20 Mar 2008 07:01:04
FS: A long list of windsurfing gear - updated.

Long list of gear for sale for you to look through.

1. 2002 Sailworks 430 EPX wave/slalom mast. 45% carbon. 22mcs.
Brand new. $140.

2. 2002 Sailworks 4.6 Revolution. Yellow and Red. Like new. Used 6
times. $135 + shipping. Uses a 430 mast.

3. 2001 Sailworks 4.1 Revolution. Yellow. Like new. Used 2 times.
Uses a 400 or 430 mast. $60. Both the 4.6 and 4.1 sail have
incredible range.

*** PENDING *** Sailworks 75% carbon 40 cm fixed base extension. The
way to extend a mast and keep good bend characterics. $40.

**** SOLD **** 5. True Ames Surf Grass 8.75" fin. Brand new in the
wrapper. Paid
$120. Will sell for $85.

6. True Ames Surf Grass 10.25" fin. Brand new in the wrapper. Paid
$130. Will sell for $95.

7. Neil Pryde size 11 5mm dry suit boots. Like new. $45.

8. 45cm Chinook base extension. Like new. Paid $55. Will sell for

9. Brand new Chinook downhaul crank (us box). Paid $46. Will sell
for $30.

10. Chinook hour glass base for Chinook base plate. Paid $42. Will
sell for $25.

11. Chinook mechanical hour glass base for Chinook base plate. Paid
$42. Will sell for $25.

12. 15" Windsurfing Hawaii fin stash. Hold 5 fines. $20.

13. Brand new Hifly 31cm slalom cm. Paid $90. Will sell for $60.

14. True Ames Blade weed fin. Very good condition. Paid $110. $65.

15. Brand new Hifly wave fin. 22.5cm. Paid $90. Will sell for $60.

16. Brand new Maui fin company 35cm free ride fin. Paid $140. Will
sell for $80.

17. Brand new True Ames 18" (45cm) Santa Barbara Weed fin. Paid
$148. Will sell for $110.

18. Like new Chinook stubby extension. Use 1 time. Paid $38. Will
sell for $23.

19. Dakine 20" fin stash. Hold 6 fins. Like new. Paid $42. Will
sell for $20.

20. 24" Lakes Bay custom fin stash. Like new. Hold 6 fins. Paid $55.
Will sell for $40.

21. 25cm Chinook base extension. Like new. Paid $48. will sell for

22. 45cm Brand new Chinook base extension. Paid $55. Will sell

23. Like new True Ames 13.5 weed fin. Paid $139. Will sell for $95.

24. Like new Curtis Free ride32cm fin. Paid $120. Will sell for $80.

25. 2005 Neil Pryde Full 4/3 wetsuit Series 3000. Like new. Size
L. Used 6 times. I just have "grown in certain areas" and need a
larger suit. Similar suit runs $200. Will sell for $100. A very
warm, comfortable and easy to get in suit.

26. TEC shorty size L. Like new. Used 4 times. I need a larger
$40. A great smooth skin short. 3mm.

27. 2005 Hifly Freeride 259 Board. Like new. 259x59cm. Includes
heavily padded deluxe foil reflective board bag. Huge wind range. Can
run a 4.2 up through a 6.8 on this board. Fast, planes quick, easy to
jibe, and built tough...carbon/kevlar construction for entire board.
Shape will still go head-to-head with current boards. Weight: 17 lbs.
Red with yellow/red logos. Power box. Search web for Hifly freeride
see what these boards look like... and I can send pics of course. A
shop owner sailed this board up until a year ago despite all the
designs/brands available to him and he simply loved the board and he
is a top notch sailor.

28. Windsuring Hawaii 2005 Carbon Boom. Like new condition with
Dakine harness lines, uphaul and dakine front head pad. 150cm-210cm
range. 60cm range allows it to be used on sails from about a 4.2 to a
6.6. Blue and Black. A very nice boom. Stiff. Easy to operate. $210 +
shipping. 2008 carbon booms are very expensive.

29. 2007 Fiberspar 4800 Quicktip 430cm wave/slalom mast. Great mast.
$75% carbon. Excellent condition. With mast bag. Used about 8
times. Paid $390. Will sell for $230.

ALL FINS are POWER BOX base. And all of the fins are current designs
purchased over the last 2 years. Not old shapes. All the base
extensions and bases are US.

Shipping is an additional cost on all items. Emails for pics if

John Gamble
Madison, WI
[email protected]

Enjoy the upcoming season. John