Amsoil recommendation for Monsoon?
Can someone recommend Amsoil product for 325 Monsoon? Also, what filter would replace AC/Delco PF25 or PF35? Been using Mobil-1 20w-50 for 300+ Hrs, any comments pro or con for Amsoil woul...

New look for Centurion
Check out this new 23' Centurion Kevin

Mastercraft Power Slot
Anyone have experience behind a Mastercraft Power Slot? I'm looking for something that would be good for boarding (when weighed down), and I saw an '84 for sale yesterday. Is the wake wort...

Winterize tips?
Looking at the weather for this week, we're having an unexpected cold snap. Temps are supposed to drop between 25 and 27 degrees F at night on Tuesday/Wednesday. I'm thinking of running up...

ski modifications ??
Hi all, In the beginning of the year I purchased a new Mapple ski w/ HO Animal bindings... Because of my style of skiing I immediately moved the bindings all the way forward to k...

Changing Raw Water Pump on 88 Mastercraft
I need to change the raw water pump on my boat. Water is coming out of the back of the pump. I guess that the bearings are going bad. Is this a hard job? Someone ...

Barefoot Race Results
The 5th Annual Atlanta Barefoot Club race on Lake Lanier is now one for the books. This year's race was 45 miles (or more, depending on whether one got lost, as all did, one or mo...

FS: 1997 Mastercraft Prostar 190 w/Flyhigh wakeboard pole.
1997 MASTERCRAFT Prostar 190 White w/blue and red striping. Indmar 5.7 Fuel injected 275 h.p. engine 165 hours. Clarion sound system Heater, shower Convertible rear seat...

Your injuries!
This sport would be the one I have been most injured in - and I used to race Motor x! Some of my injuries include the following Dislocated toes - from jumping out o...

How long do you ski?
I normally only get to ski 2 or 3 runs one day a week, but when I do I ski hard, acting as if I was in a course (never actually ran a slalom course). I knew I didn't ski very long, but didn...

Mastercraft X-7
Any comments on the boat in general? How about the new MCX engine at 350hp... Thx -- Posted via Mailgate.ORG Server - http://www.Mailgate.ORG

Did Silverthorn [email protected] Lake Shasta cheat us?
Hello We rented a Malibu speed boat @ Silverthorn Resort, Lake Shasta. We are in-experienced speed boat riders and hence we asked for insurance for speed boat. Silverthorn folks d...

Finding a course on the water
Hi, Ed, and group, I'm starting a different thread in addition to answering this one, as it's migrated... "Ed" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:b912e12c.0...

Anyone Ever Combo Ski Once in a While...Just for Fun?
Any of you die hard tournament skiers ever combo ski once in a while just for the fun of it? Or for the different feel of it? After a couple of years of pure slalom, I decided to play aroun...

shipping a skiboat overseas
Hi Folks, I'm looking for a company who can ship a ski boat (specifically a Flightcraft barefooter) from FL to New Zealand. Can anybody here offer any names or advice? ...

Water Temps
What is your opinion on water temps? It seems that now that the water is starting to cool down in North Texas, my "slump" is slowly going away... I ran my 1st 22' off pass in 6 weeks this ...

Boat Forum, a success after first week.
Webmasters at Georgetown Online are understandably excited by the wooden boat community's acceptance of its latest message area - The Wooden Boat Forum.

Difference in Mapple ski (2000 vs 2002)
Does anyone know the differences in the Obrien Mapple between 2000 & 2002? Thanks, Dan

Infinity no more
I heard through the grapevine that Rob Shirley has closed the doors. The source says a doctor friend drives by their factory every work day and it hasn't been open for at least a month or t...

Windermere Speed Limit - Coniston demo
We are wake surfing, and towing ringos, and even paragliding, on Coniston on 27th & 28th September. If you click on you'll see more details. Its going to be...

Virus - OT
Someone on this list has a virus, I believe, as some of the storm of 'microsoft security patch' or the equivalent that I'm receiving have many of the addresses in this group on them. <...

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Mast Problem
In The Wooden Boat Forum A question requiring some knowledgeable advice has been asked regarding a

Looking for anyone w experience in prop selection. I know many out there will and have a lot to say about it. We bought a MC 209 SD last year. From now on, we will be running in deep wate...

Jet Boat vs. mid engine continued...
This is from my friend who is weighing the options... Well, what I am looking for in the boat itself is a all around boat. As someone suggested, I don't know what I will want to do. I ...

Wooden Boat Forum
Whether you own an eight foot Pram, dream of skippering a hundred, foot Schooner or just want to chat about wooden boats, discussion of wooden boats is encouraged at "The Wooden Boat Forum" ...

HO Animal bindings lasting one season..??
Hello, I remember a fellow reader from awhile back having problems with the HO Animal bindings ripping and not lasting long. Well, my new Animal bindings have ripped after less t...

jet boat vs. mid engine
I have a friend who is looking to buy a Yahmaha jet boat for skiing. I always thought mid engine ski boats are the best, but I am looking for opinions. Thanks, Carey ca...

ignition/starting problem
I have a malibu with a chevy 350 in it. My problem is with the starting. When I turn the key to the start position it will not turn over but I hear a click somewhere underneath the engine bo...

Jobe NXT Comp 2002
For sale 70" ski with Large HO Venom Hi Wrap and RTP Excellent condition, no scratches 200

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