22 May 2005 10:49:25
FYI - Boat shopping

No, not skiboats. We sold the old MC205. I'm heading to the Southeast
from Memorial Day weekend through June 7th to shop for a cruising
sailboat. I'll mostly be in New Orleans; but I'm definitely taking a
quick trip to the St. Petersburg, FL area.

Skip started this process before I did; but I'm betting that I'll be on
the water before he and Lydia get there. We'll see. I dunno if Skip
will be in St. Pete while I'm there; but even if he's not, I'll visit
the Flying Pig in her boatyard to say "Hi!"

I'm excited!

See ya,


09 Jun 2005 15:21:01
Re: FYI - Boat shopping

Back from my shopping trip with a new (old) boat. Bought a Hunter 34.
Next month I'll return to New Orleans for re-fitting and outfitting.
Hope to re-splash her by August.

s/v Zombie Princess of New Orleans