if ur name is den-i mean bob, read this
hehehehe, hi bob do u like....im in the same club as u...hehehehe...ur worst nightmare -----= Posted via Newsfeeds.Com, Uncensored Usenet News =----- http://www....

Anyone out there w/ a Tiga 22v?
Anyone out there w/ this boat on a trailer? Can you take a measurement for me? Im looking for the height from the ground to the top of the tower. (while the boat is on the trailer.

FA: Men's All-Purpose Watersport Helmet
Used twice and saw the closet. Men's size small. "For Whitewater Kayak, Canoeing and Rafting and Wakeboarding, Kiteboarding, Waterskiing, Jet Skiing and Kitesurfing for the rider seeking

What's your ski factor this time of year?
Coldest one for me this year. We usually shoot for 100 minimum. Water temp =42 + Air temp =46 = ski factor 88 Jim http://www.hammerski.com Hamm...

waxing skis
just came back from the mountains snow skiing. Waxing the bottom for varies temperature and snow conditions is very important. thinking about water skiing, has anyone tried changing the bo...

Merry Christmas to all of you in rec.sport.waterski... :-) (03)
It's Christmas time again..... Therefore, here is my Christmas greeting card for you, as you will find at the following address since posting binaries to non-binary newsgroups isn...

Bought a new towing rig.
A new 2004 Ford F150 Fx4..(had to get all to get the the options)... ...I needed four wheel drive after getting by with two wheel drive for six years......The truck is silver and will match ...

Water sports survey, Xmas gift certificates
Hey, don't wanna look like I'm spamming, but I thought I'd throw this out to all you waterski lovers. I filled out this survey on water sports and got some free gift certificates ...

Waterski hole-filling compound?
Can anybody suggest a good hole-filling compound for waterskis. I'm changing bindings and fin on my ski and need to fill previous holes prior to making new ones. Thinking that compound shoul...

Another Malbu copy :-)
Just look at that rub rail and vent exact copies of the Malibu LXI http://forums.wakeboarder.com/viewtopic.php?t=17197&sid=916099926b84ff0a719ab9746d7d85e9

Stupid f%$*ing ropes!!
Dammit! Bought a new rope less than a year ago and a nice new handle to go with it and what happens while on holidays? Yup, the HANDLE rope breaks. Lemme explain; the rope splits into a "V...

Wakeboarder.Commie Newsletter - Happy Holidays
Welcome to Issue #28 of the Wakeboarder.Commie Newsletter. You are receiving this newsletter because you were smart enough to subscribe and stay current with the best resource in ...

LXI - any critical impressions?
Two friends: one just became the promo guy for Malibu in the Northwest, the other just dropped out of Malibu promo in Southern Region. The guy dropping out said that he didn't like the bigg...

Waterski cartoon image...
Greetings all! I am looking for a waterskiing cartoon graphic that has a guy in the water, suited up with a slalom ski, beer in hand, ski rope wrapped every which way around his b...

Preparing my black arm band for the 3-event ski boat
Well, as 3-event boats are falling off the map like outboard barefoot boats, I'm mourning the death of this industry as it goes off in search of a new market. Frankly slalom skier...

bimini - Titan- Response
I just got a Response with a Titan tower. I know that Titan makes biminis that are made specifically for fitting within the tower, but I've got a standard bimini, mounted on the windshield ...

How salty is Salt Lake, UT?
Pardon the question if it idiotic, but I'm wondering - if a ski boat is from the Salt Lake area, would I assume that a) it has been used in Salt Lake and b) is that as bad for corrosion as t...

The Ski Before Christmas
Subject: The Ski Before Christmas T'was the day before Christmas, and all 'cross the pond Not a ski boat was growling, except for my Echelon With me in my drysuit, and Ma in...

T'was The Night Before Christmas
Up into the sky, like a jumper he flew.... . . http://www.aquaskier.com/articles/night_before_christmas.htm

Holiday $$$
The Best Way to Make Money on the Net From: Date: 19 Nov 2002 Time: 00:42:35 Remote Name: Comments THIS SYSTEM WORKS! NOT A SCAM...READ THE TEXT! This is the fairest, most...

Make wood waterski
Hello, I want to make a wood salom water ski. Can anyone point me in the direction of how to build one. I am looking for a how to guide with plans and listing of materials required. I h...

O'Brien Tru-Lock or HO Adrenaline slalom fins
Where can I order one of these fins online? I have a 1987 O'Brien Competitor Slalom ski and am assuming either of these fins can be retrofitted to my ski. Comments please.

rope length behind jetski ??
I started skiing behind my Kawasaki 12f 4-stroke and I like it allot. the boat is silent, tons of power, and mellow wakes. I have been using a 75ft rope (I think, its an old rope) and the wa...

must see: http://home.wanadoo.nl/janterwee/

Heater Craft Heater Core ?
Does anyone know what the heater craft heater core matches up with in the automotive world. I have the two vent model. I had heard a few years back that it was the same heater core as...

OT: GM Dex-cool Anti Freeze
Saw a program on TV a few evenings ago describing the damage and severe corosion caused in late model GM vehicles by this stuff, which GM puts in them at the factory rather than normal antif...

How long is my steering cable?
I need to replace my stiff steering cable, but the number is difficult to read. The number is SSC13418 (I think), but my best guess with a tape measure is 16, rather than 18 feet. '99 C...

Can't get up!!
I've been skiing for 30+ years and just bought a new Connely F1 ski with the double wrap bindings. Problem is I'm having trouble with deep water starts. Sometimes it takes me 5 tries and it'...

I See Dead People...
Is it me or is rsw dead? And look at some of the other sites - h2oski.info, waterski web, etc. Has everyone crossed over to the dark side of boarding forums?

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