Good places to unicycle?
any good places to unicycle? like for trials..or some mountains or something...thanks me and my friend are going on a road trip so we want some cool place --

Re: air pressure for muni!
maestro8 wrote: > > Tire pressure is a qualitative thing, not quantitative. Just play > around with it and 'doowutchyalike' ( <...

Uni Mag?
I don't know if this has already been covered or not, but is there any sort of unicycle magazine that exists....? -- Chris Kennedy ------------------------------...

Unicycle Video game
We NEED to get a unicycle video game just like tony halks sk8, or the BMX bikeing game... i have heard of the other uni game that was for netendo along time ago but i think it would be...

Flybar + Over 40 Yr Old=ouch
hey anyone interested in a deal on a FLYBAR 1200? I think the over 40 thing may have caught up with me on this one! But I will say this thing rocks -- Daytripper...

anyone ever seen those grind plates for pedals on and I was wondering if they will fit on my snafu pedals along with the snafu pins, cuz some people said that they had s...

Does anyone have a review of the Road Relief Saddle?
Just looking for justification to buy one. -- pdc "What doesn't kill you strengthens you, what kills you strengthens your mother" --------------------...

JWS. John Wayne Syndrome
JWS. John Wayne Syndrome, the long and short term damage to the inner thigh on one or both legs. it is caused by friction between the bottom edge of a unicycle seat and inner leg...

Ken Looi in Bangkok Hospital with Broken Leg?
Anybody have any details on what is happening in Laos? Sid left this message on the LUT guestbook: MESSAGE: SORRY FOR THE LACK OF UPDATES, GUYS. KEN, BROKE HIS LEG AND I...

dropping the right way
I`ve been doing some trials unicycling for a couple of months now and my drops are growing to four/five feet. I`d really like to know if there`s a right way of doing high drops so the ...

Cranklength for 24" street uni?
Hey everyone. Just wondering what cranklength is good for a 24" street uni, I use 125's on my 20" if that helps. Also what do you think of these cranks for muni/street http://tin...

Re: I need the idiots guide to rolling hops.
O.K. no technobabble. Just ride around hopping over the smallest of obstacles, such as cracks in the street, or hoses etc. You will soon learn that the cranks need to be in a certain...

uni randomness
this is a weird question but has anyone here seen ,riden or made a: kangaroo coker impossible coker ultimate coker kangaroo 12 inch impossible 12 inch ultimat...

MP3 Players + Riding = :(
hey all, When i ride by myself i usually like to have some music playing in my ears, so that i have somethin to ride to and it also gives me a bit more enthusiasm to do bigger an...

Get Rich
Take advantage of a great deal

Re: A love of unicycles, or unicycling?
U-turn, I love my unicycles, but don't tell them're unicycle is totally hot. Having said that, I hope it's a girl. -- unidaddy ...

Moab Attendee List
For all those interested, Rolf has now posted the 'planned attendee list' ( on the MMF website (I happen to be #4 :D ) So...

~does anyone wanna help for a sec?~
Hey i was wondering whats all the componats that you need to make a unicycle? if you could send a pic or tell me that would just fine :D thanx -- new_unicycler ...

Drummonds in radio/podcast show
Sounds like a podcast episode with the Drummonds as guests: -- leo leo vandewoestijne *'+1 866-uni-cycl' (callto://+186...

Help with the snafu pedals!
so I lost some pins lately and the grip is getting to can any pin go in there or does it need to be snafu?! -- unifiend454 ----------------------------...

Gazz 24x3.0
Question for those who own a 2006 torker 24" DX; Have any of you changed the tire from the standard Kenda 2.6 to the Gazz 3.0? I thought I read or heard somewhere that, although the 2...

Animal tire
I am thinking of building a BC wheel. What do you guys think of this tire for it? [image:]

FOR SALE: Bedford Deluxe BC Wheel
Here's the link: +-------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Filename: 100_2908 small.JPG...

I need the idiots guide to rolling hops.
Yeah, yeah, I DID do a search but there's all kinds of technical stuff, physics, references to having a background in gymnastics and skydiving......yada, yada.... I am happy...

air pressure for muni!
I keep reading that you should reduce tire pressure for muni, but they don't say WHY, or how much! I assume by letting SOME pressure out will allow more rubber to contact the terrain, ...

Bad news... The entry for "'Bear' (" on wikipedia, now contains the word unicycle. -- leo leo vandewoestijne *'...

make your own bc wheel ?
is it possible and if so how? -- dan de man when reality bites bite it back ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...

Unicycle mementos for Iraqi Children needed...........
Hello all, Well in the next month or so, I am working on putting on a demo show for Iraqi children at a Orphanage and or school. I am working on all of the details in order to jo...

Learning tricks in the dark makes it easyier for doing in Light?
Well title probobly isnt that well descriptive but what im trying to say is: Is learning things in the dark better than in the day time? Ive been doing a bit of practi...

Re: Portable Unicycle
I agree with Tuna on the limitations of space saved by your hinge location. The seat will hit the tire and the unicycle will, for the most part, still take up as much space. It will be...

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