Yet another hopping thread.
Well, I need some hopping help and I have done searching but I just can't find enough. So here it is: 1. Do you want to pull the seat up and jump or is that wrong? Because that is...

Bedford/Profile Trials Unicycle
I'm just making this post to try to get some more exposure on the trials unicycle that i'm trying to sell. Check the Trading post for details.

knee pads and shin guards
I have made a cool combination of the two. It is take some volleyball knee pads($10 at wal-mart) and soccer shinguards 9$10 at wal-mart). It is cheap and they are very comfortable

length of cranks and style
I was wondering what length of cranks people use and for what style of riding. what do you like? and what do you hate about it? -- Radical Reed 'My Gallery...

teeter board help
hey, I aws wondering if a sandwich board would work as a centerpeice for a teeterboard? -- mornish "LX seats are as comfortable as bricks." lildude2 ...

Channel cut in modified KH seat
I have been working on making a more comfortable Coker saddle that is based on the KH Fusion foam and seat cover. I started by cutting a wedge off the nose to flatten the curve and gi...

Value of my Muni?
I'm considering selling my Muni to fund other projects, I was wondering if any one could give me an idea of what the second hand value would be. Spec is as follows: Nimbus I...

It Came Today!!!
So heres a bit of back story, i ordered my befrod light rials about a weeka ago today and i have been anxiously waiting for it to come. i sent darren an e-mail on friday snd he promptl...

Circus Arts Camps
This is from the San Jose Mercury News of Feb 27, 2006. Perhaps others know of similar camps. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Camp Wi...

Same video different music
This is the same video with a few added clips but the main thing is i have changed the music to see if you think it makes a difference let me know what you think

-Livewire/Hunter Coker
I was recently viewing the photos from the Laos ride? Several of the riders are riding Livewire/Hunter Cokers. And I have been trying to locate them on the internet since then. Where c...

plastic pedals with steel pins?
Hey I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be possible to insert steel pins into some plastic pedals? I have a paitr of plastic gym safe ones but they have no grip whatsoever. thx ...

Sorry another cranklip related thread
Can anyone tell me wether these are crankflips or what I'm doing wrong -- Lucas1wheel --------------------------------------------------...

Koxx 1 ISIS or KH/Onza hub?
i recently snapped my crappy bike shop hub, so i need a new one. i don't really like the q-factor although i could get used to it. I am juggling between the K1 ISIS 8 splin...

Trial on a 24"?
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Frame tube thickness/ crank length
Hi everyone, i have some questions to ask. First of all does anyone know how thick frame material is? Second, what size do you run on your 24" muni and why that size and not anot...

First day unicycling! what do ya think?(vid)
Hey everybody, just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Sky and I just got my first unicycle this afternoon, it's a torker CX- looks kinda weak and I'm sure it is, but hey it's some...

uni spin!!! movie!!!
well I know its not special to anyone but I learned how to do a uni spin and I made a clip of me doing it:D -- brockfisher05

Qu-Ax 20 or Nimbus Trials 20?
Help! What type should I get? Do I get the Nimbus nd a UDC gel saddle or just the Qu-Ax? -- brownboy13 :cool: :D Brownboy:D :cool: ':D :cool: Keep It ...

The state of the community
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Coker Ready, Custom Ready?
Is there a base level of experience or skill level you would recommend mastering before moving up to a big wheel? I know I want to pursue unicycling as a regular hobby - I live right ...

Quad pain
I've only been into muni for about 2 months, and averaging about 1 hour on the local trails 5-6 days per week. Then yesterday with SB muni, (the Sunday before was Devil's Slide-rough, ...

carbon fiber pedals?
Hey I was wondering what anyone thinks of carbon fiber pedals with metal pins. I think they would be awesome but im not sure how they would fare on grinds. any comments?

At last! My uni
ok guys, i got my uni today for my birthday and i love it! except i haven't been able to ride it due to the torrential downpour today:mad: . but i hope to ride it, or more like learn...

Wintery Ride
Well, I have just started doing hops and other fancy stuff other than just riding normally. So after a very cold 30min ride, I discovered hopping with standstills, which helps a lot! I...

New Video: Sabin workin' it
Here is a little video i made, it has some pretty old stuff in it, from last summer. But it also has some new stuff;) Its .wmv 6.2mb and its 1:45 long http:...

MONDO 2006 Pictures
Here's a flickr photo set. Anyone else have pictures? -- nickmoroder -------------------------------------------------------------...

New Winter Video
A little video I made around a school . Its a little bit a street and trial. So tell me want you think? I know its not that good o well. -wes ...

Can you Crank flip?
i just wanted to kno who could do one..this is acctually a poll for lucas1wheel...he doesnt kno how to post a poll. -- trials_uni 'Check Out my Newbie Guid...

Can you Crankflip?
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