Muni in Elfin Forest w/SD club 8.30.06
Since I just saw Jess Regal's video(s) posted here in RSU, I decided to post a new vid here too, especially since way more people visit RSU than any other forum. If it's not cool to po...

Custom Freestyle Uni
Hey, these are the parts for a unicycle i think my friend should get: nimbus II 20in. 48 spoke wheel $46 primo "the wall" 20in. (1.75) freestyle tire (red) $20 gen...

Kh/onza crankset question.
I just bought a KH wheelset and to my suprise one of the cranks apears to be bent. I dont really know if it's the crank or the axle that is bent and im wondering how many people have b...

36er handle version2
Well I tried and failed to create a good handle for my Radial 36er from a Profile Aerobar. ('See this thread for pics' ( It w...

Muni & Trials Muni?
What uni would be good for both muni and street trials? Tires dont matter of course since I could always switch them. thanks -- RB2 -----------------...

Anyone got some footage of the UNICON XIII trial contest?
Title says it all:p PM -- Probailer2 john_childs wrote: > Mmmmm... Sexy welds. > musketman wrote: >...

Prequel to UCSB Unicycling: CAMPUS
Here's a video that I mostly made 1 year ago. I never did anything with it, but yesterday I edited together a second half for it. The 2nd half is actually riding that was done in the...

Is there any other irish unicyclist
I have never seen any other unicyclists in ireland.Is there other unicyclists out there.:confused: -- Irish_unicyclist ------------------------------------------...

SIF hop - I suck.
I suck at SIF hopping. I can't seem to get the hand position right and I end up with a very sore back after every session. Any tips? I'm fine with rolling hops and regular hops. ...

Brisbane Unicycling Event
Oi I was just putting this thread up to meet some of the mates at this event. I went to this event today and alot of people said that they used this site. I am the guy who rode the T...

Can I build a BC out of 20 inch trials wheel.
I have a spare qu ax splined wheel, complete, but bits r dented on it quie badly but i am wondering is there a way of simply welding the plates to the bearings or something like that. ...

Switching hand, and sidehop sides.
Hi there, I'm thinking of switching the side I sidehop and the hand I hold my saddle with. One reason is because I've had a strain on my right wrist, and after a solid day's worth of t...

Could use some help;)
Hi, i am pretty new at unicycling and i wondered if you could help me whit my SIF sidehops and crankgrabs...:D If you have a vid thats super;) I meen a "learning" vid that could help m...

Articles and tutorials
I know this is kind of a pointless thread, but I think that it is kind of sad that if you go to the last page of unicycle articles and tutorials (page 21 i think), you find that the p...

awesome day of riding!
today has been by far the greatest day of riding ever. i get out of school at 12:30 on these days, and so today i got out and went to work, they said they dont neem me so i have the da...

Another upset DX rider.
Well, it finally happened. I always thought, "Oh no, it couldn't happen to me, it just happen to everyone else." My DX frame snapped at that infamous weld. I feel as though I jus...

Koxx-1 spacers..
Received my street cranks.. how the hell are u suposed to put the washer in the crank ? -- maxisback Hey ur mom is my signature ----------------------...

New video: No Bicycling Allowed
Here's a new video, No Bicycling Allowed. Large version: 70 mbs Small version: 24 mbs ...

Coker Frame Demensions?
This is a request to you Coker owners: I want to build a titanium Coker frame, but I don't want to buy a standard Coker frame first, so... Could you please let me kno...

Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials Unicycle vs. Nimbus Hoppley
I have been planning on buying the Nimbus Hoppley for a while but now udc has this other unicycle on there for $65 less. Is the Qu-Ax any better or any worse. I would assume it isn't...

Confessions from a novice stair-rider.
My buddy Rolandissimo and I have been doing trail rides at night lately. Great fun, sorta eerie. Anyway, Wednesday night we rode a trail that had about 50 or so steps, and they were l...

Unicycle security
I'm currently riding to & from work on a Qu-Ax 24" muni. Work isn't a problem, it goes behind my desk, but it would be handy to get some bits of shopping on my way to & from whic...

Zagreb video
While our promo trip to Zagreb we meet Matej, the one and only Unicyclist in Croatia :) I hope you enjoy the Video as we enjoy the trip. You will find it on '' (...

what is this frame like? Just wondering how this frame compares to other cheap freestyle frames. What is the tire clearance like? Cheers, Max

"The whole of the American Dream has been based on the chance to get ahead"
"The whole of the American Dream has been based on the chance to get ahead" Quotes on America Or for quotes collection htt...

Riff raff pedals
I came across some of these in my lbs. They look good might get em. Anyone tried em? [image: http://] -- bcw...

Gps ??
who uses them when rideing? what are some good ones? aney other info you can give me? -- unicyclepa we suck but its all g...

Surly Frame
I always enjoy photos of everyones new rides so,,, Modifications still in progress so i'll have to wait a bit longer to give my opinion on the 3.7. +------------------...

Freestyle pogo stick
Anybody ever see any of this? 'Andy Macdonald' ( promo 'Andy Macdonald' ( youtub...

Need expirienced MuNi HeLP
------------------------------------------------------------------------ A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the results, please visit http://www.unicyclist.c...

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