Older (1960s-era) Waterski Photos?
Hi, just wondering if anyone had some 1960s-era, fairly high resolution waterskiing photos in their collection that they would be willing to send me. For the past 2 years I have been workin...

PCM motor size
Hello, are there anybody who can tell me the "codes" for identification of a PCM motor in a correct craft boat 1994-1996. I have found it for new motors. the motor ID I want to k...

Minimizing condensation over winter
I built a car port for my boat over winter. I plan to put temporary plastic around it for the the winter. It won't be exactly air tight. While the boat has been waiting for the proje...

Any skiers from the Post Falls, ID area?
Any skiers familiar with the Spokane River in the Post Falls, ID area on here? Drop me a line, I have a few questions.... Thx -- Bill - [email protected] http://airjunk...

Any Aussie's on here
Are there any Australians posting here. I live in Sydney and ski around Sackville. Thanks Jason

Need used boat with great slalom wakes.
I'm doing research on used tournament inboard boats to be used primarily for skiing slalom. I'm trying to narrow my search a bit by getting recommendations of used boats with really great s...

Tunturi R710 or Concept 2 Model D or ?
Seeking Opinions, Since it is time for off season training I though this migh be an appropriate time to ask this question. I am planning to replace my aging DP Sports rowin...

Where should I buy in Orlando?
I will be in Orlando on vacation with the family and would like to pick up one of the new style kneeboards with a tow hook for the kids. (Of course I will also check out a new ski for mysel...

Replacing custom boat snap cover yourself?
Hi. Is it difficult/easy to replace a custom boat cover that already has the snaps mounted on the boat and where can I find more info? I';ve seached the net but cannot find much ...

Warren Miller film
I just say the Warren Miller annual snow ski film "Journey", and getting pumped for snow. What's that got to do with this group? They had some guy in Alaska, in the winter, ...

Wakeboarding Research
Dear Sir or Madam, I am a college student at the University of Northern Iowa, and I am very interested wakeboarding and I am conducting a research paper on the topic. I would app...

First ski of the season...yeee har!
Finally managed to co-ordinate the weather, the crew, the boat, the boss etc and got out on the water for the first time this weekend! Yee har!! Damn I love this sport :) First ...

The Buoy Chaser's
Friendly competition can be the driving force to excel. http://www.aquaskier.com/articles/buoy_chasers.htm

Boy things have really slowed down around here....

Learning to Wakeboard
Hey guys, does anyone know any good websites for tips for beginning wakeboarders Andrew --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus ...

Wakeboarder.Commie Newsletter - Losing the Love?
Welcome to Issue #27 of the Wakeboarder.Commie Newsletter. You are receiving this newsletter because you were smart enough to subscribe and stay current with the best resource in ...

2004 Approved Towboats
When will results of Sep. tests be posted?

Southern California Skiers- Need More people on the ski list
I SLALOM ski in the mornings on the weekends at Castaic Lake. I get there when they open and leave by say 11:00am at the latest. I need more people on my list that aren't tied down or scare...

2003 Canadian Waterski Championsip
2003 Canadian Championship AIRING: Wed 11/5/2003 1:00 PM (TSN) Sat 11/8/2003 12:00 AM (TSN)

Tom Mastercraft X-7?
Tom can u respond on the Mastercraft X7. Any experiance? Scott -- Posted via Mailgate.ORG Server - http://www.Mailgate.ORG

Serial# on Malibu Flightcraft
Anyone know where to find it? Cheers, JohnO

Adjustment of water ski for compensation for water temperature
I seem to have cycles where I ski well and then I hit a rut and go downhill. It seems to be affected by the water temperature of the lake. I am not the only one affected. In the summer wh...

Wetsuit Keeps me down!!
I have been getting up all summer on the first time with my slalom ski. I went out and bought a 3mm full wetsuit to extend my season and now I can't get up out of the water in it!!...

Let's Talk Beach Starts
Okay, I've heard some ocasional talk in here about "beach starts" What are beach starts? I assume they have something to do with a beach, but how exactly does it work? I usually deep wa...

Can you waterski with a small cruiser
Is it possible to waterski behind a small 26' cruiser like a Sea Ray Sundancer 240 or Rinker 250? I know that it would not be 1st choice as a waterski boat, just want to know if anyone ...

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