call for muni rides in the bay area !
after a few years in germany, i'm back in north america, in the san-francisco area. so if anyone is interested to go for some muni rides around, email me at [email protected]

HS 33 90* banjo fittings where to buy??
Does anyone know where to buy HS 33 (banjo fittings) 90* bends? I bought some from a Australian recumbent builder (over the net) but they only work in the smaller hole on the lever wh...

Hey i just got a BC today, just made one, normal 24 inch tire, then two small pegs on the side that slide freely, any tips, like how not to hit the tire, how to ride, how to start, the...

Unicycling is great for the legs but......
I love the great cardio, and leg workout uni gives me, I just hop on my uni, pop an audio book in my ears, and ride, my legs are in better shape then they have ever been. But I want a ...

got my dx
got my dx and love and i just wanted to say that -- uni man 22 got dx ride dx level 4 DX:cool: ------------------------------------------------------------...

just broke my seatpost
I just broke my seatpost. Done my first 6set:D which i think weakened it then doing some static tire grabs(Dont ask why) and then my seat came off:eek: Well, I need t...

540 unispins
Wondering if anyone had any tips on 540 uni spins, i have 360s about once out of every 2 tries. -- CKCrowe ------------------------------------------------------...

when you hop with seat in front
when you are going to hop on to something with your seat in front of you, do you pull the seat out or just not put it under you at all. do you ride up to the object with your seat out ...

my uni in progress
next step, kh 07 moment cranks+hubs. any suggestions? +-------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Filename: PC310124.JPG ...

Your Dream Trial/street Uni
Yes, I'm starting a new thread, but this is a good one. I wanted to know every trial/street riders dream uni, down to every part - be detailed!!:) This is my dream setup

i can do 180s when i'm not moving but i cant seem to get them while i'm moving, any tips? -- Beefbully If you believe, then you will achieve, If you achiev...

Idea for a seat post clamp...
I like quik release seat post clamps but also so the need for a double bolt clamp so why dont someone make a seat post clamp with 2 bolts but both bolts have a quik release lever?

Unispin icon and (non-unispin) picture
[image:] I made this in flash today because I saw the uni-hockey icon on the front page and got inspired to make something myself. ...

rolling hops or balance hops
------------------------------------------------------------------------ A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the results, please visit http://www.unicyclist.c...

HELP!!! Bearing size for Koxx wheel
I just ordered a Koxx wheel from Renegade and I want to use the Nimbus rounded crown freame with it. However, the Koxx bearings are 42mm OD and the Nimbus takes 40mm OD. It doesnt look...

'71 Sears Unicycle: Fond Memories
I saw a post from 2001 asking about a Sears unicycle. Some opined that it would be hard to learn to ride on one of those. Well, I learned to ride on a Sears unicycle in 1971 and it was...

Spencer and Evan please give advice
i want to get into BC wheelin REALLY badly even tho my dad says its a waste of money. im draw between the 20 inch and 24 inch. the 24 inch is fast but does it loose control with speed...

Unicycling on I-Am-Bored.Com
The much watched freestyle vid is now featured on -- UniTyler tobbogonist wrote:

Where's the other wheel?
I have been riding for just over a week and have already had at least 20 people ask me "Where's the other wheel?". I got annoyed after the first 5 times and was wondering if any of you...

Advice on What to Buy
I need to know the opinions of you guys which of these two are the better unicycle? Also can someone tell me the major differences between them I dont see alot tbh.

eight stitches
ya yesterday my brother and I were outside my grandparents house and my brother wanted to try to do a unispin on my KH 07. As most of you know, the pins on the Snafus on the KH are ver...

BC wheel movie
Shameless publicity;) Just because I know not everyone looks in the video forum. -- Spencer Hochberg 'Gallery.un...

Riding down stairs
hey ive been tryingto go down stairs lately, i make it sometimes but it sems its more like a fluke when i do make it any tips? -- Dr.Gorilla ----------...

Snow Unicycling!?
I love to uni in the snow, mountain, trial, street, whatever! But I was wonderingif it is bad for your uni, I have a 07 KH 20 and a 24 in torker DX. Thanks to all:) :) ...

destryoing cranks
Do crank grabs destroy your cranks(I have 07 KH moments). Everything you know will be helpful. Thanks to all:) :) Uni Every Second:D -- Uni_Eve...

Question about coker crank arm strength
I'm about to order new shorter crank arms for my coker, and I need to know if they'll be strong enough. I've heard that the torque required to turn the coker wheel can potentially ben...

glider uni
so yesterday I took a bunch of my friends parts ( the important ones were with permission) and built a glider uni. LX wheel set without cranks lx frame with 2 peices of seat post ...

muni timetrial at valley forge park philadelphia.
Ok so me and my dad are organizing a muni time trial at valley forge state park in philadelphia. The loop is about 5 miles long and is mildly technical and not too many hills. We want ...

Seat Height
I just got a new Torker DX for christmas and the seat is way to high. I cut off 3 1/2 inches but I still think it too high. I don't want to cut off too much, but I want it to be comfo...

BC wheel question
ok um i know there has been lots of these but im just double checking something if i jsut wanna ride around town on a BC a 24inch is the way to go ? so if i got a 24in...

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