Fin Settings
A friend and I were having a discussion about summer vs winter fin settings... I thought a deeper fin setting in the winter and a shallower fin setting in the winter would help yo...

carrying ski on plane?
Anyone had problems traveling on the airlines with a slalom ski and just is soft case / ski sock? Thanks, Dan

long distance trailering
Just out of curiosity. We have a tandem axel trailer for our MC 209. This next summer we will literally be traveling/moving across the country(MD to WA), towing the boat. The trailer/boat...

Golfer's elbow caused by slack line
Went to the doctor and he said that I have a light form of a so called Golfer's elbow on one arm. He recommended me to do light exercises (no rest). Since it is now getting too cold for wate...

New slalom course...
Greetings: As a response to [email protected], here I go. AWSA members / short liners may be offended by my suggestions. I'd advise you to stop here and now. I ran t...

A few years back, I saw an ad for a speedometer with an electronic paddle wheel type pick up for tournament boats. I haven't noticed them around anymore, mind you, I haven't picked up a wate...

source of transmission leak
My Mercruser Velvet Drive transmission is leaking some. Details: The boat is new (1 yr). Is it normal to have some leakage? There was a small puddle under i...

Old Correct Craft Brochures
Does anyone out there have an old Correct Craft brochure? We looking to post them on We already have 15 scanned pages of the 1979 Correct Craft brochure but could really...

Alternate Slalom Course Ideas
I throw this out to the group only for the sake of stiring up some blue-sky discussion of what seems to me a somewhat interesting idea. I have had some discussion over the past couple ...

Dan "O"
Can someone fill me in as to why some skiers insist on putting the Letter "O" after their name. Surely they cant all be related. Anyway just curious. Shawn no O

I figured out where some of the spam is coming from
I have been plagued by junk email lately and believe that I have found out what was behind it. As it turns out, when you read some types of email (HTML-formatted) the sender can learn that y...

Front Zip Shorty?
Hi, Looking for a shorty wetsuit with a front-zip. Seems like these are increasingly rare - most ski suits are back zip, and diving suits usually are too thick or have full lengt... resembles old
For all of us Correct Craft owners, there's a new site that resembles the old -- It's brand new so there are few posts but please come and share yo...

Skiing buddies
Anyone in this group from Sonoma County (Northern Ca.)? I would be interested in meeting people to go skiing with or to have them go skiing with me. I have a boat. Looking for more ski ...

Want to enjoy the peace of mountain living?
Want to enjoy the peace of mountain living? For Sale by Private Owner Classic Timber Frame Home in the heart of North Idaho's recreational area. World Class skiing/Snowboardin At Schw...

Lifespeed-what's your e-mail address?
I have some hot 80 mph Nautique pictures for you.

how much power
Hi, I'm looking at a Rinker 232 cuddy. I plan to do spuratic watersports on it maybe when the kids are a little older also. How important is power? 4200 lb boat, 23 feet ...

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Nepean River (Boc?)
Boc, or anyone up that way.... do you ever ski on the Nepean? I am going to take the boat up to our parents place in the Blue Mountains over Christmas and was looking for alternatives to Lak...

Did you ever wonder what would happen if??????

Wakeboard Fins
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the fins on my board? Should I remove them to use the ramp? Thanks

How cold is too cold???
This is our first season w/ our new ski boat. My wife an I normally go out during the week to avoid the crowds - but have not been able to go out the past 3 weeks. This looks like the l...

Getting transmission fluid out
Has anyone found a good little hand pump for getting transmission fluid out. Also is it unusual to have a little bit of fluid on the surface of the transmission. It was not low but the...

Current Issues Article Archive
A growing archive of fascinating media articles on current issues & affairs. Available at Arcis Foundation Website: -- Posted by News Bulk Poster Un...

Skiing Abroad
I am hoping to purchase for the 2004 season a parasending/watersports business that is currently in operation. Locations of interest are Costa Del Sol, Greece and Cyprus.

Devin Nolen from Holland Jumps into Finals at Worlds in Orlando!
Good News from Florida: Devin Nolen from Holland Jumps into Finals at Worlds in Orlando! Devin is a barefoot skier from the Netherlands and learned inverted jumping this year from...

1987 Indmar 454 Ignition Q ...again
Greetings: Sorry about the first sorta got away from me and I caught an edge... Here is the scoop. My 87 engine in my boat starts, but dies as soon as I rel...

1987 Indmar 454 Ignition Q
Greetings: I have an Indmar 454 in my boat and I have run into a simple ignition problem. Symptoms are: Engine starts, but stops running immediately when I let go of the key...

Hole Pattern for Wiley bindings
Any chance that Wiley and Connelly bindings have the same hole pattern?

Autumn Skiing
The sun is low, the temps are lower. What's a buoy chaser to do with the season coming to an end?

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