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Choose an Ferrari car model below to view comprehensive car pricing, current rebates and incentives, safety data, & more. The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Sets a New Benchmark in the Sports...

-.-. Beautiful & Cool Eye Catching Nature Colors >>
Cool & Colorful Tulips Flowers =================== =================== Bright Sunflowers in Close UP ================== http:/...

Just switched to a new TA tire from the Coker one
TA tire seemed awfully heavy when I got it, so I had someone at the LB weigh both of the tires. The coker tire with a lot of the tread wor off was about 3/4 of a pound lighter than th...

Back foot pedal grabs ?
I am learning pedal grabs at the moment but i have to do them with m back foot on the object.This is because my preferred jumping is to th left with my right foot forward.I have heard ...

uni essay... eh?
i had to write it for an english class. if you notice any errors pleas notify me so that i can fix them. My UNIque hobby The idea of riding a unicycle is ...

Street on 24"
Hey everyone, I just got this sweet new Maxxis Hookworm tire that I'm using on my Torker Lx 24" for street. I wanted to know if anybody else does street on a 24" and if so please post ...

HI HI im new hear and new to unicycling.I hope that I have put this i the right place.I come from wales and I am in to my mountain biking. was realy stuck on something to get for...

Exeter (UK) - Street/Trials ride Sunday 9th December
As the title says basically. Where: Exeter meet at Tesco Date: Sunday 9th December Time: 12noon (might change slightly) I can't ride, so I will no doubt be there... contest update
Dear friends: Thank you for supporting us in this Boost Your Busines contest. Were honored and humbled by your support. We reached th finals because of your vo...

Ride Sunday 12/2 Agawam MAss
There is a Toys of Tots mountain bike ride in Agawam, MA this Sunday at 9:30 AM. I would like to ride MUNI if anybody is interested pleas contact me at [email protected] The trail...

Vote for UDC US one more time. Please
Copied from the Nov. UDC Newsletter: Dear friends: We need your vote one more time! Your previous vote helped us reach th finals in the Forbes Magazine Boost Your Bus...

32 years 32 miles - A birthday ride
After my previous 'furthest ride ( on my ne 'Quax36' ( I decided that it would be a nic idea to at...

Getting commuter cranks double drilled?
Hey everyone. Was just looking for a little advice from some of th commuter guys and girls on these forums. I am currently training to d a uni tour mid way through next year (details w...

Tire slips off rim *HELP NEEDED*
Ok first off I searched. And nothing happened. So heres the deal. My maxis CC keeps slipping off the rim of m unicycle. This only just started happening but its happened three time

help me win a contest too!!!
i found this a while back, entered it yesterday, and thought maybe a few of you guys have profiles on this site or are WAY COOL and want to help me win :)

NEW one, ROllign hop down stairs ON GIRAFFE yea the last one wasnt posted as a on a giraffe ehre we g -- Vos I AM MIKE! wink... -----------...

Rolling hop down stairs, a first for mankind?
It has been done, the link is here -- Vos I AM MIKE! wink... -----------------------------------...

Lobster Qualifier Ride Report
My name is Geoff Elder. 104 Days ago was my first day on a unicycle. Thanks to Mark Premo (already qualified) who is a good friend from M Biking, and an all around over-energetic...

Onza Sticky Fingers on UDC
I didnt use the search funtion, BUT i didnt see anything on the firs few pages, and i think the thread would be new, as the the tire i newly stocked. I just wanted to...

European Unicycle-Convention 2008
The European Unicycle Convention, Eurocycle, takes place from 27th. to 29th march 2008 in Vodice. Its a small town on the coast of croatia (in the south part of Europe). Mo...

Opinions on UDC chomoly hub/square tapers
Hi folks, I just ordered a UDC 48 hole chromoly hub. I am looking for opinions about this hub, as well as any knowledg about the variety of taper used for the crankarm interface....

Custom hubs
Hey all, I have been thinking lately, why do trials unicycles only use 36 hole while most good trials rims are 32 hole? Also, why do flanges have t be so fricking weak? I know a c...

Where is the best unicycler in the world
Where is the best unicycler in the world? -- weber-jull ----------------------------------------------------------------------- weber-julli's Profile: http:...

Help me win Contest.
Hello all, I have entered a Best Action Photo Contest that I found on skateboarding website. The picture can be of any sport and I entere one of mine. Please take time to vote me...

Re: New coker unicycle handlebar / handle
mark williamson wrote: > Corbin, > > I notice you're putting this on a Nimbus 36. Have you tried the T > handle? I'm curious because your handles look to have ...

Re: Exciting News for 36" enthusiasts
mscalisi wrote: > ppffff, that's no problem. According to my GPS, I've broken 90mp Well, where will you get your 1.21 gigawatts from? Soreen? : (actually, th...

Looking for a unicycle for my 7 year old
Hello, I am looking to buy a unicycle for my 7 year old son. My husband and both ride (nothing fancy mind you), but we need something with a 16 wheel for our son. We both...

anyone want to ride in London on Saturday afternoon or Brighton the days following?
I'm going to have an afternoon to kill in London on Saturday and a fe days in Brighton, Sunday - Tuesday, if anyone fancies meeting up for bit of trials -- MrBoogiejui...

Giraffe Height
I know that when discussing regular giraffes, most heights are jus estimates. But when getting into taller giraffes, especially whe records are concerned, how is the height measured? W...

Help with 180's
Ok I need a little help doing 180's (hopping) and this my progress s far: I can easily do a 90 degree turn in the air. I can hop maybe 10cm an whenever I go for a 180 I never make...

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