FS: 2002 Malibu Response LX
My local dealer took a Malibu Response LX great buy at $23900.00 Base carbureted Indmar engine Cover depth finder wedge Fly High Monkey bar 55 hours

clunking b/w transmission
Have a friend with an American Skier. He says that in gear it goes bump bump bump. New shaft, bearing, strut and rudder. Allignment is good. I am thinking that it is the flex p...

Question: Combo Ski Recomendation
I am interested in purchasing the HO Formula Combos but no one stocks them. They seem to be a really high end Combo Ski with the option of getting custome wrap bindings. I am tired of ...

camille duvall pics>>>>>>>
if anyone would like to trade camille duvall bikini pics, please let me know? my email address is [email protected] thank you and take care. later on.

Removing exhaust hoses
any advice on removing exhaust hoses from a damaged fg muffler? (refer to yesterday's "melted my muffler" thread) TIA- Trace

melted my muffler!
TIA for any insight... http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/76432.html?1059411523 and MBO is down again? Trace

Some good links
Below are some useful links if you are looking for the particular item at a good price. Kevlar Glove Liners: http://www.mcmaster.com/catalog/109/html/1607.html#., (Item 6086T23, &...

stainless pins
Anyone have a quick fast address where I can get Stainless steel hitch pin clips for my swim platform on my Malibu Sunsetter '89? Thanks in Advance If you know the size that would b...

Handle Stringing
I heard a few years ago that there was, available on the internet, some type of how-to guide for stringing your own slalom handle. Is this so? If so, where is it? Alternatively, if anyone...


Waterskiing seen on TV
I reposted this with a better title (I think the original title appeared like spam to some) ======================================================== Anyone see the Verizon (...

Where do the kneeboarders hangout? Thanks

Verizon (?) commercial
Anyone see the Verizon (I think) commercial that has James Earl Jones (or more than likely, an impersonator) barefooting and being the base of a show ski pyramid while all the time pitching ...

FS; boat cover
Fits MasterCraft Prostar 190 and 205, also Malibu Response. Great shape. $50.00 Tim [email protected]

Broken toe
I did a stupid thing the other day and broke my big toe. I was wondering if anyone on the group ever skied with a broken toe? Bob -----= Posted via Newsfeeds.Com...

Binding Mounting for Slalom Trick Ski Help Needed
I have an HO Extreme 41" slalom trick ski that I bought brand new on ebay, but did not come with mounting instructions re:placement on the ski. Can anyone help me? I am assuming ...

Call for volunteers - US Open and Nationals
Lago needs your help.... earn the T-Shirt .... get the best seat in the house. Click here for details: http://ski-lago.com/html/volunteers.html

A few of us have started up a wakeboarding site for people in Australia. If your from australia and want to keep up to date with whats going on in the scene in Aus, come have a look. <...

vibration in gear
I have a problem with my 02 MC prostar197. I recently performed my 100 hr service. When I put it back in the water I have notice a vibration around 30-38 MPH. It's also a bit noisier at i...

stupid lawsuits filed by people that refuse to take responsibility for their own actions
http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2003/07/18/MN128646.DTL The only legal papers that should have been submitted are charges of child endangerment by the district attorney...

New Correct Craft Website
Looks like Correct Craft is way ahead of the game with their website for once. The new one already up and running...and it's only July.

New to skiing - need HELP picking skis!
I am looking for some good beginner skis for adult 5'8 200 pounds and also for all-around casual (non competition or non-trick) skiing. Any ideas from here? http://www.westmarin...

What do they call that ski chair????
The one that you sit on and ski behind the boat. Are they hard to learn to ride?

Used Air Chair
Anyone got a used Air Chair that they would be willing to part with at a good price? MS [email protected]

Anyone know Malibu/Kisor Speedos?
The problem boat is a '99 Malibu Response LX. I thought this would be a simple one, but it didn't turn out that way. My speedo reads about 40MPH all the time. Thinking it was just a ...

Wakeboarder.Commie Newsletter - Midseason - Issue #24
Welcome to Issue #24 of the Wakeboarder.Commie Newsletter. You are receiving this because you were smart enough to subscribe and stay current with the best resource in wakeboard...

Skiboat fuel injection
Approximately what year did fuel injection become standard equipment on most v-8s in ski boats (for example, mastercraft, ski nautique, sanger, etc) thx

FS: PARASAIL complete
I have a top of the line, rental quality, parasail. Blue and yellow, complete w/harness and 175' of 3/4" soft braided nylon rope. Also has control lines! In Fort Worth - Dallas area $75...

98 Mastercraft PS190 Throttle "spring back action"
I have a 98 Mastercraft PS190 with the LT-1 engine. The throttle control has (and always has) a spring that tends to bring it back towards the nuetral position if you do not hold it with yo...

Vinyl Seat Cover Skins
I have a '95 MC MariStar 200 VRS and I think a previous owner may have used bleach to clean the vinyl seats. Needless to say, the thread holding the different portions of the seat ...

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