Song from David W.'s Union trailer
Does anyone know the song from David's Union trailer? Sounds kinda lik bagpipes -- zfreak22 '4-7-2007 RIP Johnny Hart' ( KH fund: $...

a film "freeride"

How do I stop stripping cranks?
I've been riding for a couple years (on a torker cx) but only go serious a few months ago when I started doing some low-key trial riding. After a couple weeks of hopping I noticed my l...

Broken seatpost
Well, given the fact that I'm not a really hardcore rider, I neve thought I'd have to worry about my seatpost breaking for a while, eve though it was aluminum. Well it did. Right at th...

20" or 24"
Hey im 13 about 5 ft and about to buy a unicycle. What should i get 24" or a 20"? -- brendon -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Circus Unicycle?
Hey im new to this stuff i was looking on ebay and theres circu unicycles. Can i do freestyle with em and are they any good? Heres th link to it.

Adjustable cranks
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bicyclist trys hard to be a unicyclist
people on bikes try so hard to be like us unicyclists. watch 'this ( video (if you get bored skip to about 1:30 someone should intraduce her to a unicycle, sh...

Fixed Penalty Charge - for unicycling
Well, after riding several hundreds of miles through London in the las 2 years, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. But today received a fixed penalty notice by the City ...

Is It Worth It?
Is unicycling really worth it? I was thinking of buying a unicycle bu my friends think ill use it for a day and then get sick of it. Is i really fun or is it a thing thats fun for a li...

Coker vs. TA Tire Wear
Okay, there have been several threads comparing the rideability of th Coker 36 tire and the TA 36 tire. Likewise lots of discussion about th different rims and which tire fits on what ...

DIY Jousting Helmet
So I made what I think is a pretty nifty unicycle jousting helmet out o a couple of buckets I had laying around. I'd say it's pretty complete, I used a couple of spare nuts and b...

Levels for iPod
Hi everyone, and Harper, You now can turn your iPod into a unicycle training tool. I just published 'the IUF unicycle levels for on the Apple iPod (

Unicore Video linked from CollegeHumor
'' ( has hotlinked unified Check it out! The link reads "Unicyclers, you have our total respect. -- captainkrunk6 'unicore...

G Spot Video
Don't know if this has been posted before but several months ago a Spanish station came over and taped a run down G-Spot and some street stuff as well. Veru short but not so bad. ...

Torker DX 24" Bearing Adjustment
Hey Guys I just got a used '07 Torker DX 24" and the bearings seem to be kind tight unless I really don't tighten down the cradle bolts much. The are barely past hand tight...

Rail Type Seat Posts, How well do they hold?
I just went through my second rail type seatpost in less than a month It's on my coker. I was doing fine before I got my T7 handle with th normal 4 bolt seatpost. But whenever I hit a ...

uni spin
can anyone give me a step by step guide on how to do them or give me link to a video or something and 20" or 26" to learn on -- gagtap WHAM! 'This is my my...

Beginner Help
Hey people i was just watching some unicycle vids on youtube and though it looks like fun. I was thinking of maybe buying one like of ebay or the quakka o something. If i do get o...

Kh's wheel not spinning very freely. can it be fixed?
hey my kh wheel doesnt spin very freely just wondering if its meant t be like that or not? would loosening the clamps help? any help appreciated -- The.Mars.Volt ...

"Adult" questions for uni'ists from
This is an odd one: I was contacted bc of my club's website and asked if I could put out message from an online reporter named Anna Davies. She is hoping to conduct a...

big apple tire
I'm pretty new to Uni, I recently bought a KH 29 mainly for getting int some Muni later down the road, but also for riding around town. Sinc I have been mostly riding on the road I de...

wider tire on ultimate wheel
now, tell me, does a wider tire on an ultimate make a significan change? more stable, slower, what should keep me from pimping mine ou with a 24 x 2.5, if anything -- m...

Unicylce Lingo
I am pretty new here still, and sometimes when reading post I get los because of the abreveations or terms. So I was wondering if you guy could create a "master list" of the unicycle ...

Made the newspaper!
So I had forgotten about the guy taking photos and jotting some inf yesterday, untill I heard some NY local yelling, "Hey arnt you that ki in the paper.... I knew it!". Any who he...

Coker rim/cranks observation
WOw! I just got a loaner coker from a friend who has two, so that' really cool and now I'll have a 36-er to use 'till I get my own! Bu here's what I've noticed very quickly; This loane...

Trick Vid!
This is a vid ive filmed of footage ive collected over the past coupl of days, its all fairly new tricks or lines, its while ive been stuc at home and i thought rather than putting bor...

Funny noise
There is a funny sound when my cranks reach a certain loction. Not quit a click, more of a low vibration that is very annoying and felt only o the right pedal. Is this pedal too tight/...

Bet You Can't Do This...
Not sure who has already seen this but its pretty amazing... -- chicagounicycl Join the Chicago Unicycle Com...

a bit of advice of 4 issues please...
1. I have a mate who has the KH/ Onza splined hub [image:] But there's play in it. The removal splined axle rota...

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