Have you pre-ordered a new Coker?
I ordered a new Big-one. Aluminum seat post, Blue/Black seat, and 150 mm cranks. No brake. How about you? -- PetroPro -------------------------------------------...

Wunschkonzert Trick Game
Hey Everyone, This game is still in the making, however I have the generals down. sent a copy of the rules to Olarf so we can hope to have an english an german copy up shor...

Hallowe'en Hockey
As our regular Wednesday night hockey session coincided with Hallowe'en the Severn Wheelers had a fancy dress night http://tinyurl.com/2arnl -- Danny Colye '...

Unicycles and exchange rates
hello, I'm looking to buy a nimbus isis trials uni, and I was wondering a the pound is now so strong against the dollar ($2.30 to 1) if it woul be cheaper to buy from the states....

Total raised..
Hey haven't been online in a while and i have collected and sent off al the money raised from the 13 mile bikeathon ride i did in september, which went extremly well ). Overall i rais...

I won a costume contest at work (pics inside)
All I did was buy a clown mask and bring in my KH uni to work. I hav been unicycling down the hall with my mask on all day getting water o just riding around. We had a office costume...

Who was that Unicyclist?
I went to the Berkley Juggling and Unicycling Fest and at the show o Sat. there was a unicyclist. I don't remember who it was but he wa incredible! Does anyone here know who it was?

Hi, im looking to locate a harness for skipping on unicycle. I had book on unicycling a few years back that mentioned harnesses, but cant remember the name of the book, or where it s...

Coming Soon a Unicycle Shop In Arizona
Good news for you all! I am opening a Unicycle shop in Mesa, AZ and hop to have it up and running by the end of November. I currently carr Torker unicycles and accesories. Kris Holm p...

Last Big Coker ride of season (29 miles) and Goal reached
Before I begin with details on my ride, I just wanted to share to le everyone know that I rode more than 2000 miles on my Coker this season I have 2053 miles on my Coker this season. ...

Steep - Video
After seeing the pics on Gopher Knoll (on the "Steep" thread), Terry an I went back and got a little video. I don't know why but the vide camera totally flattens out what was really s...

Need street and muni footage!
I'm giving a speech on how to ride a unicycle in about a week and i wa wondering if i could use anyones riding footage to put together little end of speech movie to showcase talents t...

Brian MacKenzie's 4th uni DVD in the works :)
Just some news I'm excited to post.... After the Ride the Lobster DVD documentary, I will be creating a 100 Canadian Extreme Uni DVD :) This will be out in the fall o...

Unicyclists for Los Angeles Area parade
Hi, I got an email from one of the organizers for the Canoga Park Memoria Day parade. They are looking for a unicycle group to be in thei Memorial Day parade. The parade o...

For Sale: Kris Holm 20" Trials Unicycle
Hey Everyone, I have a used Kris Holm 20" Trials Unicycle for sale o ebay. Its in great condition, just some scratches on the cranks. It the standard KH blue aluminum frame, and has t...

Can you juggle while unicycling?
Launching soon is a totally cool new site, www.gohamcam.com. It will be the ultimate online talent show where you can show the world what you can do. Not only that, but you can win awesome p...

Mysterious clicking
I noticed that my left hub started making a clicking sound when I spu the wheel on my KH. Not sure if it is caused by any dirt (doesn't see too dirty) or if the bearings are messed up ...

New Koxx Muni
I was just checking pricing on renegade and saw 'this (http://www.renegadejuggling.com/Web_store/rev3k/index.html). It look nice and its says its different then the track monster, so I...

I hit a car today.
Everyone should read this and learn from my mistake. I have been ridin my 26er to work for the past month. I had my first real accident thi morning. I was not paying enough attentio...

Regarding the 360 unispin.
Im getting close to landing it (i think), and im wondering if learnin the jump mount first will help me get the real thing easier Ive had some success with the jump mount, mainly...

The new Schlumpf 36er in a Nimbus frame is here
My new Schlumpf / Nimbus 36er is finally here:D http://www.flickr.com/photos/daytripper63/ Figures as soon as I got it put together it started raining, but still got in one lap ...

I'm back and worse than ever!
I have finally decided to get back into the saddle after learning tha we would be doing a demonstration speech for one of my classes Naturally i immediately thought unicycling. I will ...

What's next?? help.
Ok, here is my sorry unicycling resume. I can go forward, backwards an idle and hop some. Yep, that's about it. Now for the big question.. what would be the next easiest thing to lea...

New custom adjustable unicycle handlebar
Howdy! I'm "learning" to weld, and made my first object -- a new coke unicycle handlebar! I call it the "T-Monster", as it is a monster of handlebar. Large photos at <...

Freestyle Discussion Thread
So Yeah, I'm surprised someone hasn't made it yet. Anyway, I like freestyle, especially in the winter when I can unicycl in the gym. I'm also wondering why it seems li...

Ben Shemen Woods Ride in Israel
Between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem there is a small woods that is well known as a mecca for single track. The Ben Shemen woods are not quite in the Jerusalem mountains therefore the land i...

squeezing one out
squeezing one out +++ [Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 17:09:56] +++ Nickelback 'Throw Yourself Away' +++ [Song data auto...

College Station, Texas UNI ride!
so, finally, we have arranged a ride in texas!! college station, TEXAS(don't mess November 20-21 arrangements can be made to ride on the 19th meeting on campus, 9:00 AM November ...

My "inner balance"
I moved off my learner uni and onto a bigger wheel (29er) pretty quic and have been riding my 29er exclusively for the past few months. Recently I jumped back on my 20" trials (that fe...

Northern Virginia Trials and Muni Weekend
Hey everyone Sometime this November or December I am going to be hosting a mun weekend up here in northern VA. I have a few of the details worked out but it's pretty loose r...

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