ugh, where do the nuts go ?? :(
i'm sure this topic has been discussed many times, read the above thread on testicular suspension via some jock strap looking thingy, read as many FAQs on riding as i could get my han...

What's the biggest injury that you incured unicycling (sorry ;)?
What is the biggest fall/injury you had while on the allmighty wheel?:D -- babyivan *NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!* ---------------------------------------------...

Dual Density Saddle
Just how many of you have the new dual density KH seat? How does it compare to the KH gel or standard saddle? From the little ive read it seemes to be better for sif and much more comf...

Happy Halloween From The Pumpkin Coker Man!
Even a pumpkin loves to ride a Coker!:eek: +-------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Filename: daycare 5779r.jpg ...

i have a few questions to you 1: if i hop with my right foot in front and i hold my seat with my right hand what should be my direction in doing 180,360 ... 2: w...

Tunisia unicycle video + pics
hello me and matt (uni-matt) went on holiday to tunisia last week and during then we made a short unicycle video, its not the best riding, but nevermind --->

EMUnicyclists Big Wheel Hockey
In case anyone is interested and isn't on the EMUnicyclists list, this week is Big Wheel Hockey Week at East Midlands Unicyclists. Tuesday (1st November), 8 o'clock, Darley Fie...

How do you hydrate while riding?
hey everyone how do you hydrate yourselves on rides? I was using a Camelpack but didnt like wearing it all the time so I tripped to REI and p.u. one of these for my 360 Coker and it c...

Christmas is almost here (what to get???)
SO!!! in another 2 months Christmas will be here and that means PRESENTS!!!! so I was wondering what uni I should ask for for Christmas? My idea was a Qu-ax, it's within a reasona...

strictly MUni: Coker tire pressure?
Hey all Coker riders who MUni; what do you set your tire pressure to? I have been riding w/ about 30psi and I think it too much. But I am afraid to go too low pressure cause I might da...

my crappy movie
I made a really crappy unicycling vid, and yes I know its not good but I would like to get some tips on video editing. The unicycling itself isnít great, in fact everything I do is che...

My first distance ride writeup
_MY_RIDE_AT_BATTLE_POINT_PARK_IN_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND,_WA_ I knew that this weekend, being the first weekend with my Nimbus 29er, I wanted to go to some trail to do a nice distance ...

661 sizes
How do I figure out what size 661s i ware? -- redhead "Watch me do that agein!" Shaun E. Johanneson -Party hard unicycle harder ----------...

Coker Spoke Corrosion
Hello All, I have a Coker from UDC with the wide hub and the Airfoil rim built by Kovachi. When I bought it, the site said 12g spokes. I have had it less than a year. I...

what music
------------------------------------------------------------------------ A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the results, please visit http://www.unicyclist.c...

Switching unicycles
Ok, so lately i have been riding my semcycle 20" freestyle alot and practicing a lot of flatland stuff. Well today i rode my sem and then took out my onza trials and rode some trials. ...

MUni/Trials course!
I's building a Muni course in my backyard. Its like the kind you see in Defect... uh, the wooden track stuff. it's looking pretty good at the moment... and i plan to finish it b...

Fashion/practicality dilemma
My KH trials pedals have recently bought the farm. They were limping for quite awhile before I gave up on them. My old Wellgo B-35 yellow pedals on my Coker are ahout 3 or four years o...

The last thing holding me back, Rolling Hops
OK, i'm sure this is has been discussed before so I appologize. But anyways rolling hops are probably the only thing holding me back from getting a lot better. I can rolling hop real...

nice jumping
today i did something pretty cool that all the [good] riders did about an eon ago. but still, i think it was fun doin it so it doesnt matter. So i went out and made a little jumping th...

Last night my roommate and I decided that instead of going downtown to get wasted like everyone seems to do, that we were gonna put on the most ridiculous outfits we could come up with...

Largest tire on a 1.75 rim?
At long last, I've finnaly bought a BC wheel, something I've been wanting for quite some time. I got a pre-built 48 radial spoked BMX wheel, with a 14mm axle. It comes with an AlexMX22...

Hopping with one hand holding seat out front?
Every unicyclist doing trials i see always only uses one hand to hold the seat and thats because of the balance the other one provides but i just cant seem to pull the uni up with me.....

A trick i invented?
I think I invented a trick.. What I tried to do, was to ride flat out towards a rail (a freestanding rail where it's just a bar, nothing above, below, or behind it) and then hit it with...

North Wales Unimeet 4
Three of us met up. We had a great time. It was my first time to engage in communal MUni and I learnt to hop up a curb (or rather I overcame the mental block that has stopped me from ...

Couple Questions
You might remember my first few posts a month or so back about how I was interested in getting started with this whole unicycle business. Well after this week, my schedule will be much...

Anybody have a 06 Torker Dx yet?
Just wondering if the 06 20" torker dx's are any good and if the 250 dollar price on ebay is worth it. im seriously thinking about buying one. I had a 24" 05 dx and i bent t...

Hospital's uni-drama
Unfortunately it was 'the best' of my scans:rolleyes: In conclusion....fortunately sense of humor WAS included in the creation:D +------------------------------------...

I need help with some tricks
Uni-spins and seat-drops are testing me :mad: . I cant get either down, Can some one help with personal experience. (or videos clips they are good) Mike ...

Bedford Unicycle girls?
Hi everyone, does anybody know where i can find pictures of the Bedford girls? thanks PS: sorry about the english ... -- Johann3s

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