OC unicycle club bon fire
This Sunday night the Unicycle club of Orange County is having a bo fire, obstacle course, and uni basketball game. If you are free at 6:3 on Sunday night and live in Southern Californ...

"X" airfoil quandry
I just talked with Amy at UDC, and told her about the recent thread concerning the "x" airfoils, and that several people were complainin about the tire "blowing off" at psi's as low as...

Night Rides
Does everybody do night rides? How often? I average 2-3/month. Tell m about your night ride -- since1 ------------------------------------------------------------------...

BLACK DOMINA frame... strong enough for trial?
Hi, i am wondering if Black Domina _frame_ by Koxxone is strong enoug for trial? I heard that 2 French street riders broke it... Remi and another guy But they are rough street rid...

World record ??
Whats the highjump worldrecord for a 14year old ? :P :confused: Whats the highest you know -- Johaaa !! - Sorry the english not so good :( - ! -------...

New World Record ??? Please help
Hello, Christopher Hartel requested me to ask all of you if someone can tel him if he got the new world record in marathon unlimited class ??? He ride a 36" Uni with 114mm C...

What tyre for 24" muni riding??
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Luke Collalto joins KH Factory Team
Hey, Just wanted to announce that Luke Collalto has joined the KH Factor Team for 2007. I've been wanting to support an Aussie rider for a while, and Luke i defin...

So... Ever since I got my custom unicycle put together, I've heard som odd noises come out of it. It's always made a noise like something i loose, and rattling around, but I check, and...

Damn it!
I am so pumped to ride right now but I cant casue' i can barely ben over. I fucked up my back so im out for at least a week. Today i wen to tie my shoe and i fell over and almost cried...

Ultimate wheel help
So, i got my ultimate wheel today and i can get about one, maybe two (i im lucky) rotations in without holding anything. First, an reccomendations for helping the wheel slide across my...

STREET/FLAT tricks, who invented what!
Ok, I thought i might start a list, so I myself and more people ca learn the origin of some tricks. I'll start the list and please cop and paste it in your posts and add to it! <...

Adjustable Cranks
Ok, so forget your double-drilled cranks, or even your tripple drille cranks, I've been giving some thought to adjustable on-the-fly crank recently. I've had some ideas, but the best ...

Coker tire vs "wheel TA"
This really grinds my gears that the current airfoil rim will no accomodate the original Coker tire! So my question is, does it eve matter? That is to say, is the 4-grooved TA tire eve...

Annoying idiots on skateboards ....
Ok, today i got up and thought i would take a ride down by the skat park. some 8 year old wannabe punks start following me across town calling m names, but i finnaly lost them cro...

Unicyclists in Alabama
Hay yallz ;-) Im in Foley Alabama for a week for a relative wedding. herd there is uni club out here so I was hopin at least one of the would be on this sight. Anyone out here lookin ...

do any of you live in Arkansas
Hey I live in Arkansas and cannot find a lot if rides from here and would like to know if any if you live here -- frogge When you want to say I hate you say I ...

Vinyl coating for magura braided hose ends
My magura hs-33 braided brake hose gets crimped and bent bith where i exits the lever, and where it enters the brake cylinder. I want t reinforce it somehow and I thought maybe I coul...

Post your accidents!
Hey has anyone had any funny unicycle accidents? I'm new, but i've had a few. -Once, I unicycled along grass until I was under a horzontal tree branch. I jumped as high as I...

I want to learn this trick does anyone have some pointers??? I can do a half rev sometimes full. But i know that there 2 different motions. Any Advice? -- isa...

are my spokes to tight?
well I was doing a pre hop and one of my spokes snapped at the elbow Could my spokes be too tight or was it just a defect? (my hub flange are soffened -- thejd

What about all those newbies?
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New to Unicycling - Advice needed to avoid bad habits
I have recently (2 days ago) started trying to ride, I have a 20 Unicycle. In those 2 days I have accomplished...... being able to moun with some assistance of a wall, and have managed...

MUni Wheel Size
I need to get a legitimate 'cycle for MUni, but would like some advic for which type is best. The 24" is the natural choice, most popular, has nice 3" tire and all I've see...

clicking sound
I just got my first unicycle today, a nimbus x. I have been riding al day and am making progress. I LOVE IT! :) One thing that I have noticed is a "clicking" type sound that happen

Koxx-One XTP
Does anyone actually own one? I can't find a single decent video o picture of one in the wild on the .net -- Mr_Bric ---------------------------------------------------...

trials seat hight
high or low? When I see some of the european riders doing like 110c they have a low seat, but some of the best trials riders like Rya Atkins and Zack Baldwin have fairly high seats.

Who makes Torker hubs and cranks.
I tried to search this but no luck. Does anyone know who makes the D splined hub and cranks. How inferior are they to other splined hubs an cranks? Thank -- Beene ...

Iron Horse Classic 2007 Durango to Silverton CO
Saturday May 26 I rode the Iron Horse from Durango to Silverto Colorado.. This was my first big race on the uni and I wanted to giv myself plenty of time to finish ahead of the cutoff...

DX Crank Axle interface
Hey all, The other night I was switching out the cranks on my 06 DX. Later on when I was putting the cranks back on, I noticed that with the bearin and spacers all on, the c...

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