Anyone from my area?
I was just wondering if there was anyone else in the Santa Inez Valle that rides a unicycle Let me know if you (or someone you know) does. Thank you! : ...

yeah, I'm practicing for the circus... N36 muni content
[image] As you can see, 'l...

yeah, I'm practicing for the circus...
[image As you can see, 'li...

Tips for smoothly pedaling in circles
Most of us are probably familiar with the tip to pull back at the botto of the pedal stroke like you're trying to scrape mud off your shoe. It's a well known tip that originated with G...

trying to get the breakthrough (and ride report)
My main issue with riding is not having enough time to devote to it. Mostly I get a half hour or so during lulls in my work schedule, an then I'm limited to riding in whatever parking ...

This is a thread of just posts unicycle related. Not like MOS REPLYS...So no trash talk. UNICYCLE RELATED. Start Posting. Isaa --

Where does your uni sleep?
Where does your uni sleep? Mine is in my room all year round -- isaac steine ----------------------------------------------------------------------- isaac st...

What Unicycle Should I get?
I broke my Cotterless 24", like the shaft. I want a 20" Splined Trials Unicycle. And my budget is around $250. What do you guys recommend? Tha...

Stairjumping writeup.
so many of you guys want to know how to jump more stairs, and to tel you the truth it isn't that hard. From what i have seen the bigges mistake when attempting a stair set is that you ...

2008-Mongoose unicycle
'Mongoose' ( The frame is pretty weird looking it looks like the same design s fo the new corkers. Its only for baby/kid though -- qhxak...

Just 130 votes needed for UDC
Please vote, I just go off the phone with Amy of UDC and she said the only need 130 more yes votes neede They are at 7980, just 130 more (yes) vote sign on to all of t...

Ride the Lobster - my concerns
I have been wondering what the day to day routine will be like for team. Will the support vehicles be driving behind their rider th whole way? Will the riders waiting for their turn...

Wipeout Thread
This is a thread were you can post a video or videos of wipeouts youv had on film. You can post as many as you want. Isaa -- isaac steine *'Ga...

who's doing
..and how can I reach her/him -- le Leo Vandewoestijne +1 866-UNI-CYCL *| '' ( | ' (http://www.unicyc...

Isis drive
Could someone please explain to me what the "isis" hub is and wh unicyclists think they're so great? -Jo -- Joe_sixpac --------------------------------------...

unicyclists in australia!
hey guys. i want to find some people to ride my uni with in sydney australia. i know ive asked before, but i didnt get many replys and the peopl that did reply didnt live ne...

Putting smiles on dials
Putting smiles on dials +++ don't do it i beg u +++ [Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 20:51:31] +++ Massive Attack 'Unfinis...

London rider this week end (1st and 2nd of september)
Hey, I'm french I were lose in the countryside for a studing training durin 4months. That mean that my unicycle start to have some rust and I nee some exercice. I'm spending...

Boom, Crash, Oprah
Boom, Crash, Oprah +++ i'll just undo this tight wire strung up at six inches high +++ [Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 19:55:46] +++ ...

An interesting Coker pedal?
I just saw this pedal while browsing around. It's the 'Grip King ( by MKS an Rivendell. Looks like it might be a neat pedal for ...

I could use a little reassurance (the woes of the n00b)
okay, so. I'm not really seeing much improvement here, and i'm not one of those people who can do the same thing badly over and over again and not get totally depressed about it...

Whiteface Foliage Uphill Race 9/16/07
Anyone in the Northeast US, think about this one, it should b gorgeous! Sept 16, 2007 there's a fall foliage version of the race up Whitefac Mtn Veteran's Memorial Highway, ...

qu-ax crossfire, torker DX, or nimbus trials
wats better? the $260 DX or the $280 qu-ax crossfire or teh nimbu trials (not SE) for $230. my budget is $300 so which one of thes unicycles should i get? i just wanna do some street, ...

Riding on the treadmil
I just finished trying to ride (and glide) on the treadmil and it really hard, but fun :D I had a video but i deleted it because nobody would want to watch it : ...

Pics from today
My friend Nick and I went riding down at the beach in ventura. Took few pics and a :08 second video. Pics:

Magura HS33
Hi all. If I purchase a set of magura HS33 brakes, will the front brake cable length be long enough to fit my KH24? Will the rear cable be too long and need cutting? (I am putting brak...

A E Bike has KH's again Also check out the 24" Dimension uni with double wall alum rim fo 70$. Perhaps the best deal in a beginner uni ? For those of you unaware, A E Bike will...

Cashcrate - Free and easy

ride with me at Dartmouth or NH
Ola kids i just got into Hanover NH from Spokane Washington. I am i town for a week or so. So if any one in the collage wants to ride o anyone In NH let me know i am here for a week. A...

We brought 7 unicycles to a Russian Orphanage
'Christian' ( (from Houston) and I went to Russia las week with 7 unicycles. Two 28" , Two 16" , Two 24", One 20" . Afte riding around St Petersburg for 4 days

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