My first crank grab to tire!
I finally went from a crank grab to tire!! :D It actually isnt very hard if you just try it.. I found that wha really helps is to tilt your unicycle kinda sideways to the way you'r

Real commuting questions
I was wondering how far some of you actually are commuting. Som suggestions/advice on how to do it. My big concern is what are yo wearing in order to cool down fast and dress for work....

Distance unicycle seat alternative
I am looking for a better seat option than the U-seat our unicycles use I know that the U-seat allows greater control, is important to preven the seat from scooting out behind the ride...

Question about spokes
Earlier today I was out riding and I noticed that one of my spokes wa broken. So I took it off and continued my ride. I'm wondering how big of a problem it is if I am missing ...

messengers on one wheel
Have you heard of any place where bike messengers use 36" unicycles an gunis instead of bikes -- goldenchicken II ------------------------------------------------------...

2 questions from a newb
I'm a newb, I don't know anything about unicycles. I don't even have on but I have two questions: 1) Which is worse - MUni on the road or a touring/road uni off road (b off ...

Best Giraffe to get from UDC UK?
Well it's come to the time when I need to decide what I want fo christmas :) I'm thinking i'll get a giraffe just because it's one of those thing you have to have. Which one...

Newcastle Uni - 13th October
Is anyone up for a uni in Newcastle on October 13th, i'm coming acros for a night out and to zip line over the tyne but fancy doing othe stuff too. If weather is good enough is an...

Uni bonfire 9/29/07 fun!
Well we all had a great time at the uni bonfire, organized by Adam Brod of the Orange County Uni club! About 25 uni-riders showed up, includin Tod (onelesscar) and Tim (Unimog). I vide...

Herbie the Love Bug got crushed ...
.. but came back as my Uni. Here is Herbie "unloaded" .. +------------------------------------------------------------------- |Filename: Herbie unloaded small.jpg ...

Unicycling Critical Mass in San Francisco
Wow, what an experience. Geoff and I met my mom at the start at 6pm. I was so crowded that we decided to ride in the back since riding at o below walking speed is pretty hard on a 36er...

RIP my domina frame
My koxx domina frame died at about 4:35pm today. [image] [image

Darmstadt International Hockey Tournament
Anyone know if this is on again? Can't find anything on the 'ne -- nickj *Severn Wheelers.* Bristol's best (and only) unicycle hockey club Wednesdays, 8:30. Al...

Online Canadian Unicycling Resource (Including Online Unicycle Ordering!)
coming in November! Canadian Unicycling Is About To Go Bi -- Brian MacKenzi 'Ride The Lobster: 90 min documentary (

Super short notice Philly ride
im trying to ride today or tomarow real bad but i dont wana go alone. s post if you wana rid -- unicyclep we suck but its all good

Unicycle chopsticks
While I was sitting cooking a pan of noodles at Bristol jugglin convention last week, I noticed that one of my chopsticks had a pictur of a unicycle on it +-----------------...

Re: 24 Hour World Record attempt in Aberystwyth, UK
2 Hour mark - 127 laps 31.4 miles I'm out there with him myself shortly, but I think I need him to slo down a little first!! He's looking remarkably relaxed at th...

Self balancing one-wheeled skateboard thing -- jackz ----------------------------------------------------------------------- jackzm's Profile: ...

so where are they? (videos of the better riders)
i havn't seen anything new from a lot of top riders in a while including, but not limited to Kris Holm Ryan Atkins (mountain biking right?) Dan Heaton Zack B...

Ride The Lobster: Update & Preview Report
Ride the Lobster (RTL) June 16 to June 20, 2008 Nova Scotia, Canada Date sent: September 28, 2007 RTL Main Organizer: Edward Wedler <...

Time trial in The Netherlands (38 km)
Last weekend there was a time trial in the Netherlands for thre categories of human powered vehicles including unicycles. It was dubbe the first Open Dutch Championship Distance Unicyc...

Q factor clear up?
Q factor is the distance from pedal to pedal. cranks have an effect on that, as do axle/hubs. so straight cranks have no* OFFSET* cranks that are angled outwa...

All Hollows MTB Race - Uni category!
Here's the bikereg link for the Halloween MTB race with a unicycl category, in Schenectady NY, (near Albany). Rolandisimo and I rode i a similar event here last xmas eve. The trails ...

Who else is 12-13-14
----------------------------------------------------------------------- A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see th results, please visit

20 Very Strange Bicycles (including some weird unicycles & recumbents)
I've compiled a photo list of 20 of the weirdest bicycles, with links to their respective websites. I hope you find it as interesting as I did! It's at - Jeff

Re: Triton Sponge frames... titanium trials.
Borgschulze wrote: > I'm sure if you bought me a Titanium cutting bit for a mill, and th > Titanium, I could machine some at school. But I doubt you would trus > my skill...

flat crown or rounded crown uni?
witch one would be best for trials riding -- jaycob53 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- jaycob533's Profile: http://www.unicyclist...

Trash Recepticle
Ok, I thought I had a pretty good idea how these forums worked, bu today I was surprised to see one of my posts had disapeared. Turns ou it's in the Trash Recepticle ('here ' (ht...

Re: Triton Sponge frames... titanium trials.
Borgschulze wrote: > I'm sure if you bought me a Titanium cutting bit for a mill, and the > Titanium, I could machine some at school. But I doubt you would trust > my sk...

Wheel Building--quick question
First: yes, I searched (using google's site-searching feature) bu didn't find an answer to my question, which is: In Sheldon Brown's great resource on wheel building, he assumes ...

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