Riders in Wisconsin
Is anyone on this forum from Wisco? More specifically, Madison? -- JackOlsen ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...

wtf is this http://www.carsgamesandgirls.com/frostyfreeze.wmv -- dboy3587 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ dboy3587's Pro...

watch this kid ride down some stairs on a unicycle. wow. it looks hard:rolleyes: http://www.carsgamesandgirls.com/unicycle.wmv -- dboy3587 ----------------------...

Crank and pedal questions
I would like to get some new pedals for my unicycle. I like the BMX style platform pedals with the little pins in them to grip your shoes. I always used them on my bike. Can you jus...

pegged bc?
So I built myself a pegged bc wheel and I tried to ride it around my room a little and I was wondering how much harder it is to ride a pegged bc compared to a normal one and if anyone ...

Im building things to unicycle on
Ok guys, i need some help on making some obstacles(sp?) Sawndwich boards, skinnies, you know.. the usual i need some designs and measurments, please. thank you all guys. when

Zach Attack
Joggling Sorry this is totally off topic. But for those following Zach Warren's Unicycle escapades in Afghanistan and his build up to the 100mile record- check this out:

Unicycling Article about Me!
Here's an article my friend's mom wrote. I am guilty of bribe, though - I wrote my e-mail address on a dollar bill for my friend to give his mom. :) +----------------...

Geared Multi Wheel Unicycle
I have been wanting to have a faster unique unicycle for some time. I all so would like to have a 3 wheel verses a Geared Gaff. I think the graff it great but not for me. So if it was ...

Buy a LiveWire Unicycle - why take it with you
I got my custom 29er from Dave Stockton yesterday - the UPS guy showed up at 8:15 p.m. I decided to take today off of work to put it together, wonder at its beauty and try to ride it a...

Torker LX question
http://www.unisports.info/fr_p5/7198604258.html i was looking for the cheapest torker lx and i came across that, you cant buy it from that site any where i see but it says its 51.01 do...

Schlumpf 36
I am going to be ordering the schlumpf shortly. Before ordering it though, I have a few questions (I'm planning some more). 1) How changeable are the cranks that come with it? ...

Gearing up the Torker TX
I have come to dislike the fact that the only size of wheel I have in my fleet of unicycles is 20 inches. I have a (mostly Sem) freestyle, my learner uni (norco), a bc wheel (plates I ...

Re: I need pictures of dur uber coker
k thanks harper now i can prove my brother wrong =) -- manon1wheel Riley Crosby getting better... lvl 5 unicyclist -.- T1me to overthrow mo...

New Video: Tracks
Hi, I finally finished my video called *Tracks*. Running time is 15min and its a 60MB .wmv file. Just right click on the link and "Save Link as ..." Direct...

40mm X 20mm Mystery Bearings exist!
what was originaly brought up by 'forget_your_life' (http://tinyurl.com/a9n65) and later impacted by 'pdc' (http://tinyurl.com/drdn9) can be yours! its now only a matter of ...

Defect at the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival
Hey, A 10 minute shortened version of Defect will be shown at the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival in South Lake Tahoe, CA on Dec. 17. If your in the area it sounds like it's ...

Hubs: KH vs. Koxx-One
Which hub/crank set do you think is better? Yoggi is a crazy biznitch, but does he bend isis cranks? I think I know Kris doesn't go through his cranks. Tube strength versus the sideway...

That Thread of Bails Videos...
Okay, i'm pretty sure this hasn't been done yet (I searched ;)) Let's see some unicycle carnage!!! Post links to some of your worst bail clips, just for fun and some c...

Unicyclist in London needed for Xtra Factor TV show.
I received an email from a TV producer with the following: > I am contacting you from the ITV2 show the Xtra Factor, hosted by Ben > Shephard. We are the sister show ...

New adjustable crank idea
Check out the latest method of making an adjustable crank: http://tinyurl.com/cx8fz -- unisk8r ------------------------------------------------------------------...

unicycler on treadmill on letterman
I know some people were talking about unicycling on a treadmill. Well, on letterman this thursday there will supposidly be a unicycler juggling balls on a treadmill. FYI. ...

Attn: California riders
I am going to be near san francisco (i think...danville or walnut creek area) from friday till wednesday. I am going to be primarily visiting my grandmother, but I might have some tim...

Re: Freestyle uni 20" or 24"
I think freestyle was originally done (as in, back in the 80's when it was being started) on 24" wheels, but then later was found to be much easier on 20" wheels. so yes, I recommend ...

Best MUni/Trials Tire
I ride a Bedfore 24in. Hardcore MUni with a Gazzaloddi. Is there a tire that is as good as the gazz that won't wear out as fast? I ride mostly on pavement doing trials and a bit of fre...

I need pictures of dur uber coker
Any one have any close ups of one? I need a close up of the geared hub and everything else... my brother wants to see how it works. Thanks alot guys. -- manon1wh...

Rim Tape v. Elec Tape
I used ELECTRICAL TAPE in place of real rim tape on my Coker. Also used a WTB 29-inch tube. Both worked well for over a year with no flats. But yesterday, flat as a pancake. <...

Tales of the felled telephone pole
Hi, I don't get to ride much anymore and this weekend had my parents and a full house of kids. I was going stir crazy. Three blocks from my house is a downed telephon...

best rim for muni
------------------------------------------------------------------------ A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the results, please visit http://www.unicyclist.c...

Help please
Could anyone tell me which trials unicycle to get for around 200, since my other one is buggerd and I havn't got that much to spend. I was thinking about mabey getting an onza or kox...

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