Stuff it im making a poll- what pedals for grinding?
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South Ontario RTL Road Trip?
I was wondering if there was anyone from Southern Ontario road trippin it to Nova Scotia for Ride The Lobster. If so, would any chance that would be able to hitch a ride? I may n...

Numen 2008?
Hey all, Life has been busy since last August, and I have to appologize for no keeping you all up to date with NUMEN. Last years event was a blast. I did not know jac...

quick bike
Looks like someone became inspired from the creativity of some of ou forum members: The suspension looks familiar, eh -- gold...

I LOVE the unicyclist community or the incredible story of my lost Coker!!
It's a declaration of love!! I wanted to say how much I'm happy to be part of this great communit of unicyclists! I've been able to truly experience the mutual help tha can ...

WTF? My new to me, used Loyd unicycle tire valve broke when inflating!
Are unicycle tires & valves typically [email protected]@pily made? The tire air valve on the Loyd unicycle I just bought from a woman couple weeks ago, just broke when i was inflating it. <...

Can i have tips on making a video?
Hi, im gonna make a street unicycling video and wondering if you coul give me tips like, what music? how long should i go for? got anythin to say about editing it? where should i do it...

nimbus II frame instead of torker DX frame
curious in the long battle to make the DX lighter and stronger. m curiousity goess to the nimbus frame. Would actualy be an uprade to buy 'this (

Thomson Seat Post?
I am ordering one tomorrow, and wanted to know if a rail adapter i really needed and if there is one that doesn't add much rise to th seat. All input appreciated.:

What trick?
I just got a KH 20" and I just wanted to know what I should try an learn first. All I can do really is hop up curbs and do a 180. An advice would be great -- T.M.C ...

what next
ok, so i have no job and alot of free time till i get a job. i can free mount my unicycle and need something else to practice. any suggestion or links to sites, would be great. please hel...

KH 29-inch Muni vs. Surly Conundrum 26-inch Muni
I am struggling to decide between the KH 29-inch Muni vs. Surl Conundrum 26-inch Muni. I have the KH 36, which I love and ride al the time on paved trails, and I have a Torker 24 inch...

New to the forums? Introduce yourself!
Welcome to, newbie! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome new users to! Feel fr...

with or without pins??
hello everyone, yesterday, i recieved my nimbus isis trials unicycle. it is all stock except for the kh moments on it. i was wondering, should i take out the pins on my DX p...

Special mention of unicycles in mandatory helmet proposal
The city of Vancouver Washington has the foresight to think of unicycle when proposing a mandatory helmet law that would cover kids as well a adults. We won't be able to scoot by this...

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Tensile Cranks (140mm) testing:
At first I thought these were flimsy cranks. At a little over 400 grams it points that way. I was sure they were going to bend at any moment but I wanted to see how they did!

the miyata air saddle what do you think about it and would you recomend it?:cool: -- unicyclejim ----------------------------------------------------------------...

hill simulation for distance training
I had a brainstorm which I need to confirm with the more experienced riders: If I live in a flat area but want to prepare for hilly riding conditions, would any of the following tricks...

Bristol-Bath Railway Path ride 30/03/08
Bristol Cycling Campaign is currently fighting against a proposal t build a bus route alongside several miles of the Bath-Bristol railwa path, sharing the trackbed. See http://ww...

BJC 2008 Workshops
Hey all, At BJC this year we have been allocated some hall time (4 badminto courts) for some hockey and workshops. So, i am looking for volunteers to run different t...

Where can I find a wheel for this old-school Schwinn?
basically, my friend who happens to be a cyclist borrowed this ol schwinn unicycle from another friend who had it collecting dust, an eventually the wheel buckled from his weight/going...

To upgrade or not to upgrade??? (my cranks)
:confused: I just checked the kh moment cranks and they were $130.0 (AUS) omg. Im gettinga nimbus with 127mm cranks. Now i dont kno whether it would be better to use my 150mm cranks f...

To upgrade or not to upgrade??? (my cranks)
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De Delftse Jongleer Dag (The Dutch Delft Juggling Day)
(English version below) He hoi, Op zondag 6 april 2008 wordt de Delftse Jongleer Dag weer gehouden in Delft.

Unicycle upgrading help
Im looking to change my cotterless hub to an ISIS hub but dont know wha crank extractor to get Which one would I need. Im looking to upgrade to this ...

thanks for all the advice. i've already moved away from needing the fence/rail to ride next to, but i still need the fence to mount. as for practicing on grass, i just moved to tucson, and...

900 uni-spin competition
I took the initiative of finally starting a much needed competition fo the 900 unispin. The rules are pretty much the same as all the other competitions. Though you ca...

Surfaces that unicycle damage?
I've been asked if using unicycles on astro-turf has ever damaged th surface of it, has anyone had any experience of astro-turf? Can yo give me any experiences/advice about it? ...

Da Way You Roll???
Hey Just a little survey:o I want to know: What style of unicycling you like? (eg:Muni, street) Why? What type of uni you'd recommend for it? Thanx:D S...

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