spark plug gap for 2002 Malibu Hammerhead?
Guys, It's time to change the plugs. Does anyone know the gap (off the top of their head)? I haven't checked yet to see if it is printed on an engine decal or in the ow...

Taking pictures while waterskiing isn't easy (pict)
Well I did my best to correct this picture that I took today, in my drysuit. I took it crooked, and it wasn't centered well, but it's the only one that looked half decent. http://...

wakeboard tripod questions - ten foot pole.
Hi All. I currently own a 18' 1985 Bowrider with a OMC 140 I/O. We started wakeboarding last summer and loved it enough to consider a ski pole/tripod for this upcoming season. ...

Goode ski blow-out on ebay
Some new, some slightly used, great deals! On Ebay, 8000's, 9300's, 9400, 9500. Some with new bindings, some blank. If you dont' want the bindings and win the bid, I'll kno...

2004 Inboard Boat Buyer's Review
Looking for a new Ski Boat? Find out what's new, what's hot, and what's not.

Advice Needed: Yam 701 Starting To Smoke Too Much
I have a '95 Waveraider Deluxe 701. The waverunner has always worked great and never needed any kind of tune-up or service. I have run Yamalube, flushed before (To warm up motor a bit) and a...

Changing Oil on our Super Air SN
This is the first time we've ever changed oil on the GT-40 in our 2002 Super Air. The other times SE Correct Craft did the honors. So, we bought the hand pump kit, warmed the engine, stuck...

Ski season has begun .... photos
Although quite a few people have been skiing all year at Lago. This week's warm weather meant training could start in earnest. I took some photos yesterday:

Anybody ever get paralyzed slaloming on water?
I mean slalom skiing. I realize other people have been in other disciplines but what about just on the course?

You want to see that 70mph SN?

Calgary Boat Show
I made it down to the Calgary Boat Show last week. Very impressive! Most ski/wakeboard boat manufacturers represented. Lots of spiffy decked out units. There was a real buzz there. I...

New Merc Outboard 4 stroke 275 HP
The death of the outboard barefoot boat is greatly exaggerated . . . At least the death of the engine : ) Plenty of good outboard boats out there still being built, too. Just ...

Barefoot Drysuit For Sale
Like brand new Barefoot Company drysuit (large) For Sale on Ebay. Everything is perfect on this suit , I only wore it 3 or 4 times. I don't have the desire for cold water f...

Gekko Demo
I've really enjoyed lurking in this group for the last six months or so; I've really learned a lot reading everyone's postings. Now I would like to ask for your opinion/advice on the follow...

For Sale: 1993 Mastercraft Prostar 205
1993 Prostar 205, 351 Indmar, 285 HP, 525 hours, PerfectPass 6.3, 100 Watt Stereo-MP3 Player, bimini top, boat has been babied since i bought it in 1998 and is in GREAT shape. $16,000. Co...

1997 Ski Nautique
Any feed back on the 1997 Ski Nautique? My friend has given up on the 1997 Malibu based on the feedback from a previous post I started. He has found a nice 1997 SN. How does the wake of t...

Avoid loud and aggressive persons.
La Site Communique; 07/02/2004 00:25:53 >>> Commence >>> >>> Hello, bienvenue, bienvenidos and g'day.=20 We hope this Communication finds y...

Make your own bindings
I skied with three friends over the weekend and all three have recently gone to hardshell bindings. I'm going to give them a try. You can buy them for about $500 or make a better pair your...

The End of the World as We Know It;read=187 I never thought I'd see the day...

Malibu offering Sportster in 04
Quick question. Is Malibu offering the Sportster model in 04. Their website lists it but also refers to it as an 03. Dealer has 2 in stock and is calling them 04's. I think he would ...

Fozen for a long time
Its been so cold here that the lake is frozen to a record 2' thick. There goes any hopes of an early spring ski. Drew

1997 Malibu Response Question
I have a ski buddy who is looking seriously at a 1997 Malibu Response with low hours. It has the SV23 hull which was updated to the SV23 Diamond hull in 1998. What was the 1997 like to sla...

Alberta Boat Shows
Tom, How was the boat show in Calgary last weekend? Anything new from the dealers? Joe

Barefoot suit for sale
Like new large Barefoot Company Drysuit for sale. Seals are in like new condition and as the rest of the suit. Also included is a Ron Scarpa Fleece drysuit liner. Also in large. Both us...

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