dust caps
The plastic dust caps on my unicycle keep popping off. I had the same problem on my old unicycle, but I eventually lost them, and didn't have to keep worrying about them. They don't se...

GOOD DEAL!!! (torker and sun unis only) only trying to inform
www.bicyclesource.us ... has sun and Torker unicycles, and they will beat any price!!! just trying to help you guys out, they have The 2006 DX as well. :) good luck <...

Add 16 inches of vert....
...in about two weeks? Does anyone have any tips? I plan to enter the unicross world championships and though I expect to finish in roughly last place, I think it would be very styli...

360 help
I just can't get past 180, I know I need to spin my whole body and not just pivot, and that it would be easier to turn 90 degrees before I jump, but I am still stuck. Any tips? <...

Motorama is no more?
http://observedtrials.net/vb/showthread.php?t=24529 Reputable source. -- TheObieOne3226 'SWAT Gallery' (http://gallery.unicyclist.com/SWAT)

Re: New Muni Vid w/newcomer Devin
unicycle dave wrote: > Good video. > I always like your videos. I think its because theres so many upd's Yeah..haha! I don't consider it a good muni ride without 'em!...

Raising Unispin height
I was wondering how I would go about doin this? I would like to learn to do flat land hickflips. I can off a 4" ledge minimum. -- bcwheelriderguyhehehehehe

Re: Harbinger 110G gloves
Harley wrote: > UDC is still showing them on their page. They only have small and extra small sizes in stock. JL might be able to squeeze the palm of the small ov...

Qu-Ax Beginners Trials Unicycle???
I've been unicycling for a while now and have decided it's time to start trials unicycling. I don't have much to spend and am thinking of getting the 'new quax beginners tri...

Re: Bc is growing. Are you in?
no, too into longboard sliding to spare the cash right now, but maybe later. -- zfreak220 iridemymuni wrote: > i think everybody agrees when i say...

Re: Pinkman the unicyclist photoshop contest on FARK
Funny I know who it is :). He was at Unicon....... -- Lutz 'POINT RACING' (http://www.pointbike.de) | 'AJATA' (http://www.ajata.de) | 'www.einr...

Re: Pinkman the unicyclist photoshop contest on FARK
johnfoss wrote: > Which begs the question, if not the real Pinkman, who is it? Obviously > someone who can ride a unicycle well. One of the hosts of our next > Unicon, p...

Re: Bc is growing. Are you in?
Evan Byrne wrote: > However Joy techs are some of the worst hubs. I like them :p But I know they are bad compared to other hubs, but they're by no means

Re: Bc is growing. Are you in?
mornish wrote: > I'm building a BC with a mosh hub, mx 22 rim, and 20G tire. Is that your final answer? -- Evan Byrne

Re: Bc is growing. Are you in?
yes unloess someone starts producing a slick trilas tire which they won't. -- mornish vuniw wrote: > its like doing drugs except healthier <...

Unicycle Basketball!
I was invited to a unicycle basketball tournament in about a week now. As you know, Puerto Rico has a great unicycle basketball team, so, I think you know why there's the tournament......

Darmstadt hockey thing
I've been thinking about going to the hockey tournament in Darmstadt this month, and since I've just found a return flight for 30 including taxes I think I'll definitely go, looks lik...

Mazda advert finished
Some of you may remember that Mazda took some film before the Dartmoor Muni Weekend in May for an advertisment. It was absolutely vile weather, even for Dartmoor, and I'm amazed they ...

Pinkman the unicyclist photoshop contest on FARK
'Pinkman's gonna get FARKed' (http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2357801) +-------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Filena...

Harbinger 110G gloves
The ones with the plastic inserts in the palm. Anyone know where to get them just now? All sources I've found seem to be sold out. JL -- vivalargo ---...

Reviewed: 48mm ZHI trials rim, Moment hub, Sapim spokes
Because not everyone watches the review forum (I think). 'read me' (http://tinyurl.com/yxhvgf) -- onetrack "People over here have a dangerous habit of addi...

Bc is growing. Are you in?
Bc seems to be getting bigger and more popular, Harper will kill me if I make a pole, so.....If you bc (Or can Bc), post what Bc you run, What you can do on it, and how often you ride....

UK Riders: Skills List Update
Hey guys, can anyone help me out here. I'm got a list of tricks and just wondering who in the UK can do them. This is as far as my knowledge goes: Doubleflip: Dale + Mike

Video Question sort of
I was wondering if anyone knows of any video of someone jumping over like 5 skateboards or more on a unicycle. If so post a link or something here because that is the kind of thing I ...

Review of 29X2.3 ExiWolf tire
I've put some miles on my KH29 with its new Exiwolf 2.3 knobby tire, including some rainy, muddy rides recently. Some reviews have said this tire's weakness is the mud. I would ...

LBS truing + tyre question, semi-urgent
Hey, well heres the deal: ive got tha kh frame and 19" VIZ rim, i've laced it to the wheel a bit and its now 11:02pm. i havent ordered the tyre yet and i want to take it dow...

My first "You've lost your other wheel"
It had to happen sooner or later. I started unicycling at the end of July on my 50th birthday. It was just yesterday that I got my first "You've lost your other wheel!" Oh, I did ge...

Bay area hillclimbs. Any of y'all?
Looking through the local hill climb results I see a few unis, and this photo: http://lowkey.djconnel.com/week2/results.html Any of ya'll ride these events?

New Muni Vid w/newcomer Devin
Devin, known as "revolution" here in forums, joined me Sunday, 10/29/06, for a muni adventure at "Stair-stepper!" Heretofore Devin had only ridden his local dirt trails for maybe 30 mi...

Price for koxx unis in the U.S.
I need a trials/street uni and I really want a Koxx. How much would it be to get in the U.S. and/or could I get it anywhere in the U.S.? -- foforackard UNI...

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