Midwest Wind Trip Report
"you know it was a good weekend when you have tanlines from the footstraps" Yup - that's right. My annual Midwestern windsurfing safari (abbreviated edition for a married guy with kid...

Summer Trip Report
"you know it was a good weekend when you have tanlines from the footstraps" Yup - that's right. My annual Midwestern windsurfing safari (abbreviated edition for a married guy with kid...

AD: Timex Bodylink GPS System Now Available
The new Timex Bodylink system with speed + distance and Heartrate is now available in limited quantities. http://bodylink.timexstore.com

Opinions on the Tiga Wave 252 please
Hi, I've been offered a "Tiga Wave 252" for less than 100Euro. But, has anyone tried this board...any comments ? John.

Mistral Windglider, revisited.....
Well, against the advise of everyone who replied to my last most... I went out and bought a windglider. Everyone told me to wait and save up about a grand and buy real beginner board, but th...

anyone had problems ordering from funsport(wales)?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with mail ordering stuff from funsport or if I've just been unlucky with them. Basically I've been trying to buy a jp freestyle...

Autima RDM = Ezzy = ?? (Autima a good brand...)
Does anybody have info about (or experience with) AUTIMA RDM masts? Seems that they produce masts and booms in Taiwan for other OEM, but also market their own brand (www.windsurfing.co...

replacement head for Fiberspar carbon boom
The head of my 200-248 Fiberspar full carbon boom cracked last weekend (not the boom attachment, the carbon piece that joins the arms). Calls to local dealers in Montreal are not promising. ...

Fine tunning F 186
Hello Formula guys, I just buy a F186 ( 186 lts x 266 cm x 1 mt )my old board is a Bic FV 1.2 ( 160 lts x 267 cm x 87,5 cm). I use a Nitro 2 9.8 Sail and ride in 10 - 15 knots.

Fresh Water / Salt Water - Float and Lift
A few years ago, when I moved to salt water, I did some calculations to verify the "increased floatation" of salt water over fresh water. Can anyone help me with the lift relationship?? I a...

Supernova II, 8.1m, wimpy?
Hi, I have the subject sail and although I am pleased with it, it rigs nice and fast and is controllable, I am surprised that it does not generate more power for an 8.1. I've noticed I us...

Performance Skins - one stop shop for wetsuits
Wetsuits from the hottest brands in one conveniant location on the web. Lowest prices anywhere, surfing, windsurfing, waterskiing. Dont miss out on this deal.

Wavesailing Fiji

FS: Techno 283 fin quiver & Spitfires
Hey, was cleaning the garage Sunday and found my set of fins from the Techno one-design racing days. True Ames Series I 46, 48, and 51cm, and a Curtis CR7 40cm that I used for slalom in '99 ...

harness plus vest recommedations?
I want a new harness and insist on wearing a vest, is the one piece combo the way to go? It's kinda pricy! sj99

Getting Upwind on a Wave Board
I'm visiting the Gorge and purchased a 77 liter wave board with a 22cm (8.75")wave fin. The first time I tried it, I was disappointed with the upwind performance. (If I can't get upwind, I...

board lost at Kalmus
Left my wife Gerda's Tiga 250 (with home made fin and universal) at Kalmus yesterday, I think on the beach near the getty at about 3:30 PM. Gerda would really like to have it returned.

Spots in Southern California?
I'm in LA, and a friend of mine (who's an avid windsurfer) moved here awhile back from Colorado. He's been trying to feel out where to go here and having some trouble nailing down spots. Can...

Florian (boring for the rest of you...)
Hello Florian, I have tried to reply to your email regarding board bags, but everthing bounces. I have a few sizes that are too big for the boards I have now. The widest one is 110...

Best light air board for surf?
Over the past 10 years or so, I've been looking for the best light air board for the waves. Here on Lake Michigan, we get many 10-15 knot days where the surf is a respectable 3-5 foot and a...

How to clean a Starboard Go?
My board has many marks along the rails after spending several hour tied to our boat. The marks look like pencil lead. Does anyone know how, if possible, how to remove them? Tha...

board info
Hi, I've just started this sport and I'd like to buy some secondhand equipment to get me started, there's lots of equipment around with little info in the description - are there...

IMCS and Low End (New Dumb Sail Question of the Day...)
Hi: Will a SOFTER MAST (e.g. a 430 instead of a 460 on a 6.2 North XXX) result in a deeper draft and better low end power or the other way around? Are there different e...

FFF....BFF..It depends...!
Hi all, I find this thread to be pretty funny as no one (at least in the multitude of posts I looked at) including Mike or Hans or anyone else really ever specified when and w...

Fin Repair
I have a Curtis 65 cm fin that has a few dings on the leading edge and tip of it. The surface also has a chip or two in it. Is there a repair method? Thanks, Ben ...

Kalmus Of Old
Finally Kalmus kicked butt today. Averaging around 35 mph with highs in the 40's. A lot of sore hands tonight

Where to buy EVA deck material?
My family has become spoiled by our Starboard EVA deck. I now need to add EVA to the deck of another board. Does anybody know where I can buy a sheet of this material? Kenric ...

Isobars - How to interpret
When I look at the isobar images on Iwindsurf I see numbers like 1015, 1016 etc. What do these mean? Is the tighter the better for wind? Are isobars a good forecast tool? Is there a better...

New use for Starboard start
Yesterday, after the wind dropped below my planing threshold with the 8.3 I decided to rig up the start and took out my kite and give it a shot. I was quite surprised at how well it worked a...

PWA film from pozo-03
We have 2 filmclips. One 30Mb and another in mpeg (170Mb) You can download the clips from http://wasteraswindsurfing.com/filmer.htm Hope you like them :)) Peter <...

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