Hey Ellen, Sprinter question for ya'
Hello Ellen, I'm too lazy to check old posts so can you please tell me which wheelbase you have? I'm getting closer to purchasing a van to replace my redneck pick-up truck and the Spri...

What's going on with Maui forecast?
Heading to Maui next week. Some of the long term forecasts are calling for some good wind next week. Is there something going on next week? More than just the normal trades? Alan ...

grand canary island - how's the sailing?
i will be on grand canary island in late november for a few days. it looks like there is a windsurfing center owned by bjorn dunkerbeck's father on the island. has anyone here ever sai...

New fin quiver
Having just purchased a fanatic RIP 52 (75 litre wave board) and a fanatic Cross 90 (90 litre allround board) I would welcome advice on additional fins to go with the stock fins. ...

Margarita/Venezuela Terrorist Connection
FYI... Here's a recent USNEWS story on terrorist connections in Venezuela and Margarita... -B "The oil-rich but politically unstable nation of Venezuela is emerging as a potential...

Room Wanted - November in Hatteras
Hi, I am interested in renting a room in Hatteras during the week of November 8-15 (Sat-Sat). If that week is already booked, I can re-arrange my schedule and go most any week (ex...

rec dotters in Dewey Beach, or Hatteras 10/10-18?
Anyone here going to be in Dewey Beach on the weekend of the 11th (I'll be there for ABK) or in Hatteras the following week? I always like to say hi to online friends...will be staying in ...

Kite / Wind -surfing sites at Rhodes, Greece
Hi! I'm going on holiday to Rhodes next week. Is there anyone who can give me some tips on the conditions at Rhodes? Wich part of the island have the best conditions? Is there any...

catapult and sail trim question
All, About 3 weeks ago I experienced a significant catapult. A large portion of it was my fault; I was sailing a long reach, about 20 to 30 degrees off the wind. The sail was <...

Room Wanted-Hatteras in November
Hi, I am trying to rent a room in Cape Hatteras in November. I am hoping to land a room from Sat or Sun, Nov.8 or 9th to the 15th. I am also available the first week of November i...

Jane and Mongo Report.
Several of you, Like Roger and Ellen, remember my wife Jane's first windsurfing at Islamorada almost 2 years ago, and have been following her progress. Jane has participated in a ...

What's wrong with this thread
Quite often I am getting this: Unable to find thread. Please recheck the URL.

"closing the gap"
Hi , I have sailed on a Bic Techno formula with a 8.2 sail and when planning I can "close the gap" and get the sail raked back and down onto the board,but with my JP and 7.5m sail I ca...

Used Gear for sale
I have some gear for sale....all in CDN dollars. And shipping a board is not that expensive a task ($60USD coast to coast). Take a look at http://members.rogers.com/willowbe...

Bob, I saw your ad for the Equipe on the club page. Can you send me a bit more detail on the board. I've got an older Equipe but am not completely familiar with the Equipe ...

The Knockout (Hatteras) Oct 4-11
Our club has about 8 people already going, however, there's room for one or two more. If interested drop me an email.... [email protected] Alan -- Windsurfing Cl...

fin repair ?
I have been repairing the dings on my g10 fins but sanding the ding then putting the fin in a vise and at an angle will let gravity accumulate the applied epoxy then sanding down . I was won...

strap position on an F2 Lightening Race
All, I am sailing an F2 Lightening Race in the Gorge. I weigh about 220; I rig a 5.8 up to 25 or so, a 5.2 up to the low 30's, and 4.7 in the low 30's. I get well powered up, we...

Must be the puppy chow !!
Took two new puppies down to the water today at Home Valley sailing beach... first time ever they have seen the water. First time in, they semmed a little bit nervous about the swiming ex...

Anyone field tested the DaKine Impact vest for windsurfing?
Is it bulky? Does it help support your back with the added material overall? Looks like a winner from DaKine for sailors that want a lot of hours on the water, wondered who has one and thei...

Turn for the Better Part I & II videos for sale...
Turn For the Better Videos, part I & II for sale. They have only been watched once and are in excellent condition! Part I covers rigging & tuning, pointing, spin-out, waterstarting, etc. Par...

Checking a 2nd hand board.
Have been offered a ex hire board at a good price, have had a good look at it, but would welcome advice on particular areas to check before purchasing. What areas could have hidden dam...

November lessons?
Hi, I was thinking about going to the Calema Fall Windfest and the clinic happening before it so as to improve my Formula "skills" (ie learn some skills.) But looking ...

8.0' Wind Obsession B&J Free to good home
Ultimately I would love this board to go to a kid or someone who doesn't have the ability to purchase their own board. I bought it used from Bart in 2000. The caveat is that I am...

Dam prace domowa
Zarządzający Systemem Web zatrudni osoby w pełnym lub niepełnym wymiarze czasu do pracy w domu (komputerowy marketing Internetowy). Jeśli posiadasz komputer i doświadczenie w środowisku I...

ASD vs New High Wind Boards
I have a 96 ASD wave board, square tail, 8'4", 21",12.7" tail, about 75lt vol. How much different is the new stuff in this size range? Are new boards necessarily better when it's reall...

Fin repair
Just after some advice on how best to repair my fin Here is a picture of it and you will notice a small bit has broken off http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/zenadroi/spitfire.jpg ...

Northwave FX
Hi Can anyone tell me something about this sail. I'm interested in a few sails for a winter trip. When i went to their website and then called i was told that the FX was now their bas...

No moew big Hot Sails?
I was looking at the Hot Sails Maui 2004 web page. It doesn't seem to show any big (8.5+) sails. Anyone know if they decided to quit making them?

2004 Exocet Original Wave - anyone tried one
Apart from looking great. Can anyone comment on the performance improvement of the Exocet OW 2004 vs 2003. Des

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