I'm on Court TV (Now "Tru TV) tonight!
Wow I just got an email from someone saying they just saw me on TV! Hah I remember it was sometime last year in Hermosa Beach, CA that a fil crew from Court TV, now "TRU TV" (They had ...

Non unicycling friend with a dx muni/trials
Hey guys, i just realized what a waste my friend did. Ok, the story goe that i wanted to go unicycling with him a bit. He had(has) a bit o interest in unicycling, just no initiative. I...

Joining the ranks of the 36" unicycle crowd.
I'm a 29" unicycle advocate. I love my 29" unicycle. If someone told me that I'd consider purchasin a 36" unicycle, I'd say they where crazy. As I near the 500+ Kilome...

too bored to unicycle, CHUCK NORRIS
yeah, i got really bored, and since its like dark and cold outside.... created this account lol... It rocks... I really need to find bette stuff to do. well, is...

KH Frame-Worth the money?
Ok, so i did a search but didnt really find wat i was looking for. think i remeber a thread like this, but i am not positive, srry if thi is a repost. My question is: ...

Dirt Uni Trials Cycle?
I may want to get the Dirt Uni Trials Cycle at UDC if it still around i May.... But I was wondering if the rim is any good and if the Dirt Un frame is good (I heard it was but how old ...

Anyone broke this?
Are the K1 undrilled rims any good? I'm ordering my new wheelset today but I can't decide between a K drilled or undrilled rim. I really want a gold undrilled b/c it ...

Re: New 36" tire and Two 36" Rims Announced By UDC
GizmoDuck wrote: > I'd like an ISIS wheelset, and will probably get a Ti Frame made fo > this. I thought the New Coker frames took 42mm bearings? >

Re: narrow hub racing coker
scotthue wrote: > I'm both small and short > > EDIT: Will the nimbus frame bend in enough to fit the "wide" UDC hub Yes the frame bends with out t...

Re: Best street plastic pedals??
The.Mars.Volta wrote: > Yes I certainly do Bald tires are 1648373725 times better for street in my view -- fractured_frame Goats_On_Unic...

Re: I broke my T7
maestro8 wrote: > Look at it this way: This break is a testament to a good welding job. > > When done properly, the weld joint becomes stronger than th > surroun...

Re: New 36" tire and Two 36" Rims Announced By UDC
Brian O. wrote: > but no frames currently accept the 42mm bearing size ...Qu-ax... Their 36er is ISIS, and it had the red hub. The red qu-ax isis hub hav...

Re: New 36" tire and Two 36" Rims Announced By UDC
Ken If you really want 89s on a splined hub real bad, then you could use koxx "ISIS" hub with their 89mm light cranks -- zfreak22 You'll get hurt if y...

Re: narrow hub racing coker
GizmoDuck wrote: > Their 'wide' hub I think is pretty standard these days, so don't kno > why they still call it the wide hub to confuse people. I guess it' > wider than...

Re: quax 1500
u talking about the 1500 or 1400 -- unikid13 i ride for christ ~stairs are a hill with bumps~:rolleyes ------------------------------------------------...

Re: narrow hub racing coker
I don't get off on 'blowing wind' like 99% of the rest of the internet. I've ridden a N36 with a super wide hub about 2,000 miles over th past 12 months and noticed the wind resi...

New paint, some aerobars, and some bar tape
I painted my 36er frame and T7 green, added some aerobars, and put o some bar tape. It's all shinny (not really) and new. [image http://lh3.google.com/givemecheese/R6D7Tdw9ApI/AA...

Unicycle Video featured on MySpace.
Hello everybody, just wanted to let you know that a video of a unicycl high jump video was featured on the front page of MySpace. Here's the link 'Here' (http://tinyur...

Dallas area MUni
Just got back from a muni ride at Erwin Park in McKinney. It's an mile single track but I must confess that I didn't do the whole thing. Shortly after the half-way mark, the track st...

narrow hub racing coker
What are the pros and cons of a narrow hub for racing versus a wide hu for racing. Is there that much of a difference in a narrow hub t sacrifice the strength of a wide hub?

Re: Best Photos of 2007
fexnix wrote: > [image: http://www.teamld.se/wp-content/Enhjuling/DSC_2247s.jpg] > > [image: http://www.teamld.se/wp-content/Enhjuling/DSC_2263x.jpg] > >...

help with my cycle computer
I am running a cateye velo 5 on a 26" wheel. However i am unsure that i is reading correctly. I cant have it near the outside of the wheel a there is to much gap between magnet and sen...

New 36" tire and Two 36" Rims Announced By UDC
For those of you not following the "Exciting news for 36" enthusiasts thread, Roger of UDC UK has announced a new 36" tire and two new 36 rims rogeratunicycledotcom wrote: <...

HELP! Im so confussed on what kind of uni to buy..(reposted)
Hi, im looking for a uni that is good for a bigginer but will last. a in i don't want a peice of garbage. i havent tryed unicycling yet bu it looks like fun, ive been told what are goo...

Dear Mister Loctite
Hi Folks! This one is just to give thanks to Mr. Robert Loctite (or whatever hi firstname is :) ). I'm the happy owner of a N36, but still I've been damaging cranks an...

Re: Best Photos of 2007
Awesome, felle ;). Loved that first one -- Fredrik_Justne 'Kris Holm Unicycles' (www.krisholm.com ----------------------------------------------------------------...

quax 1500
is the qu ax 1500 good? the cross fire looks real nice and i wanna do trials. if there is a better one just tell me thnx, tro -- unikid13 i ride for chr...

Re: IsoTruss - wild frame!
These are the only closeups I've got. [image http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=562557&g2_serialNumber=1&g2_GALLERYSID=6f41594118d2a5...

I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything. I'm trying to build a new wheelset and want to use a nimbus isis hu with a K1 Street rim. The spokes that I'm wanting to use ar...

Demo/Jam for All UK Street and Trials riders
Hey guys, This is an invitation to those who are interested. I work for a company called EHX and we do demos across the country i all "Extreme" sports, including unicycling....

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