North. Cal. Huge Boat Show
Norcal's biggest boat show 1/30 through 2/8. Over 1000 boats! Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. Jim Hammer's Ski & Marine, Inc. ...

Spark plug story
I'm talking to my buddy the other night ( I have a couple friends) who owns a 30' Searay with twin 260 hp Mercruisers and had some serious problems w/Champion SS Marine plugs. He took a 300 ...

Strong swivel seat for observer?
Has anyone seen a really good swivel seat? The type for the observer you can lock facing either front or rear? It would need to be quite strong and able to survive some use in rough water....

MBO down again??
whats up with it being down all of the time??? shawn

2004 Pro Championships
The 2004 MasterCraft Pro Tour Championship is scheduled for August 28-29 here in Akron, Ohio. As a ski nut and Akron resident, I'd like input from the skiing community - what can ...

FA Taperflex 70" wood Waterski ends 2/1
FA Taperflex 70" wood Waterski I think it's an older one, it's in great shape. Auction ends Feb 1st. Thanks for looking!

MBO down?
Is MBO down? I was wondering if its my machine/ISP or what. Brad

this club is boring....u guys need to get a life... no offense :) -----= Posted via Newsfeeds.Com, Uncensored Usenet News =----- - The #1 New...

350 Magnum EFI (TBI) Performance Improvements
I'm wondering what are good price/performance modifications for this motor (1997, in an inboard ski boat). Specifically, what modifications that would commonly find on street of off road ve...

No less than the trees and the stars.
La Site Communique; 25/01/2004 16:39:16 Hello, Bienvenue, Bienvenidos and G'Day.=20 We hope this Communication finds you in good health and with Great = Spirit. La Sit...

is it expensive to waterski for tourists in Mallorca?

are there any waterski holidays in Sydney?

Wheres the best place in Britain for a waterskiing holiday?

[FS] 2003 Response LX
2003 Promo Response LX 335 HP Monsoon Bimini PP 6.4.13 JVC Stereo Red Main/Marble/Black Mooring Cover Trailer w/ Alloy Wheels, Surge Brakes 110 Hrs ...

2004 Boat Review
With the 2004 boat show season upon us we are requesting help from potential boat buyer's to be a part of a 2004 Boat Review which will be published on It will provi...

Water won't pump and impeller removal
I tuned up our Malibu this weekend including replacing the water pump impeller. When I start the boat water doesn't come out the exhaust. I only let it run for about thirty seconds for f...

HO CDX For Sale
I have a 2002 HO CDX 68" ski for sale. Blank. Very good condition. For more information send me a note. [email protected]

New Wakeboard Boat - Seeking Info
I am in the market for a new wakeboard boat. I just returned from the local boat show and spent six hours visiting all of the pertinent displays/dealers. My notebook in hand seemed to real...

Migration of Waterski/Net users, New site.
Besides this site, sometimes its hard to find other waterski forums that are active. Check out: For another p...

Pulling off a Slalom front flip
I ski behind a deep-v inboard/outboard and would like to know if anyone has information on pulling off a Slalom Ski front flip. (if it is even possible) I have been googling for i...

new wakeboardsite in europe

new wakeboardsite in europe check it out dudes !

wakeboard tower hitch / ball / nub / hook / nipple / thingie ???
Okay.. so I don't know what it's called... and that's my question. On many wakeboard towers there is like a hitchball where you tie or hook the line. What's that called and can you buy...

Wintertime Blues
Each of us has a way of coping with the wintertime blues. So what's a water skier to do? Got The Blues

Proctologist with two hands on your shoulders....
You know, it is one thing to know a good thing is coming to an end, but stick the dagger in a little deeper why don't you... I was looking at an ad for the Air Nautique SV-211. In it I quot...

Barefoot gear for sale
My nearly new barefoot suit: My Dawg Paws shoe skis:

Argh! What is it with me and ropes?!?!
You wouldn't read about it! The new "super-duper-braided-wallet-burning-handle" snapped on the 4th start (2nd skier) and less than 15 minutes of use!! The sequence of event for ou...

Skiing on the Nepean
Hey Boc and co.... Well, we had three outings on the Nepean river at Penrith over Christmas. Nice stretch of water but a little over populated sometimes. I think I might have seen...

Giving away my Perfect Pull device.
I own one of these. Like new. Anyone here want it? Free to you if you pay the UPS store to box it and ship it to you. I barely used this device. I just never got into it. It is going to the ...

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