portable course
Hi to all. I am looking to borrow or buy a used portable slalom course from somebody in the Orlando or Tampa area. I am moving down in June and would like to use the portable course to fig...

The Boys Of Summer
It's that time again. The annual migration to the practice fields, stretching, exercising, running and getting into shape. http://www.aquaskier.com/articles/boys_of_summer.htm


Why the rampant sick spaming on this site?
What is the deal on the group? Is there not a filter to at least sreen out some of this garbage? I belong to a number of discussion groups and none are as trashey as this one.

Waterskiing the Hawkesbury River, Australia.
Hi all. I heard on the news tonight that the Hawkesbury river is heavily polluted with a noxious weed. Does any on this newsgroup know how far down the Hawkesbury the weed has prog...

Anybody used an air-dock?
I've been thinking about a lift for the boat. Saw this air-dock in one of the mail order ski shops. Anybody used one of these things? Do they work? How about in water that can get a little...

who is the hot babe?
got got the new May WSM, does anyone know who is the babe sitting in the boat seat on page 36 is?

When to put up the drysuit?
What water temp do you guys decide it is comfy to just wear a shorty suit. I skied yesterday in 66 degree water and I don't think the water oozing in the suit would've been very comfortable...

What Boating Magazines Do You Read??
What ski/wakeboarding boat magazines do you read? I'm looking for a mag with boat reviews, product reviews, tips, etc... Thanks, John

How Much Horsepower?
Minimum how much horsepower is needed for water skiing? Thanks Irfan

RJ (Bob) gets published - Wakeboarding mag
Just picked up Wakeboarding Mag May issue and was happy to see that our very own Bob (-40 degrees) Evans had a letter included in "Inbox". Nicely placed letter to counter a nasty lady who w...

Finally got on the lake!!
After what was a way too long winter - I finally got in the water and did the first board runs of the season. Got some weird looks by the fisherman and a few honks from the cars going by

Dropping a Ski Prohibited?? Why?????
Hi guys, I have heard that in some states the common practice of "dropping a ski" for slaloming is actually ILLEGAL. Is this true? If so, why? I have been trying to think why this might b...

foot for Optimax
A friend just discovered the the foot unit on his 200 Optimax (Flightcraft) is cracked all the way through following a hard winter freeze. Anyone out there know of someone who has a toasted ...

1998 Monsoon Engine cuts out during cruise
The engine in my Malibu Sunsetter simple cuts off while cruising. It's like someone turns a switch and it turns off. It runs strong, it doesn't sputter or surge. It will start right up af...

Strut Bearings?
I need to replace the strut bearings on my '96 Malibu Sunsetter LX. Anyone know the shaft size and outside diameter for the correct bearing? I am pretty sure the shaft size is 1 ...

Price of gas
Can any one out there help this old Arkansas Barefooter understand the current raging gas prices? What has changed since last year? Is it price gouging by OPEC, the refineries, or? Or has th...

are icon wakeboards good?
hey i was wonderin if icon wakeboards r very good ones b/c i just bought one for really cheep and cant figure out if it was worth it...so r they nice wakeboards or a peice of crap??

Australian Wakeboarding Equipment Website
Hey Folks, WakePro NZ has just launched a brand new website in Australia! we're currently looking for members to join up and take advantage of our special offers! As it...

AccuSink Slalom Courses?
I called the AccuSink people a week or so ago and they told me they are not selling the AccuSink slalom courses anymore. Does anyone know of another company making anything similar or are t...

Parking a boat inside a 'standard' length garage
I'm looking for a new place to live. Seems like one of the biggest considerations is where to put the boat. I will, of course, try to locate a place with a slightly longer garage. Clearly...

waterski site

Advice on aftermarket towers
Anyone have any comments on adding a wakeboarding tower to a boat that was not originally designed for one? Several dealers at a recent boat show told me that the body structure is not stron...

Canadian water temperature?
I saw one site that had water temperatures for various sites in California. I was wondering if there was a similar thing for Canada/British Columbia specifically. Thanks Aaro...

2004 Perfect Pass Question
Hello, I'm trying to get more information about the perfect pass for wakeboading. I was wondering if anyone knew whether the new version will allow for slow speeds so I can wake ...

Flightcraft Bow-Heavy?
Hi All, I have a feeling that my flighty has too much weight in the bow. It just looks a little that way at rest on the water and is quite heavy on the towbar. Wake and handling d...

Miniature waterski boat
Hello. I remember seeing an advert in a jet ski magazine years ago about a little remote controlled boat that was powerful enough to pull a waterskier. You could hold the boat in your hands ...

I used to have a CC Mustang with the trailer that had the old "bump pads" I'll call them that you don't see much anymore. I'd just drive the boat up till it hit the pads on front, hook it ...

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