Nautique lost all electrical power
I was pulling a skier today, hit the wake of another boat, and lost all electrical power (and the engine) in an instant. It was like someone had turned out the lights. No blower, no bilge pu...

Nautique engine temp. all over the map
I took my 1990 Nautique out today for the first time this season. It runs great, but the engine temperature was all over the place - from 150 on the low side to 180 degrees after running it ...

snubbed by an I/O....
Funny thing happened at the lake today. I was invited to a party on a very large private dock. My boat is freshly waxed, dressed, carpet washed and basically it looks brand new and a numbe...

Price on GP850
Any ideas where I could locate documents on the prices of jet skis???

Jump out your skis this summer and barefoot away...
Not know what to next time on the lake? - Start on a set of duoskis - Bring speed up to 40+ (or 65 - 70km/h) - Jump out of those skis - Barefoot away... For short ...

Ye old waterski exercise topic
I just got in the Integrity 3000 Air Rower yesterday. Mark recommended the Concept II (model C or D) Air Rower and everything I've seen on the web in forums confirms that the Concept II is ...

Ski Nautique rentals on Lake Tahoe?
Does anyone know of a reasonable place to rent a Ski Nautique on the south end of Lake Tahoe? TIA

what happened
to this site? i have been offline for awhile and i just got back here and wow what alot of crap! anyways has anyone got an airguide speedo system and if you do my prob is this... <...

new waterski location in EUROPE ...
Hi! Has anyone seen the new waterski resort in Austria? They have two brand new Correct Crafts (2004), great gear and a very nice exclusive surrounding.

hey any of you guys looking for a teak swim platform?
One washed up on the beach today. It's in decent shape no kidding. fwiw

Any free wakeboarding for beginner videos?
Just some showing getting up on the board? Thanks! --C

motor box
-- I need to replace the motor box on an i/o, any ideas or links! thanks

First time
Well, with buying a big (get aboard and check out - see below URL) boat, getting my last one married off (last weekend), trying to empty my house to sell it (see above), yada, etc., I've not...

thank you???
Anyone ever say 'thank you' anymore? I have seen a lot of questions with some great answers from the group, with no appreciation from origional poster. sorry, my rant for the day...

Restoring faded nylon?
My tower has padded wraps that are covered in nylon on it. The nylon covers are very faded - does anyone know of a simple (or even complex) way to restore the color? The covers are black...

Wakeboarding behing an I/O boat ?
I'm just starting to get into the whole wakeboard/waterski world. I was looking through a magazine and noticed something that cought my eye... they had a warning stating "you should never s...

Dale Hollow WB
Speaking of DH...We're heading out of Pennington (sp?) marina on one of their MacDaddy's..anyone want to give up a 'decent' place to pull into and ride? Probably down one of the 'fingers'/'... New italian web site for cablewakeboarding! .... - 4 month...arrived the first Italian Cablepark!!!

97 Ski Nautique glovebox
I'm the original owner of a 1997 Ski Nautique, and the only complaint I have found over the years is the 8-inch gas tube that supports the glove box lid. It looses it's ability to hold up...

Dale Hollow Waterski Course
The Glasscity Waterski Club is going on a ski trip to Dale Hollow the last week in May 2004. We wondered if you knew of any slalom ski courses on Dale Hollow and how to get to them? We are...

Dale Hollow Waterski Course
The Glasscity Waterski Club is going on a ski trip to Dale Hollow the last week in May 2004. We wondered if you knew of any slalom ski courses on Dale Hollow and how to get to them? We are...

Anyone have any feedback about an airdock (see for a ski boat? I am thinking of getting one. Do they work, are they easy, and are they reliable?

Waterski in acid !!!
This is fun, because if you make a mistake, your flesh will be dissolved !

Nautique Cockpit cover?
Anywhere online to buy a cockpit cover for my 1993 Ski Nautique? I have a full cover, but it is a pain the the rear to put on and take off while at the dock. I want to go somewhere online, c...

Looking for used seadoo parts
I have a 95 XP which a tree tried to ride, unfortunately the old sap broke it. I need to replace the top cover and handlebars; does anyone know of a source for used parts? I'm in the Richm...

FOR SA:LE - 1 pr. of HO's new top-of-the-line competition bindings: PHANTOM (large) left front and (large) right pivot rear. Used only 3 times - look brand new ONLY $250. for the pair. ...

anyone ever use a porta dock to get to there boat ?
hi ! i am trying to figure out a way to get to my 18 foot boat from shore has anyone ever saw a porta a dock used ? does it work ? the idea is a 15 foot dock with wheels , my concern i...

Steering prbblem
I have a 1995 Malibu Echelon with some steering problems. The problem seems weird to me because when the boat is in neutral it steers really easy. If I put the boat into gear it immediatel...

Exercise WHILE skiing ?
Is there a way to exercise while skiing? Slaloming takes too much strength and I get tired quickly, but sitting on a tube and cruising around is easy and also fun. Is there a com...

how can i get folks from shore to my boat ?
Hello , we have a dock that is not accessable during low tide (about 3 hours twice a day). because of difficult regulation and costs our beach association can not dredge the sand bar anymore...

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