Heater Craft Shower for sale (used 1 season on new boat)
I ordered a 20Ft Tiga with a shower and I find we never use it. By the time it's cold enough to use it I'm too impatient and just get in and go. By the time it's really cold I'm too much of ...

Ski and on-line shop recommendations
Hello people of rsw, I'm looking for web sites that sell both Junior and Adult combo skis. I've been out of the sport for many, many years - but I'm back in and way behind on wat...

, Speed/Ski Boat, 5.5 Metres in Length, 2.13 Metres Beam, Seating for 8, Powered by a Force 85 HP Outboard Motor Auxilary 3.3 HP Evinrude Motor, Marine Band Radio, Water Skis, ...

32 mph to 34 mph
I know there are articles on Andy's web site about speed differences but I wanted the groups input. I'm consistantly running early on my 28' @32mph. ...but when I bump the speed t...

Tournament Water Skiers
The enthusiasm is played out around the world,.. http://www.aquaskier.com/articles/untapped_potential.htm

Need muffler help
my friend recently purchased a house on a private ski lake that requires a muffler system. (please don't ask me why people live on a ski lake and complain about the noise. it makes no sens...

Slalom in Portland, OR
Anyone know of any slalom courses around Portland, OR? I used to be a member of a club in Newburg, but since moving that's a haul for me. I'm west of PDX. Thanks, Rod

skiing in E Wasthington
Are there any skiers on the site that are in E Washington or N Idaho? I just moved from the east coast over here and need some advice on places to ski. I am into slalom as well as boarding...

Aussie Raider ski boats?
Hi all you Aussie boaters. I'm looking at buying a Raider 1800 ski boat. Does anyone have good or bad experiences with the model? Thanx in advance. Wood duck.

Re active slalom discussion boards, please repost links
Thank you for posting links to more active sites. Unfortunately after bookmarking three of them I had my computer crash and I lost the info. Please repost the links and thank you again for...

Anybody here sking a D3 x5?
Just got one today and tried it tonight.

How big does my garage need to be for a Sunsetter
I am building a new house and I want to know how long I should make the garage so that I can fit a Malibu Sunsetter (and trailer) in it. I don't have the boat yet, but I want to make sure t...

Driving from Yuma to Martinez Lake??
How long does it take to drive from Yuma to Martinez Lake? I know it's about 35 miles, but I don't know what the roads are like. Thanks, John

Where to go for active slalom discussion?
This board has been very slow for some time. Where are active discussions taking place? Lance

wing on ski fin
Howdy all.... Mounting the wing on the fin upside down or right side up at a given angle matters or not? Why? Thanks, Tim

Opinions on Mooring whips.
I am going to buy some whips for my Nautique. Ski Limited sells some by Monarch, and Overtons sells some from Dockside (www.dockedge.com) as well as some from Perimeter. Any opini...

Who with any sense or even half a brain rides a PWC? What a joke!

Advantage Ski Handles!
Advantage Ski Lines (www.skirope.com) just announced they are shutting their doors after 35 years. Too bad there was no warning, or some of us might have stocked up on our favorite slalom...

1998 mastercraft sportstar 19 needs new starter
Does anyone know what exact starter this boat would need? I found a marine starter on ebay for cheap (a delco refurb unit). Here is a video of what it sounds like http://www.bleepstre...

Make $500,000 a year with Sports!
I'm looking for people who want to make at least $500,000.00 a year. I bet on sports for a living and before you start rolling your eyes, I have a PhD with advanced mathematics being my fie...

skiers need help, please forward!
Please take the time to help some friends in the ski community. Some environmental nazi's are mounting support try to close down a private ski lake. They call themselves "NOBOATSKI" ...

Waterskiing in New Mexico?
I'll be in ALbuquerque from Wednesday 7/21 through Monday 7/26. Does anyone know of a Ski Lake or a Ski Club where I could get a pull? Thanks, Rick

PWC Recomendations for Family
Anybody have some thoughts on the type of waverunner that would be good for a family. I'm thinking something used. I think I should be able to get two waverunners in good condition with a ...

Waterfront home for sale - Northeastern Wisconsin (Shawano, WI)
Sadly my mother has to sell her waterfront home on the Wolf River in Shawano (northeastern) Wisconsin. This is a wonderful home for a family that loves water sports and would like to live in...

Windshield replacement?
I have a Nautique closed bow from the early 90's. I'd like to have a walk-through windshield to make it easier to go stand on the bow for tying up, etc etc. Anyone know how I can perform thi...

any info about Iconn Opus3 ?
Hi all I currently have a pre-owned Iconn Opus 3 that was originally purchased in Switzerland, and I cannot find any information neither about the brand nor the ski, here i...

Ski-boat 'Lite', will it work?
Hi people, I was thinking of a 16ft boat with a 60hp bigfoot-like (high trust) outboard. The combo will be about 1100lbs/500kg. Add 2 humans and some fuel and the weight will be a...

Re: Boat questions about V drives
I posted a week ago a question on inboard ski boat items to consider when purchasing. Thanks for the feedback. After some research and seeing some of the V drive boats that are now ava...

Help finding aluminum pulleys?
I have a 1988 Malibu Sunsetter 454 which is an excellent boat - except for one small problem; it has steel fan belt pulleys. Every year I end up taking them off and sanding the inevita...

Selling two very special waterskis on eBay
In a constant quest to reduce the number of posessions I have, I have listed two very cool skis on eBay. The first is a 68" O'Brien Mapple ski. I think it is a 2003, but it may be ...

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