 75kgs height 178cm.s (board M...

Quatro S&B 250 vs. Acid 77
Anyone have any comments on the Quatro production Slash & Burn 250 and the Starboard Acid 77. From the specs, both these would suit my purposes since I'm looking for a ~75 litre board tha...

PWA Bonaire Windsurfing on High.Tv
Killer footage...check it!!! WARDOG "Coverage of windsurfing is back on from Bonaire as the Tour ends with the King of the Caribbe...

Anyone from Melbourne,Australia here?
If so where is the best place to go for this weekend with Northerly winds of 20 to 30 in Melbourne... TIA

Camping at Corpus Christy/Bird Island
What are the travel trailer camping conditions for wind surfers at Bird Island? Can you spot a travel trailer next to the water, rig your sails for several days at a time? --

close out deals
Were are the close out deals, I am looking for a high wind bump an jump board. I am looking for a board that will give me a soft, cruiser ride. sail range 4.2-5.3. I weigh 190lbs...

Good vacation spot in Cape Cod
Thought I'd inquire about any good vacation spots in Cape Cod. I've been to Cape Hatteras a ton of times but know nothing about Cape Cod. What are the good hotels/beaches where there's somet...

Hey Warren, Thanks for the under-neo-wear info again. So far,t he most mysterious aspect of the Mysterioso polar fleece products is their price <http://www.surfingsports...

Plug and Play...the DVD
I'll give it an eight out of 10. The different scenes from around the world are truly spectacular. The photography is excellent, and the action is incredible. Some of the wave rides, like th...

Got the cops called on me today
A cop approached two of my buds on shore today after a session and asked if they might be the "drowning victim" a citizen had called to report on the Columbia upriver from the Gorge. We were...

Another day in the junkyard...
Rat infested junkyard that is. We had five meter conditions today and only five or six sailors turned up, including one world champion.

Hans Anderson on NPR
Don't know if anyone caught it, but Hans Anderson was on NPR yesterday afternoon. I heard the name and it didn't ring a bell until I heard the voice (from windsurfing radio). They had a segm...

Pacific Boom? opininons on any one used one of the booms that they are listing on special for $99 I am looking for a low cost boom for an older 9.5 retro. I was h...

The Ideal Light Wind Wave Board
Hey all- I appreciate all the comments (Wardog and others) re the Evo, OW-2, Naish Floater Board concept. I currently -for light wind wave sailing on the Washinton and Oregon Coa...

Cabaret vs Margarita
Planning 10-14 day trip late Feb/early March. Would like to hear comments from sailors who have visited both places. Never been to Margarita. Been to Cabarete 2x. June/July trip plenty of ...

Kitesurfing Problems and the Karma of Life
I belief that many bad peoples who dye from kitesurfing have deserve there fate. This past accedent with the man, is such bad man that I very happy! He so too much proud with hisself, he d...

2004/2005 Windsurfing Calendar
There has been a discussion about my 2004 Windsurfing calendar on rec.windsurfing. I wanted to follow-up and let everyone know that my 2004/2005 Windsurfing Calendars are now avai...

Speed Record - about to be broken?? Recent speed runs in the canal in France clocked at 45.22 knots (52 mph)by Finian Maynard. Windsurfing record is 45.34 knots (52.14 mph). They say other run...

The chase for Women's Freestyle title
An interview with Karin and the Moreno sisters on how the competition is shaping up.

Bonaire - where to stay?
Subject. Kontiki seems very nice but it's a bit away from windsurfing centre. Are there any accomodations really close to sailing site? Peter

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