FA: New Skymate windmeter
I have a new Skymate windmeter up for auction on eBay at the following address if anybody is looking for one. Never used and is just a couple of months old. I have had to sell all my gear (n...

Free on-line windsurfing classifieds
See http://www.pacificwindsurf.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/index.cgi

Is anyone still using these? Have any problems come to light? The elastomer and washers on mine are shot - should I try to refurbish it? Where could I get the parts? Is there a way to get th...

Stolen Weedfins @ Virginia Key, FLA
A 52cm TrimTab SB Weed (true ames) + 48cm DeepTutle Curtis were stolen from hatchback today at Virginia Key here in Miami. Please contact me w/ any info or if you find these on the use...

Maui Accomodations
I am going to be on Maui and have a place to stay for all of except the last couple of nights there. Does anyone have an opinion on North Winds Hostel or the Banana-something-or-o...

Need bottom half of Neil Pryde X3 400 cm mast.. Any suggestions?
Looking to get bottom half of X3 400 mast. Let me know if you have one, please.

My new Retro 10.5 Rocks! (Thanks Windsurfing Direct!)
Bought my first new sail ever yesterday, which was a 2002 Retro 10.5. While I have owned previous Retros (9.5, 7.5 Raceboard) I was anxious to try out this model to see if it really is bette...

Costa Rica?
Hi All, We have a sailing buddy whose son is going to Costa Rica to take some college courses this Winter/Spring. I am not sure of the city but it is on the Pacific side of the country...

Windsurfing in Aruba and Bonaire threatened...you may be able to help
Here's the brief: A proposed development in Aruba will effectively wreck the sailing waters by blocking the wind. The loss of Aruba as a Carribean windsurfing and kitesurfing des...

athens surf
ειναι κανεις σερφιστας η σερφισρτρια απο αθηνα ;

Next week on Central California coast?
Hi all, I'm starting down the coast Saturday, hoping this changing weather will bring nothing but high wind for the week. Hoping to hit a couple of places in Santa Cruz, then aro...

Trailer construction dielema
Finally got around to starting the new trailer. Cutting up the old one with the circular saw was a good amount of fun, and I've got the new base finished, and covered with polyester resin. <...

sweat shop? ________ i'm spartacus
ok ... it was me. i posted the link in the first place. i posted it here as an item of interest i had come across on the net, which might (and obviously has) proved interesting to othe...

Detroit River Cam
Apparently the The Great Lakes Maritime Institute has a cool new fundraising idea, anyone windsurfing Detroit river these days? Might be a great resource for ya then http://www.g...

Aruba's Fisherman's Huts area threatetened (copied from Gaastra forum)
niekvdl Member posted 30 October 2003 07:54 AM Hi boys and girls, Please read everything below about this new development. I hope everybody who has ever ...

Windsurfing truck for sale
windsurfing Cincinnati (see swap section)

Hampton Roads Sailboard Classic pictures posted
I just posted pictures from this weekend's Hampton Roads Sailboard Classic at http://www.sailwet.com/MAS/2003HRSC/ The results of this and the Mid-Atlantic Series can be found at

St. Pete Classic Forecast
The Forecast Looks great for this weekend. Lows about 68 Highs about 87 North East Wind in the mid to high teens. May have too much wind for the longboard shortboard shootout, although I m...

Waterstarting and sail position
Okay, I am feeling pretty good about water starting, the higher the wind, the easier it is for me, my biggest problem is getting the sail into the correct position what is th...

Brian Caserio's son
Some of you may have been keeping up with Brian's son Spencer. For those who don't know, Spencer was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia about two months ago. It apparently came on all o...

juniors and Crissy Field?
We are trying to organize a Junior Windsurfing Nationals next summer at the same time (july) as the "regular" USWA NAtionals, which will be held at Crissy Field. What we are trying to decide...

MidWest Gettin Some!
Today and tomorrow is looking great for the midwest! Let's get out and get some before it turns too cold! Joe in Kansas

sweat shop?

Start for Sale
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3634227787&category=2920 tell your newbies

Press Release from PWA
The Bonaire PWA 2003 Freestyle World Cup The King Of The Caribbean By Vivienne Masters Tuesday October 28, 2003 --------------------------------------------------------...

Photos from NZ wave nationals
Held last weekend in Taranaki: http://www.wildwinds.co.nz/windsurfing/recent_photos.htm Event site: http://www.taranakiwaveclassic.com/ Enjoy! Cheers <...

neil pryde dry wetsuit 2003
size large for sale on ebay as new £70 start price http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3634728210

F2 style 250 - fin recommendations, please
Hi all, I just purchased the F2 style 250 (85L). Didn't try it yet, but from what I saw in reviews it's very slow and difficult to get plaining. this probably related to very distinct t...

F2 style 250 - fin recommendations, please
Hi all, I recently purchased the F2 style 250 (85L). Still did not have a chance to try it. But, from what I am reading in some reviews, it is very slow and difficult to get plaining. T...

ezzy SEs
ok - ezzy question. am going to buy 4.7 & 5.5 Wave SEs. can afford to get one new (2004) and one 2nd Hand (2003). which one should i get new to benefit from the added low-e...

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