FS:1988 Pro star 190
I am selling my mastercraft prostar 190 it has the chev 350 4brl, this was an option in 88. it is blue and cream, comes with boom, bimini top, extra prop, cover, single axel master craft tr...

Flip a SN ?
It is possible to flip a SN? We only tow tubes occasionally on our 91 SN, today on a calm day, while tubing 2 kids at lower speeds (~20mph), we turned and accelerated into our wa...

Towing on the ski pylon or mooring hooks in the back?
Just a quick question for people. W/ the growing popularity of larger and larger towable (Ie - the Great Big Mable) Is it "safe" to use the ski pylon for pulling it - or would the 2 moo...

LA Times article today
There's an article on boating that appeared in the LA Times today. The writer's email is [email protected] Stern alert Dragging behind a boat or even hanging out n...

Connelly FX or HO Charger/Magnum
Hello All: I am looking to get a new ski. I just started but am advancing at a good pace. I am 6"4 210 lbs. I was thinking the HO Charger(69inch) / Magnum(71inch) or the Connell...

Olympics And Waterskiing
Will waterskiing ever be included in the Olympics? http://www.aquaskier.com/articles/olympics_and_waterskiing.htm

Ski recommendation for old coot ???
Just getting back into (recreational) skiing after a long hiatus. Tried my Connely Concept thats about 13 years old. Has always been difficult to get up on, but now that I'm approaching 60, ...

WTB: 75-81 Correct Craft observer's bench seat
I'm looking for an authentic Correct Craft rear-facing observer bench seat for a 75-81 Ski Nautique. Please e-mail [email protected] Thanks, -Keith

New prop = new boat
I'm impressed :) I know most people here have nice ballsy in-boards, but some of us also get by with the out-board-bolted-to-fiberglass. I'm one of the latter. Anyway, I bought the b...

$200 Bonus to play POKER
Have you seen poker on TV and want to get in on the action? Do you already play but want a great bonus? The Gaming Club Poker room will give you up to a $200 bonus on just a $20 deposit. T...

ski into the boat
Hi, We posted a nice movie of how to ski into your own skiboat. see www.eddiesmit.nl in the RED area. Beste Regards, Eddie Smit. Holland.

Excellent Nautique for sale
Check it out if interested. Great care, and tons of upgrades like a hot water shower, heater, and perfect pass cruise control. I am injured and am giving it up after all these years. Barefoo...

Steering Cable on '89 Nautique
Steering on my '89 2001 Nautique has become stiff and I've been advised to replace the cable. I'm told that the Correct Craft cable is 17.5 feet long but have found available only 18 ft Tel...

Windermere Rally - sat 14th August 2004 !!!
2 thinks to notify you all about: 1. The latest "Support Watersports Freedom" rally is taking place to protest against the 10mph speed limit on Windermere. This one is organised...

used slalom ski
Are there any sites that have used slalom skies for sale.

Mark Needham - - [email protected] 1/2'
# 2--wow!!

Proper ski length
I am 5'11" and weigh 170 lbs. What would be length of the slalom ski I would need.

Martinez Lake = Broken Prop!
This past weekend I went Martinez Lake for the first time and had a great time! However, my boat didn't fair so well. We were at least 100 yards from the trees in the water when we heard a m...

Martinez Lake = Broken Prop!
This past weekend I went Martinez Lake for the first time and had a great time! However, my boat didn't fair so well. We were at least 100 yards from the trees in the water when we heard a m...

Change prop on the water???
I've always left my spare prop at the dock even on long trips such as Lake Powell since I never thought I could change it on an inboard while on the water. Anyone ever do this without scuba...

Learn the Science of Meditation. Online.
Learn the Science of Meditation. Online. Sing the Song of the Soul! Excellent for improving intuition for sports and all round self-development. Yes, you do get beautiful MP3 fi...

Input on the MOST FUN Tubes
I currently have a 2 person very large tube.. Im looking for peoples opinions on some of the most fun tubes.. I saw some tubes that do barrel rolls (Sportstuff sport trix) and others that ar...

Anyone free ski @38' off ?
I did this past weekend and it was a blast. the speed! I don't think I'll free ski at any other length than 35 or 38' off. d

MasterCraft Ski boat: OK for WAKEboarding?
I have a chance to buy a 1988 MasterCraft ProStar 190 (excellent condition, excellent price). I understand it was a fantastic *ski* boat in its day (tiny wake at slalom speeds), but I want i...

How do I re-glue heel pad
What glue do I use to re-glue the rubber heel pad in my adjustable binding water ski. [email protected]

Wake Crossings
When you are leaning across the wakes in the slalom course, where is it best to be looking? Cross course, the pylon, or the next bouy?

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