Gorge newbie needs advice
I'm going to the gorge for the first time this Sat. I'm trying to get in the straps and tend to spend a lot of time in the water for my efforts. I'm big, and so are my sails. I wa...

Mistral OneDesign - films
What do you think about this? http://walus.terramail.pl/walus/filmiki/Web_PONT.wmv http://walus.terramail.pl/walus/filmiki/Web_ANIA.wmv http://walus.terramail.pl/walus/filmi...

Starboard, Chinook....welcome to the fold.
Nice to see you are joining Naish in showing some good looking babes in your ads. That latest issue of Windsurfing Magazine is really fine. And those tight Moreno abs will be forever imbedde...

Barnegat Bay launch points?
Anybody know where there are good launch points/parking from the Barnegate bay or Sandy Hook area? Thanks, Jim

scary picture!
That's really scary looking picture! At least for me. http://nnm.ru/pict/wow_mlya.jpg Andrew

Fanatic Board Specs
Does anyone know the specs of the Fanatic Fox? Thanks

Hawaii Best Time Best Place
What is the best time to go to HI from these choices Feb, April or summer? What is the best place to go, learning footstraps, wanting to learn to jibe, next year Thanks sj99 <...

Female JAWS?
Lately the girls have been thinking they're really hot shit. I don't recall EVER seeing a photo of a female on JAWS. So, is it just that nobody ever photo documented the event, or they still...

NJ Spots
Hi everyone I'm new to this newsgroup and to NJ and to the US. Looking for spots (or related websites) in New Jersey such as lakes or inland waters close to the shore. I'm not an e...

Stix contact details
Does anyone have any contact details (phone Number, URL or eMail address), preferably in the UK, for "Stix". Amongst other things they produce fins and boardbags. Cheers

Cody WY.
A friend who has been recently displaced from Maui to Denver area was asking about good sailing within a day drive from Boulder. He said he can do the Gorge in 20 hours. Obviously the lake...

Sail numbers
Hi all, We are preparing the junior team going to Portugal for the FE European Open, leaving August 9th for Lisbon. International rules on sail numbers are in effect and I was wo...

Lost rig
Yesterday 7/8/03 a friend lost his rig when it separated from the board. We were sailing East of Dougs. Might have washed up in the low water by Squally Point. Would appreciate an email i...

Famara facilities
My husband and I have rented an apartment at Famara which seems to be rather isolated spot. Could somene tell me if there are shops up there or if we have to make our shopping in a big ...

Maui gear rental on the beach...
Turns out I'm going to be in Maui for a day next week and I'll likely have the afternoon free. Does anyone know of a place where one can just turn up at the beach and rent gear? T...

US Nationals 2003 - the video
Finally got a chance to throw together a bit of video from the Worthington event. Sorry for the big file size -19MB www.pmcomputer.com/usnationalsweb.rm The music is by Randy Jo...

cooked board
I'd like to leave my board and sails in my van all the time in order to be able to head out in a moments notice when the wind picks up, but I wonder if I'm doing any damage by leaving them t...

what is it with "some" people
i thought the "unmentioned" kitenazi moron in the "real kiteboarding" thread took the cake, well until today at least. Spoke to a friend this afternoon who questioned my absecence at the be...

Willy Skipper versus Spock?
What the major and minor differences between these moves? Is it where the sail flip occurs and the foot change . Looking at the photo sequences in magazines that's what I'm getting. Please d...

Has anyone used the Northshore Maui Free Ride 36 or 38cm fin?
I have a Switch v97 264cm and would to know if anyone has used the Northshore Maui Free Ride 36 or 38 cm fin? I weigh 150 lbs. and want to use it with my 6.7 sail. Do you know wh...

one designs
So, what was the big problem with One Designs? I rode a OD on Saturday at the BBQ Worldwinds put on at Bird Island Basin. It was blowing about 15 and I had a 5.8 baggy, no harness, no stra...

Sun block poll
Ok, I have had bad luck with so-called water proof sun block. So what sun block (brand) have you found to work best in the water. (yeah I know, I'm a soft skin...)

on fin design
Hiya.. I happen to own a '99 racing board and after extensive use i've decided to change the fin. http://www.suspicious.org/~spivak/fins.jpg The most noticable difference is the l...

Free - box of windsurfing magazine
I have decided to thin back my huge stack of windsurfing magazines. I have a large selection of magazines I am getting rid of, some of which go back to 1990 to include the following pu...

Summer winds in Hatteras
For anyone who thinks Summer is a bad time for Hatteras, stop watching The Weather Channel and check out iWindsurf. The SW thermals have been rocking down there! I'm still sore from a day ...

Advice on Carbon Boom repair
Hello, My Dynafiber Race boom 225-280 cm carbon boom broke at the front end. Not the boom head but the carbon tube that is between the two arms, This is one piece bo...

nonskid report
What an exciting subject! Well, you chose to read, so blame yourself. I did the acrylic nonskid thing with both a spray-on acrylic and a brush-on urathene. Both worked fine so far, a...

Stolen board
Okay, I'm out camping for the weekend in Michigan at gun lake, and the weather is perfect. nice strong wind all weekend, and the ice just thawed last week, so conditions cou...

Sailing on lake McConaughy and interstate 80?
I am leaving the east coast for a little trip west to Hood River and plan to stop by lake McConaughy. Is there sailing this time of year and where is a good place to stay? Where is the l...

FS: 2003 Roberts FormulaR
Like new condition. Great Formula race board; highly competitive, yet one of the most approachable FW boards out there. Roberts boards are famous for solid construction and high build ...

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